This video is sponsored by Hotel Transylvania 3, Summer Vacation. In theaters July 13th. Hey guys this is Karina And this is Ronald from SIS vs BRO and today we are going to… Wait, Ronald what are you doing? I’m watching the trailer for Hotel Transylvania. Really!? There’s going to be a third one? Yep! Let’s watch it! (trailer video playing) [Character In Video] Come on! There’s so much to do! You could go scuba diving. (air whooshing) Try some exotic food. (glass breaking) Or just enjoy the views. (character grumbling) (laughing) Okay Dad. Thank you. (latino pop music) Maybe you’ll find your own fireworks on the cruise. It’s not the love boat, Frank. You nailed it honey! Best summer vacation ever! (Cake by the Ocean by DNCE) ♪ Talk to me baby ♪ ♪ I’m going blind from this sweet-sweet craving ♪ ♪ Let’s lose our minds and go crazy, crazy ♪ It’s all going according to plan! Oh no, Blobby’s going to puke. (puking sound) Papa Aww. ♪ Ah ya ya ya ya ♪ That was so cool! I can’t wait to watch the actual movie! Me too! I love this trailer. (clapping) I watched the first movie, the second movie, and here comes the third! (door bell dings) I wonder who that is. There’s no one here. Hey look down there! It’s a suitcase! Wait, Hotel Transylvania? (gasping) (excited screaming) Guys this is a mystery suitcase! I wonder what’s inside! Let’s open it! (singing suspenseful music) Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation I guess it’s an activity book. We got Maeve dolls! We got two of them. Limited edition! (gasping) We got a flower necklace! It’s a purple one! We got two! We got two! Yeah! What do we have here? Beach ball! Oh it’s a beach ball! Awesome! That’s so cool! We have two of those. It’s a chest.
Oh a face on it! I think it has a mini character inside it. That’s cool. We have a bunch of these in different colors! Hotel Transylvania: The Series It’s a book! A comic! And then there’s another one here. Oo! It’s a set with every doll! We’ve got Johnny, we got Maeve and then we got this guy. Cute little guy. And we got more of these little chests. Do you wanna open one? Yeah! Which one feels lucky? Purple. No, this one. Let’s open two actually. You open a purple one, I’ll open a green one. Okay. We got some keys here. I think we have to open it with the keys. (excited gasping) Ooo what’s this! I think we can collect these! I got Johnny! I got this squashy dude. (laughing) Oh it’s a list of all of them. Do they have like, rarities? Mhm! I got Johnny. He is a common I think. What did you get? His name is Bob Blob. That’s cool. Bob Blob. We got slime! We got Bob Blob slime! Oh what’s this? (reading) Don’t miss the boat. You are cordially invited to go on a vacation with Drac’s Pack! Join us for a special screening of Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation. (excited screaming) We’re going on vacation! Yay! (excited clapping) So guys, the Drac’s Pack is leaving the hotel behind and going a summer vacation. And we are going on that summer vacation too. So that means we gotta go… Pack. Let’s go. Okay let’s pack! Some shirts. Some jeans. Some socks. And some shorts. And some swimming shorts. And don’t forget! My favorite character from the movie, Johnny. Perfect. So guys, let’s pack. This is a summer vacation so I definitely need some swimsuits. Hm I like this one. By the way guys, who’s your favorite character from the movie? Mine is Mavis. Perfect! Ronald, are you ready? Yep, I’m ready. Let’s go! All right. So guys we just arrived at (mumbles). We are so excited to see the movie Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation We are so excited to see Drac’s Pack and do other awesome things. We don’t know what to expect but we know it’s going to be awesome. Again look, there’s a rainbow! Let’s dance. (dance music) All right, let’s go! Guys look! There’s the movie poster! There’s Blobby. Dennis, Mavis, looks like we’re on the right track. Come on! Guy’s come on, we’re gonna go see the movie now. But wait! You can’t watch it! You gotta go see it July 13th in the theaters. Bye! Bye! A few moments later. That was awesome! It was so good! I loved it! It was so funny! Which on was your favorite bit? Johnny’s dance moves though. (Ronald singing) My favorite was Blobby. Blobby was super funny! (laughing) He was like, bloop! Oh, well, new baby! (Old MacDonald musical tune playing) You don’t wanna (mumbles) (laughing) So guys, how did you like the movie? Yeah! (children giggling) It was great. What would you like to do on your summer vacation? Go on a cruise! Travel! Beach time! Dance! If you could have all-you-could-eat on a cruise, what would eat? Chocolate. Chocolate. Pancakes. Bagels. Waffles.
I would have ice cream! Which Hotel Transylvania character would you like to go on vacation with and why? Uh Mavis. Mavis. Because I like her and she’s really nice and funny. Mavis for the same reasons. I would take Dennis because he comes with a free pass with Tinkle. Same. I would take Dennis. What’s one thing that you’ll definitely pack in your monster suitcase? I would bring.. Oh, a phone! My iPad. I would bring my iPad and my phone. I would bring a bathing suit. So guys, show us your favorite dance move. (dance music) How do you do that! (children giggling) It’s easy! No it’s not. This is my worm. (children laughing) So guys we just finished watch the movie! It was great! We had a great time here and we want to thank Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation for sponsoring this video and bringing us here to watch the movie early! Oo la la! And guys, don’t forget to check out Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation In theaters July 13th. So guys, we are back from the movie. It was great. I think that was our best summer vacation ever! I definitely agree. We hope you liked this video, If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time! Goodbye! (upbeat guitar music)

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