Goodbye to Summer, OWL STYLE

hi I’m Mike and today we do something
that we do every single year around the ranch and that’s dispose of my summer
hat it’s become a tradition but this hat is just a little bit too nice so what
we’re gonna do is we’re going to dirty it up a bit and see how much damage a
hat can really take it’s all in the way on our wyoming life welcome back and thanks for coming along
as we explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary once again right here on
our ranch in Northeast Wyoming you know the ranch isn’t just about cows
it’s not just about horses it’s not just about calves and pigs and everything
else that we’ve got going on here it’s about having a little bit of fun every
once in a while you have to you just have to let loose and one of the ways
that we do that every single year is a tradition that was started right here on
YouTube back in 2017 where at the end of the summer as winter was approaching I
took my old winter hat out and burned it that tradition started because these
hats get pretty tore up during the summer time now this one is actually my
second hat the first one I had destroyed accidentally but this one’s gonna have
to go as well it’s certain it has to happen there’s no way around it and
today we are going to do things just a little bit differently
last year we blew up the Hat this year we might do that also with a little
twist but we have to dirty this hat up just a little bit first so that’s where
we’re going to start we’re gonna head out towards the Corral’s and see if the
calves will give us a hand these are this year’s model calves
they’ve been here in the grounds for the last few months and I do think they get
a little bit bored at times the first way that we’re going to go about
dirtying up this hat a bit is to give them something to do and get it in here
with these calves while working with the cows sometimes it is hard to keep a hat
on your head especially if you have to move quickly and seeing one hit the dirt
is a pretty common occurrence usually getting it stepped on is not much of a
problem but after a couple tries it’s no use the calves are just too cautious is
something new in their Corral’s maybe if we bring in a treat we can get them a
bit closer to where we need them eventually there is an incident of
destruction but this hat maybe a bit too well built for just a calf to do what we
need done maybe we should go visit their moms down the road aways we find the cows
doing what cows do but little do they know the task that’s about to be set
before them we brought some cake and after putting the Hat out in the path of
the cows we lay a bit down and see what happens now why is it when you want a cow to
step on a hat they want but the minute you don’t they will I think that’s
Stetsons law or something so just like the calves the hat is moved from the
path of the cows directly into the front lines where damage is going to be super
hard to avoid so is not getting pooed on but we’ll deal with that if it happens eventually we get a winner and the hat
is caved in all over dirt is smeared across it
hopefully that’s dirt but again it pops right back out ready to go back to work
this my friends is one hell of a hat and I’m really beginning to think that it
might be bulletproof of course this time of year we have hunters on the ranch
hunters that are always available to prove me wrong the final few seconds of
this hats life are coming close and as we hear the clock ticking we know the
end is near this year the Hat will go out in a blaze of glory
and will welcome another winter here on the ranch and just like that another summer is
done on the ranch just in time to because tomorrow winter looks to be
hitting as we have four inches of snow on the way and temperatures down into
the teens forecast for tomorrow and the following day we’re kind of sad to see
summer go but this winter offers plenty of challenges and opportunities to shine
and lots of new projects to knock off of the project list by the way this little
baggie is all that we could we could recover of the hat so I maybe I wanted
to make sure that I showed you guys that thanks for coming along today as we have
a bit more fun but for now it’s time to get back to work the black felt Stetson
is back on and that means we’re gonna be selling cows oon preg checking feeding
and all those fun winter projects that have to be done please subscribe and
make sure to come along with us beyond the ranch and check out our new channel
exclusively for live content as it happens around here on the ranch it’s
conveniently called beyond the ranch and you can find a link down in the
description or you can just search YouTube for beyond the ranch that’s it
for today Thursday you can look for a video about how we’re preparing for this
first of many winter storms to come and hopefully how we come out the other side
until then have a great week and thanks for joining us in our Wilding life you

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