GOKARNA: Underrated vacation sport in INDIA ??- 인도의 숨겨진 휴양지- 고카르나 ?

GOKARNA: Underrated vacation sport in INDIA ??- 인도의 숨겨진 휴양지- 고카르나  ?

Part 2 Good morning. I just had a breakfast in this guesthouse and came here to check the views. I am not sure if you can see this but there are so many eagles. Nice… Oh, my god… They were even flying so close… So today, we went out from the hostel quite
late. And it’s already 1 pm
and we are gonna visit some temples around. It looks like quite downtown. We see some wall paintings and it’s quite
cool. Our first stop of the day was Mahabaleshwar
Temple. We were not allowed to enter inside the main
hall so we checked from outside. Some buildings were under restoration
and we saw the idols of different Hindu gods, which we always love to see when we visit
temples in India. After that, we headed to the Gokarna main
beach. As we got close to the beach, we noticed that
this area is more touristy by seeing all the souvenir shops along the
way. Gokarna Beach was bigger than the others we
saw the day before. We did not enter the water. Instead, we decided to check
some walking paths along the beach. On the way, we saw one small temple up on
the hill and decided to check the place. From there, we hiked up a bit more
and found another hiking path along the coastline. So we decided to head down but something unexpected happened. It is funny. Hyekyong got some phobia. Because she got some Red Ant bites
long time ago. And now she has to pass through this small
path but it’s full of Red Ants and she has been here for a minute already. Come on. Hyekyong: Oh my god, I am so scared. Jordi: (Laugh) Pass! Just once. It’s easy. We don’t have the whole day.
Please! If you are… Just go!
Come down! Hyekyong: Give me the water! No, No. I am not gonna spend the water. Just come down! Hyekyong: I wanna remove those ants. No, just come down and remove those ants if
any stick on your body. Please! Hey! Fucking 8 minutes already. Come on please, move! It’s not Cockroach! Hyekyong: They are more dangerous! You decide!
You stay there? or you move? Hyekyong: Oh my god… One, two, three, go! It’s fine.
They are doing their business. They don’t need anything with you. Come on! Please! Jesus Christ! (Scream) (Laugh) Fucking nuts! I know you are laughing, fucker! After making me wait all this time… After facing the Red Ants, we decided to walk
a little more this nice path by the coast. It was a nightmare. Nightmare~~~ It was a nightmare for everyone that had to wait for two minutes until you crossed. Seriously, it was a nightmare. However, the beautiful scenery along the path
helped me to calm down and forget all the bad memories. One cow is coming. Hello?
Are you following us? The hiking was very easy and short but nothing
can compare to the views we saw on that day. The calm Gokarna Beach, the magnificent rock
cliffs, emerald water, the sea breeze, the bright sunlight… We felt like we were in a movie scene. We made it~~~~ We spent as long as we could to enjoy what
we were seeing and what we were feeling. And later, we went up a little bit higher
to get another viewpoint. From the top, not only we saw panoramic view
of the area but also a short cut to our hostel. Thanks to the short cut, we arrived early
and treat ourselves with beer and food. Good morning! Day 3 here in Gokarna. Yesterday, we had a very nice time. And today we are going to rent a motorbike. We already booked the accommodation for the
next destination. We are not going to tell you yet. You will find out on the next episode. Yeah, we are going to explore a few more beaches
that we saw past Om beach. Alright! It’s sunny. It’s hot. I don’t know the weather forecast said it
would rain but it’s not. Let’s enjoy the day! See you! So we came here to refill the gas tank. We are going to Half Moon Beach. Jordi: Paradise beach as well. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Paradise beach first
and then on the way back, we will stop by some other beaches on the day. So today is all about beaches! Now, let’s follow the trail… up! Left or right? I guess it’s this way no? (wrong way!) That way? That way. Thank you! Hey, we just spotted three Langurs,
here in this forest. Hyekyong: They already ran away. But we are going to keep our eyes open
to see more. Keep silence. We walked through the kind of forests. And then now we are hopefully reaching to
the Paradise Beach. How far left? Do you have any idea? It’s really hot.
I want to swim. To the forest again. Maybe this way. Oh, I see the sea and the sea waves! Oh, my goodness! Look at all those eagles! Wow! I guess we are not the only ones here. Right cows? And it turned out
they were not in good mood today. Oh, Jordi, Jordi! Oh!!!!!! Jordi, Jordi! Go down,
go down! Go that way,
go that way! Wait there,
wait there! Oh I am still shaking. This was fucking scary. This cow seemed very calm and then I try to
go around her. I kind of tapped for her to move like most
of the people do. But then he become kind of opposite to me. I won’t say it was aggressive because
it was not aggressive. He… He or she kind of.. Oh my god, dogs are here. Dogs, don’t go there. There are crazy cows, okay? Let me continue the story. So there were these cows. His head was pushing and I felt their horns
