[GOT7ing] EP04. GOT7 ‘Holiday’ ing-1

[GOT7ing] EP04. GOT7 ‘Holiday’ ing-1

NO Script NO Mission NO Game NO Penalty Start!
Where do you wanna go? Where are we?
Why are we here? What’s the green background?
CG please We are in the space. Because the weather is warm.
Not yet, it’s cold.
It’ll get warmer in this afternoon. But there’s the fine dust outside..
Also I heard there will be a rain. What? Fine dust?
What’s that? Fine dust.
[BamBam’s cute Korean] Then let’s use V-app to ask. ready, go!
[Depart to today’s destination, Nami Island] [Today’s weather: cloudy] So exciting to go to Nami Island I should ride first [1st car: Coco’s parents and Tuan brothers] See you, bye bye~ we’re leaving to Nami Island. We’re leaving~ bye~ Elevator, no seat belt Fasten your elevator~~ Let’s go, too BamBam, are you sure that you’re going to buy coffee?
That’s right I brought my wallet by mistake. Saying that you’re buying coffee? Then let’s get coffee on the way.
If not, you’ll have in another year. [Today’s BamBam’s turn to treat!] That’s because you’re in front of camera. Goodbye~ see you at Nami Isalnd [2nd car: 94 line and BamBam also leave!] Now we’re going to Nami Island!
Shall we fasten the seatbelt? Will you have coffee or not?
I will [Connecting to Bluetooth] Password is 0000 Guys, his password is 0000.
That’s right. What song do you want to listen? The weather is fine, but it makes so tired. I’m sleepy. I had ramyeon (instant noodle) with watching TV at home.. I bought a lot of ramyeons. I cooked five of them, added eggs and dumplings, then ate. Ah, hungry. Why don’t we eat before the rest area? We should drink coffee before there. What a surprise. Good. I was about to check a mirror. [Let’s get some coffee] [Music car is driving] Let’s listen to “See The Light”.
Okay. BamBam treated us coffee.
Thank you, BamBam. Next time will be another year. Why don’t we say thank you to BamBam one time? Thank you. He probably feel bad if we don’t say thank you. Then, shall we go? Mark, if you are sick? It seems that you’re sick. Let’s tell others that there was the traffic Guys, I was late because of the traffic.
Let’s say it was a golden time. Am I correct?
The correct word is commute hour. What’s golden time?
Rush hour Commute hour, is it correct? I don’t know.
Commute hour is correct. Just say there was a traffic. Can we have a meal if BamBam treats us. Yes we can if BamBam does. You should buy when there’s a wallet.
[GOT7’s rare item, BamBam’s wallet] When you accidently brought the wallet, you have treat us. [2nd car looks something different] Why don’t we play the three-line poem? Let’s go with Nam-Yi-Sum (Nami Island)! Nam! Why am I the first? You should do! Nam! We are heading to Nami Island. Yi! In this great weather, let’s… Sum! If you want to say ‘let’s ride an island (Sum)’? Next is BamBam’s turn. Nam! Hey, it’s too early in the morning to use my brain. Anyway, here’s tough.
Why don’t you try first? Nam! Everyone who is in South area! Yi! We’re going there from here! Sum! Sum-sum-sum-sum~ What my ears just heard? [It’s a burdensome to all] Nam! I won’t listen! It’s tough. I feel pressure.. It makes me embarrassing if I’m not good at. I want to try again. Go! Nam! Anyone can eat Yi! What~ Dim! Sum!
Sum (Dim sum) I can try. Nam Be as a man if you’re a man! Head-to-head match is the answer
Yi! Like this, with you guys Sum! Something like that?! JB’s fans will like it. He’s humor is dead. Then let’s try another one.
GOT7ing GOT7 Namyangju! Yugyeom’s house is in Namyangju. Nam-yang-ju!! Nam! If you are a man, you should accept face-to-face match.
Yang! Let’s eat lambs. Ju Tell me your address. I was also thinking lambs. Junior just got an idea.
The eyes junior is watching us are… I was in another world.
[His body is here but mental is in another world] Nam! What should I say? Ju? What should I say? Actually, I can’t think well. If you are a man, Yang Lamb and beef…? 주? [The result is likely top]
Your idea was fine. [Where..is here..?] [1st Car arrives firstly at the rest area] Guys! This is not a rest area where I was looking for. There are some items when we are at Nami Island. BamBam has his wallet.
Or may we have a talk at a rest place? What?
If there’s anything you want to have at a rest place? Such as sausages..
[He will be generous to members today] BamBam, thanks for treating us.
[An excessive reactions from members] Let’s see how much we can do. Uh! Hyu-gye-so (rest place)! Hyu!
[Never ending three-line poem] We need a rest! Gye!
Like a crab (gye). So!
Like a cow (so). Hyu!
I want a vacation. Gye!
With a crab, So!
Also with a cow. You copied mine too much. Now we arrived at the rest place. I’m full. I’ll get off fast, buy things quickly, then come back. [Mark is sleeping] Mark said he doesn’t want to buy. Guys, BamBam is treating us. BamBam brought his wallet today by mistake. Why don’t we eat a spicy jjambbong (Chinese noodle)? [Insert coins right after he discovers] You’re not good.
I know. Where’s my favorite snack? You’re a fraud. You fraud! It really doesn’t make sense. Uh! It’s a dog! [Gathering every snack]
Because BamBam is going to pay.. Why my life is such like this? [WANG dog and Park dog meet one suspicious dog] Why does he look scary even he’s cute? [Dogs like a dog] He looks wild. [Friendly] [A sensitive dog seems unhappy] Did he bite?
He should’ve bite strongly. Why are you joking? I can joke because you’re cute. Why?
See what I’m doing. [Surprised] [Again, surprised]
I got it. Sorry, I’ll not shout. [Mark is deeply asleep] BamBam, did you buy? Yours only?
Nope. 45,500 won.
[BamBam paid GOT7’s snack, 45,500 won] What are you doing?
Don’t spill it. [Watching drama] [Monitoring V-live taken before departing] Let’s see what we can find in Nami Island. [Even Youngjae finished gum,] [And started to eat onion snack, but yet arrived at destination]
Where’s Nami Island? Mark is probably dead I guess. He’s alive. Mark. Don’t worry about it. [Everyone is asleep] We’re arrived. But near Nami Island. I heard a Chicken galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken) is famous here
I want to try. So exciting. It’s not LA chicken galbi, but LA galbi. There’s LA chicken galbi, too.
It’s not. I didn’t bring the wallet. You should issue the visa. Really? [They will move to Nami island by taking a boat here] [GOT7’s vacation in Nami Island! Wait for it!]

