Globalization & Trends in Tourism Careers

Globalization & Trends in Tourism Careers

Hi I am Jatin. My topic is globalization
and trends in careers according to World Economic Forum globalization is defined
as the movement of goods and people easily across the borders it has become
easier to set up businesses in any part of the world today because of the
growing technology and sophisticated trade and transportation systems. In countries like UAE where tourism plays a major economic role they hire people
that can add to the knowledge Businesses pay for knowledge wherever it is available and not just bound by one country the rapid growth in the tourism
sector has also affected the trends in careers of tourism professionals A coach driver a tour guide or a teacher these are all part of the tourism industry To conclude, the growth in tourism and globalization has made to is a more
accessible and resulted in rapid employment trends This is not bound by a
single country or a single skll. Overall, as the industry growth the career trends also develop and so does having a global perception within the professionals.

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