like almost on my balls. MY BALLS I feared.
Really. I feared for my life. It was scary. But now we see this and I feel more calm. Look at this now. Nice beach~~~ Hello? It’s Shiva and Ganesha. Ah,
and Nandi. a small Nandi here. And that’s other…
No, that’s a snake. And It’s a doggie, doggie! I don’t know the first language.
That’s Hindi? and the other one seems Sanskrit? English. Ah no! this one might be… I don’t know sorry. The beach was all to ourselves. We really loved the colors of the water, the
tropical palm trees, and the surrounding rock cliffs with greenery. We could understand why this place is called
Paradise Beach. It was literally paradise for us until
THIS happened. (hit sound) Hyekyong lost her sunglasses. Hey… Don’t fake. I know you didn’t like them. I am thinking you lost them on purpose. Well it seems like Paradise Beach became “hell beach”. because of the cow and Hyekyong loosing the sunglasses. ANd I think there were some kind of jellyfish
on the water. We feel a bit itchy. Paradise Beach? Not for me. Alright. We are gonna try to go back and reward ourselves
with better beach. See you on the next one. Our next stop was Half Moon Beach. It was not too far from where we were. So we tried to go on foot but we couldn’t
find a good walking path along the beach so we decided to take the motorbike and hit the
road first. Pretty amazing, no? Jesus Christ! Hyekyong: Be careful here!
Jordi: Yes, yes. Don’t be scared.
We are friends. Oh, amazing. It’s going to be scary on the way back. By seeing many langurs on the dirt road, we
noticed that we were deep inside the forest At some point, we realized that it was impossible
to continue on the bike. So we had to walk down the steep hill hoping
that we would reach some beach. Iguana? Iguana? ??? It’s dead? Wow… So this dog hunt this big.. I don’t know what animal this is. Lizard no? Mega lizard. It seems we made it. And finally we arrived to the Half Moon Beach. We didn’t like it as much as Paradise Beach
but it didn’t matter. At that point, all we needed was cool water
to freshen up ourselves. After a short break, we headed back to our
hostel and on the way, we saw a local market. The market was crowded with people. We had to return the motorbike so we hurried
a little bit after having a quick look at the market. We arrived. Finished! We were tired but there was one more place
we wanted to check out before leaving Gokarna: the Koti Teertha. A man made tank, Koti Tirtha is considered
to be extremely sacred and is used for ritual bathing and immersing idols. The tank is surrounded by temples on all sides. We really enjoyed the calm atmosphere around
thr area. And we also stopped by a supermarket to get
some snacks to celebrate our last night in Gokarna. We are not very lucky. It rained last night when we were sleeping. And it was very windy
so all the rain came to the wall. And our shoes, which were outside under the roof, but because of the wind, they got very wet. Ouf,
they smell pretty shitty, now. So we are gonna have to dry them again,
wash them again first and wash them again. Anyway, even before it smelled bad
so it doesn’t matter. True.
But now they smell worse. We are leaving Gokarna. We had a very pleasant stay, right? yeah we were lucky the weather was really
good. It was more like nature and relax stay. Now we are heading to downtown to catch the
bus or rickshaw to go to the train station. Bus is cheaper. Yeah bus is cheaper, way cheaper. But we will see. It seems we are arriving to the bus station. Oh my god, look at this field. It’s super green and soft. Yeah it’s a pretty calm place, I guess. Of course it’s off season. Maybe when it’s
peak season which is very soon in October, you might find it more crowded everywhere. It should be here, yeah
I am trying to find a bus. And now we have to walk about 1km to the station. We are in Gokarna station. And before taking the bus to here, we just bought some food
that we planned to eat here. We got two chicken biryani. This is the rice, the chicken and the veggies. This is the sauce that we are gonna mix everything. ANd now I realize, everytime we order Biryani,
It comes with raw onion and some lemon to mix it all. I hope it’s good. And I think we have to eat with our hands. No problem. We have been doing that for a while already. Last time we ate something bought near the
station, It was in Goa And we got some samosas. And I think they were a bit… Our stomach didn’t accept those samosas
very well. And we had a little rough time after that. I hope this is not the case. Nice! Check this! I wanna put some onions and lemons. That’s what makes Biryani more delicious. so that’s it! Time to eat this Biryani! Well, this is not very well mixed yet. Anyway, I am hungry. Bon Appétit! How is it? It’s not as spicy as I expected. It’s good. It’s fine. Hyekyong: Because it’s not well mixed. Hyekyong: That’s why…
Jordi: True! We were happy that we made our stomach full
before the train ride. The scenery from the train was so beautiful. Can you guess where we are going next? Let me give you a hint from the next episode
trailer! See you! On our next episode

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