Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute

Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute

MATTHEW LEVINE: Right now we
have way more demand for qualified engineers than
we have supply of qualified engineers. So if you know this
stuff, your future looks pretty bright. JACLYN DECICCO: Google Computer
Science Summer Institute is a program for
rising freshman in college. It’s a three week residential
program held at Google, and students come to Google
to learn all about computer science. NICK: Back at home, computer
science isn’t offered in my high school. I went to orientation at my
college, and I was around all these other kids that already
had prior experience. And I would be starting from
scratch, and they would be at a higher level than I was. And the CSSI helped me get
a head start to that. MATTHEW LEVINE: The idea behind
the curriculum here is to give students the tools they
need to build something that can immediately be used
by people around the world. They learn HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, Python, App Engine, and a bit of App
Inventor on Android. We basically take them from
having little to no experience with computer science to
developing a fully functional web application by the end of
their three weeks here. PRISCILLA: I didn’t have a
lot of friends who are interested in it. But when I came over here,
obviously everyone here was like, oh my God, computers
and code. And it’s really cool to be
around people who have the same interests as you, that
complete interest. And they’re all here for a
common goal– to learn stuff about computer science, and to
see if this is really what they wanted to do. ALEXIS: Before CSSI, I knew
close to nothing about programming, programming
languages. And now, the fact that I
know these, it’s great. I know how to apply
them to real life. I know how to make a web page. I know how to make
applications. SYDNEY: I am aware that a large
percent of the people who work in computer
science are guys– like, they’re males. So it’s just really encouraging
to come here and see that there are so many other
girls that are just like me, and we’re all into
computer science. Especially since we do have
the boys outnumbered here, it’s really funny. WILLIAM: It’s definitely a great
opportunity to come to fine tune your skills, to figure
out if computer science really is right for you, or to
really figure out what area you want to go to computer
science. ALEXIS: If you’re thinking about
applying to CSSI, do it. There’s no question about it. How could you not apply? RADHA NARAYAN: We also have
panelists from people across Google who work in technology,
but in different roles. So there are people who work
in engineering, in user experience, [INAUDIBLE] design,
in research, analysis, program management. And you get a little taste of
what it would be like to work in any one of these roles. And we teach you the skills that
you would need to develop if you wanted to join, later
on, in one of these roles. JERICA JONES: CSSI was really
important to me, because it was my first step in
a career towards my full time job at Google. From there, I went on to work in
the engineering practicum. And then from there, an
internship, and finally I converted to full time, which
was really awesome.

25 thoughts on “Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute

  1. Is there something like that in the Russian office of Google? Because I would like to take part in this.

  2. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to do this for high school students so that they could get a head start in Computer Science…. I wish this camp was for high school students I really wanna attend.

  3. What about kids who do have some skills in computer science but could still benefit from the program. Should we apply too? Or is it just for kids who have little to no experience?

  4. ……..More demand for qualified engineers than there's supply. You could say that about any career. Just be vague about what it means to be qualified. There's plenty of unemployed Engineers with degrees from respected Universities. You could say there's more demand for qualified NBA players than there's supply. But, it's still a tiny percentage of players than will actually be hired. It's all about how you define "qualified," and it's never defined. A CS degree clearly isn't near enough

  5. I have NO prior knowledge in programming or scripting at all, but Computer Science seems like a fun career to do. Has anyone had this experience before or have already have a job in CS???

  6. I just submitted my application. I'm simultaneously anxious and excited for this opportunity. Good luck to anyone else who applies, you all deserve the chance. 🙂

  7. I know HTML,C++,and learning Assembly. I am 11 years of age and am planning to work at google as a computer programmer. I am not one of those kids who saw the internship and wants to work at google, I'm one of the kids who knows what he's talking about. I have a long way ahead to study this so my future will be here, at google. 🙂

  8. "Lucky black kids, better than keep them out of the streets. Affirmative action," says the Right winger. Wouldn't you eliminate that street culture by giving underrepresented kids a chance. That is great about Google; it is run by liberal minded people. But slowly, it is shifting to the Right, as newer generation is coming in.


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