Go Glamping: Experience Luxury Camping Like Never Before | Curly Tales

This beautiful tent is our stay for the
night and I really like, Nikki what do you think? It’s so spacious, if you’re new to camping like me you should try Glamping
so you don’t actually makes a lot of sense for those people who don’t surely
who are not so enthralled by the idea of camping this is quite luxurious and nice
there is a fan inside And you can also go kayaking here, and it’s super fun The best thing is in the evenings you also
get your play games here and it’s super fun guys This is the floating tent section which
is really cool it’s on the river it actually give me this bounces as this is
the tent This is the coquetry area now this is for the
camping section and it’s one of the nicer area to the camping section and it
sort of first-come first-serve basis so the faster you book then you get this
section and the best part is it overlooks the river if you don’t want to run around and do
stuff find yourself a quiet corner and just grab book and read it

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