Going on a camp with La Miran, the camping expert [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2017.02.03]

Going on a camp with La Miran, the camping expert [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2017.02.03]

(They laughed and cried together) (Before they found each other) (Miran was alone with her dreams) I’ve been going camping for 7 years. I went with my son alone. When he was younger, he’d come along to play. But now, he has plans with friends or he’s busy. Now that he has grown up, he prefers to not go. My husband is busy. I can go anytime. I went camping by myself once. But it was so boring. It’d be nice if I could go with others. (And she met these dreamer colleagues) I want to go backpacking. But going to the mountain all alone is a bit scary. So if we all go together, I might get the courage. Members? Our family? They are like my stress relievers. (Will you go camping with me?) (Off-road car!) (And… A pile of baggage) There’s so much baggage! This is only one third. – Miran, you brought it? / – Yes. These are all mine. – Really? / – Yeah. Amazing. We only have one… What goes in first? Tetris is important. – We have to get all of this in here. / – Right. We should put this in first. No, no. When you load your baggage, it has to be in opposite order of when you take it out. Okay. – So we have to put in the tent last. / – At the end. Okay. Make sure to stack well. – At the very end. / – Okay. I am pretty good at Tetris. This one like this. That one like that. Don’t leave any space like that. Take it out. – This? / – In there… – Oh, take this out? / – Yes. Can you bring the gas tank? – Gas tank? / – This? What is that? This is the gas tank. – Here. / – Did you bring that from home too? – Is this your gas tank? / – Yes, my gas tank. – Amazing. / – Seriously, you’re a professional camper. This… I don’t think it’s all going to fit. Hey, it’s going to fit. It’s going to fit. Should we add the chairs now? So good at Tetris. – So you close it like this? / – Yes. Amazing. – Here we go. / – Go, go. Let’s go. We’re soul-mates. (Exciting camping trip with the members!) How exciting. My actual dream is us carrying our backpacks and going on a trip. I’ve brought auto camping equipment. I was shocked once. I went camping with Miran once. She must have been in a camping enthusiast club. “Are you coming? Okay.” “With this person and something-Mom…” She called them by their nicknames. – “See you then.” / – I don’t know their real names. She doesn’t know their real names. – Really? / – Since you met them on the internet? It’s been around 7 to 8 years now. I don’t know their real names, we go by nicknames. – You don’t know their names? / – She used nicknames. Everyone had their own tent. Those big ones. As soon as they arrived, they set up the tent as they chatted. And they were all women. Housewives and mothers. – You wouldn’t feel lonely. / – Yeah. I saw the campers next door, they came with kids and set up a huge screen. – They projected shows… / – And movies. They were watching Sister’s Slam Dunk. – I felt embarrassed. / – So nice. I told Miran, “We can watch with them.” We watched the show too. (The camping car drives on) Oh, goodness! Are those ginkgo trees? – Look at that. / – ♪ Ginkgo rain is falling ♪ (Yellow leaves fall like a picture from a book) It’d be nice if the weather was a little warmer. – So nice. / – This… I don’t know how to connect this. You guys still remember! (Of course!) My body just does it! I don’t want to… (The driver can only headbang) (Our nostalgic song!) (Car sick) This was a catchphrase. – The accent here. / – I know. Just my part. (Remembering the hot summer days) (Dancing till the end) (That was exciting) It’s raining. It’d be a nice view with the sunset. Is this a good weather for camping? – It’s a good weather for camping. / – Yeah? It’s a good day to go camping. I always told myself that I would go. I’m glad that we came in this colder weather. This fire feels warmer. And I feel even more grateful. But… This has become our last trip. We should have gone abroad. (They head on with warm feelings) Look! That looks like a city from the future. Like from the movie “WaterWorld.” It looks like a city on the ocean. It seems really dreamlike. (Miran’s camping car drives farther on) (The pouring rain…) The rain has stopped to a certain degree. Do I smell the ocean? Is there off-road? (Shaking) (Off-road where the entire body shakes) Now we see what this car is really made of. – This is really off-road. / – It’s fun. It’s scary. People who like camping like you would do well with a car like this. (After driving through the darkness) (Arrived at the camping ground!) (Here they come) Sook! We’re