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  1. The youngest reminding the hyungs to put their seatbelts on…good boys, always put that seatbelts on no matter the distance you travel…if it is provided, use it even in taxis

  2. I will probably go ride at the second car. That's my kind of atmosphere HAHAHAHA. Quiet! Perfect for sleep. ?

  3. Mark Yugyeom and Youngjae
    Starting to go
    Not even a minute
    All:laughing and screaming

    Mean while
    Passed a minute still adjusting haahha

    In the middle of the trip

    Marks Team:ZZzzz

    Jbs team:ahhahaha Talking and talking

  4. 14:11 that puppy is like:
    SOMEBODY STOP THIS CHIC , I can't handle this man's handsome face!?
    Also when Jackson got scared by that little puppy!?
    Awww these people are so adorable!!!??

  5. Y’all see how Jackson was standing there holds his hands lol Jackson is bout that life it’s a inner thug in there ???

  6. I wonder what's Yugyeom thinking to blurt out elevator instead of seatbelt?? if I had a choice on which car should I ride? I'll choose the 'main' car bcuz it's quiet there rather than leader's car?

  7. @8:24 뱀뱀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"웃음 장례식이양~"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ한국사람 뺨치게 한국말 잘햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    MARK: (caption) NO


  9. 3 mains in one car
    Main vocalist, main rapper n main dancer ?
    I love the other four dorks as well tho???

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