Google Sites Tour

Google Sites Tour

Hi, my name is Scott Johnston,
and I’m the Product Manager for Google Sites. I joined Google as part of the
JotSpot acquisition, and I’m excited to tell you about
Google’s first release of our product. Google Sites is the newest
addition to the Google Apps product suite. It will allow you to easily
create a network of sites and publish them both in and
outside your domain. So let’s look at some
examples for how you might use Google Sites. Whether you’re a small business
owner or part of a large enterprise, you can use
Google Sites to centralize your company’s information
in an internet. Let’s take a look at the
upcoming company poker tournament. Looks like there’s
a mistake here. With Google Sites you can fix
it fast. You can even attach documents, which will be
included in search results. You have control over who can
update this information. Google Sites makes it really
simple to publish content. For example, an employee can
create a profile site including their resumes, goals
for the quarter, and other information. This makes it easy for other
employees to find co-workers with specific skills
or experience. If you’re a teacher, you can use
Google Sites to create a virtual classroom. Your site becomes a library
or where you post homework assignments, class content,
document class activities and events, even drop in photos
from the last field trip. Then students and parents can
get all the information they need in one place. Whether you’re a student working
on a group project or part of a team at work, you can
create a site to manage your project. You could can add a blog with
the Announcements page type to share and archive
team updates. You can also embed relevant
spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and videos into the
site so it becomes the central place for all your project
information. Google Sites is a new
collaboration tool that allows anybody with Google Apps
to create sites with just one click. Your content is instantly
searchable using Google search technology, and you have full
control over who can access your information. You can use this no matter what
size your organization. To learn more see

81 thoughts on “Google Sites Tour

  1. My thougths. A video showing widgets that magically places itself. Editing in the video was like magic with no delay. Even the techno talk was magic. Google must have worked really hard with the magic things and a little less with the difficult things.

  2. hihi didn't know google had to post as a usual member, don't they own this place? I mean getting views would be kinda…

    (nice earrings scott)

  3. And many of those people who died this past week are in heaven right now. And they wouldn't want to come back. It's so glorious and so wonderful. – Billy Graham, September 14, 2001

  4. The video demonstrates how a school could use it. It's not a stretch to see how it would work for clubs, volunteer orgs, teams, etc.

  5. Did you hear that, Google? You've just had your manhood questioned by pezdude21, whose videos mainly consist of tiny dogs.

  6. Google sites is a great tool for small English sites (other languages are expected soon). At this rate, I suspect that in a few years I will have to move to advertising.

    Websites Developer

  7. the video is useless for hard of hearing and deafened users; please include captioning and/or full text for each video;
    as you understand, text online (and video online) and having a google site is very important for people who depend on text (not audio); thanks

  8. sorry, forgot about posting links in here.
    checkout google com /sell/

    is the link to open a google checkout account to sell stuff. you probably can create buttons like paypal. But I haven't played around with google checkout yet.

  9. Hi

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to add Google ads to the free google webhosting and possibly make some money?

  10. Hi

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to add Google ads to the free google webhosting and possibly make some money?

  11. @bishopthirteen
    If you regret for writing your previous comment you have the ability to remove, I'm pretty sure youtube allows that.

  12. Scott,

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to get the business template to work, really clunky and convoluted menus. Have google contact us for a partnership.

    Meet up at the Santa Monica office.

  13. YOU will see the other comment above mine also – the video did not include the CC feature. Also, the google AUTOMATIC cc feature is not comprehensible half the time. I don't know which video this is about, yet it did not include CC when I watched it or the other person also. It is up to the AUTHOR/the person who makes the video to add the CC (using a transcript of the words). best wishes to you.

  14. This video is useless I get one voice over the other and can't understand
    anything at all. Trying to set up a set and it is useless.
    How about fixing it …..please thanks

  15. @siglmgga This video is useless in general if you're trying to figure out exactly how to use Google Sites.

  16. I had a site for over 2 years since ive been using adsense ive had problems google have now taken my site down for some unknow reason (ive no copyright stuff on the site and have checked with everywhere ive links to to make sure ive not broken any copyright). The sites been taken down an put back up twice. My advice DONT use Adsense

  17. This is a good demo but I was hoping for a tutorial. I'm already sold on using Google Sites, now I need easy-find-assistance for getting basic competence on things like creating sidebar links that have sublinks (in the sidebar, not in the linked page), changing the overall site background graphic, and other typical things a beginning user would want.

    In other words, instead of showing me what it can do, show me how, step-by-step.

  18. Thank you so much, google team, for creating products that help us to collaborate. TGFG (thank God for Google!)

  19. I wish the layout is more configurable. e.g. custom search button and be able to place it at some place that fit in the web design better.

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