Google Santa Tracker: Still on Vacation

Google Santa Tracker: Still on Vacation

[cheerful holiday music] Santa: Oh! [music continues] [helicopter blades whirring] [projector whirring] [music continues] [music muffles] [elevator bell dings] [music continues] [scooter beeps] [whirring] [music continues] Santa: Ho, ho. [music ends]

49 thoughts on “Google Santa Tracker: Still on Vacation

  1. The Santa Tracker by Google is here again and it's even better.
    Oh no is santa going to be late for christmas this year? find out when you download the app:

  2. As vere not anymore at all [ Maybe ] Happy New Year and Christmas. 🙂
    Новые и Рождество as'll не вижу больше не у всех [ Возможно ] Happy New Year . 🙂
    새로운 크리스마스 는 as'll 전혀 [ 아마 ] 새해 복 많이 받으세요 더 이상 볼 수 없습니다. 🙂
    Como no los veré a todos ustedes Les Deseo Feliz Año nuevo Y Navidad. 🙂
    Nor yev Surb Tsnund as'll tesnel aylevs bolory [ Guts’ye ] Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. What software would one use to make this kind of animation? I'd normally use Illustrator for doing static graphic design, but what software is used to make this animated?

  4. Hello there,

    Please I would like to know if we have permission to share this video in our website.


    Awaiting reply.

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