GOODBYE to Bunches of Lunches Summer 😎 MYSTERY WHEEL LUNCHES

GOODBYE to Bunches of Lunches Summer 😎 MYSTERY WHEEL LUNCHES

100 thoughts on “GOODBYE to Bunches of Lunches Summer 😎 MYSTERY WHEEL LUNCHES

  1. I go through sunglasses so fast! My foster son has broken at least 4 pairs since he's been with us 🙂 I stock up when I find them for a couple dollars at Kohls, Walmart or, just recently, JCPenny!

  2. We don t have them in The Netherlands :-(…..I ve had some when I went to college in Arizona when I was 18 and my parents suggested I d do college in the States and went there alone by plane flying for 32 hours due to flying on Thanksgivingday and 4 times changing planes on airports. Oh and I loved Arizona and found that Americans there are very sweet and have helped me with whatever I asked about to adjust to a schoolyear overseas.I hear a lot of the same reactioms from my nieces who also went to different colleges all over The States (USA). ( my family is pretty rich…allthough I myself due to living on, disability income sonce last couple of years am not.So it s not affordable for most of other Dutch families).But me and my nieces all love our times being in your country.

  3. I’m addicted to this channel but just because I love you guys in no way I don’t want this to be misconstrued as hate but be careful with the corn as a vegetable because it is really starchy love you guys and I say this because I love you guys. Keep up the good work love this channel.

  4. I love this so much I have no special lunches to make because I have no kids but I love how you put so much effort into these lunches for your kids. Mom goals.

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  6. 👋 was a great night out with the family reunion I think I have a good time was the last week we got a little girl going out there to see how we did it last year and I have a great mom I cannot think I got the Christmas 🎄 I cannot was the time was the last year you were able see the beautiful kids I hope we have a wonderful Christmas and wonderful Christmas merry Christmas 🎁🎄 has to

  7. Hi family fudge just wanted to know if you had any recommendation for light eaters if you do that would be really helpful thank you love your Channel

  8. You can see Jennifer's reflection in the wheel and when it was McKenzie's turn she was showing her what to do

  9. Lol. When she said "were gonna blow up the ball pit" i thought they were gonna explode the ball pit!! 😂😂😂

  10. I might be a kid but I really like your lunches that you make I wish I could make them to for myself to go to school and so my mom can have some of these lunch ideas to bring to work

  11. I personally don't have any kids, but I sometimes make these lunches for myself and I have to say that they're a lot more fun to eat, they help with portion control, and they taste amazing.

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