[GOT7의 하드캐리] ‘엠투패치’ 갓세븐 JB, 대낮에 한강에서 손잡고…! | Ep.4-12

the dream of jb becomes 100% real! An appointment at the Han River (devastated) {laughing hard} We do not have it easily (the appointment) It is not easy [Naturally handsome reality] Let’s go. This is seriously too much. Are we really going like this? [Holding hands while walking] There are a lot of couples that way. Let’s go the other way. YJ: Ah, seriously.
JB: This is too much. Oh, this is okay. My confidence went up 50% when I put my hood up. [I want to hide too]
[Hiding fail] [Confidence went down by 50% percent] let’s first see them {near the place where the 3 members whose wakeboard} Do you think they are already doing it? where are they Han River! We’re holding hands~ it’s really embarrassing I knew something strange was going on, when they told us we could rest I did not see it happen it makes me happy

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