16 thoughts on “Google Maps APIs Predictive Travel Time Feature

  1. Great feature. Hope they add support for arrival_time as a param rather than departure_time so that I know what time peeps need to leave for a destination

  2. Just a question. If the moving company is transporting some material which needs careful handling hence speed restriction on truck itself how is google predictive time feature going to help.ย For example – truck 1 is moving material A from Place A to Place B and truck 2 is moving material B from Place A to Place B following path of truck -1. How ever there is a speed restriction on truck-2 (max speed 30 KMPH say ) due to the kind of material (B) being transported. Not sure if the feature is going to predict different travel time for both trucks or the same considering the max. speed restriction of truck-2.Any hints ?

  3. For, a taxi application which API we should use?

    Use case 1. : We need to show passenger, what time remaining to pick up & we also need to sent the driver who is much closer to requested passenger.
    case 2. we want to show passenger;s live movement in taxi & will show the fare calculations according to distance and time .

    Thanks in advance.

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