Gordon Hayward – HyperX House Tour

Hey! what’s up HyperX! I’m Gordon Hayward. Come on let’s take a look at the house. Alright, so right here is the
family room, or great hall. I love it because it has all these open,
really tall ceilings, and wide spaces. When I come home from playing
basketball we hang out here and watch TV. This is a nice place for us to hang out and relax. Here we are in the most important part
of the house. This is where I eat to get the nutrition I need. Here are the baby bottles. Our houses is baby-proof and we have many accessories for taking care of our baby. Here is our refrigerator. Let’s see what is inside. I do not cook that often but we have a chef. The chef made us a couple meals that I can put in the microwave or oven. Now we will fo to the the master bedroom. There is a saying “this is where the magic happens” and by that I mean a lot of sleep. We have a TV and big bed. We can sit here and get comfortable so I can get a lot of sleep. Sleep is very important for me. So now we will go to my favorite part of the house which is where I play video games. This is my favorite part of the house. I call it the G (gaming) Cave. It is my man cave. I’m really proud of this area. It is Important to be in the right mood to play games. For this reason I have custom lighting that allows me to change the colors. I have stacked the monitors vertically. I love using the HyperX FURY mouse pad. It’s large size is great since I can put both the keyboard and mouse on it. I have the Cloud Revolver headset. When I FPS games it allows me to sense the direction of my opponents. The sound quality is amazing. I love this headset. I find it is a necessity. Next we will visit the backyard. Here is the hot tub. It is nice to get into the hot tube after playing basketball. It the warm water soothes my sore muscles. I play a lot of basketball games and the hot tub is relaxing and therapeutic. Another one of the the main
feature of the backyard is the pool. It has a large water slide. One is never too old to use enjoy a water slide. Next we have the basketball hoop. I can practice my jump shot even in the pool. And of course we have a diving board. We are eager to discover
who can make the biggest splash. We always have fun by the pool. We are out here very often. This is my dog. His name is Cyber.
He is a big German shepherd dog. We acquired this dog with the intention of protecting the family, my wife Robyn, our house. Our dog guards our house,
so beware we have a guard dog. How we are at the basketball court. This is definitely a necessity for me since I grew up playing basketball. Where I grew up, Indiana,
we all had hoops in our backyard. So I had it get a house that
had a court in the backyard. Let’s see if I can make this shot. That is pretty cool, right? Not very many people have one of those. Here is the last part of the backyard, the jungle gym. My daughters play here very often. It is very satisfying to see them play here
and have fun, to see their big smiles. It makes my hard work worth the effort. Thank you for visiting me and letting me give you a tour of my house today. But now I must retire to my gaming cave
to play more video games. Bye! Let’s see if I can make this shot. I did not. We might be here all day. Nothing but net!

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