here! (Heart racing) (They drove for 2 hours straight) – What’s here? / – We’ve arrived! Great work. – Good work. / – Jessi, are you okay? (The view that Miran wanted to show everyone) (The best view of the Yellow Sea) (Looking at the scenery gives you solace) – It’s awesome here! / – My goodness! How is the ocean right before us? It’s high tide right now. Once it goes out, it’s a mudflat. (It’s about time…) Shall we begin? (Equipment bag open) (Let’s see…) (Miran starts to unload the luggage) (Slides out in one move) Sook! Where is my soul-mate? Soul-mate! Come and grab this. Soul-mate. Grab the tent. Put on your gloves. – No, no, no. / – How do I? – Geez. / – How do I do this, soul-mate? – Spread it out! / – Let’s shake it. – No, don’t. / – Don’t? Yeah. I was going to let them make the tent… Get the poles out. I thought they were nunchakus. They looked hopeless. Just leave it, just leave it. Do something else. Unload the luggage. – Excuse me? / – Unload the car. – Unload all the luggage? / – Unload them. I will unload the car. (Miran begins to build the tent) (Miran puts poles in without hesitation) (Assembles the hooks) (Blueprint is already in my head) Wow, this looks really big. You’re so charismatic. Miran! You look like a mountain woman. Hey, don’t. You’ll hurt yourself. You know those people… I enjoy being outdoors. It’s fun for me. This is just a mere fire. But sitting here for a bit and leaving… So far, it’s my favorite hobby. – Doesn’t it look uneven? / – No, Jessi! – What? / – That’s not it. Jessi, towards the outside. – Careful. / – Towards the outside. That goes above. Above, above! – On top of the pole. / – Jessi. Above here. – Oh, here. / – That’s it. (Korean is harder than setting up tent) Is this supposed to stick out like this? Yes. Does it come out here? It’s better if you do it. It’s faster if Miran does it herself. We’re not doing anything. I normally do this by myself. She does it all by herself. Oh, towards the inside. It’s not going in. (Miran smirks and hammers down) (Goes right in) You do it. Move over! (Oh, my) She’s good. Today… You’re doing so well. It’s going in nice and easily. (They’re so cute) – Pull. / – Pull! 1, 2, 3. Done. That’s done. Let’s setup the inside now. There’s more? I’m exhausted! – We might pass out while doing this! / – Yeah. I’ll just go sleep at the hotel over there. – Go bring the mat now. / – I’ll sleep over there. – The more I think about it… / – I want to sleep here. (Achoo!) Are you okay? I’ll make it warm in a bit! (Kind mountain woman takes out more gear) This is the electric matt. Please lay this out inside. Matt slash pad. – Wow, amazing. / – Amazing. That way your back isn’t cold nor be sore. There are many of us today… I brought all the big luggage. You could have equipment pride. 2 years after you begin, you reach the climax. I had packages delivered to my house every day. I go by myself or with my son. I have to take care of all the equipment. So the standard is whether I can do that. Things that are as light as possible. But they’re more expensive. The small and light ones. They’re expensive. Miran is truly an expert. Her equipment… This is all expert’s camping equipment. – Where do we plug in the cord? / – Yes, there. The electrical switchboard is over there. Open this up too. Amazing! They have this here. (Connecting the electricity) – It’ll get warm now. / – Yes. We have electricity. – Can I sit down now? / – Fascinating. This is so much fun! (I’ll make you happier) What is that? Gas. You connect it to the gas heater. People usually use LPG, right? It’s that. I hope it’s not broken. (They’ll run away if this doesn’t turn on) (It turned on!) There we go. – That must be it. / – It’s already warm. – Really? / – If you connect it to here… It’s here… – Hand it here. / – Oh, it’s over there. Hey… It looks like a bird’s nest. When the mommy bird brings us food, we eat.

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  1. I go camping, too and Miran's right. The lightest and most compact equipment are the most expensive. But so fun to use!

  2. Too bad the show had to end. Also by 5:48 did Jessie disappear from the car ? Later she reappears at the camp site ? Maybe she switched to another vehicle. Also what's up with that electric mat ?! Seems a bit over the top when you are on a camping trip ! Also I can't believe she is using the gas heater inside a tent !! That is extremely dangerous, not only because of the fire hazard if it comes it contact with something, but because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning ! It is illegal in some countries such as Australia to use a gas heater inside a tent.

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