[GOT7ing] EP05. GOT7 ‘Holiday’ ing-2

[GOT7ing] EP05. GOT7 ‘Holiday’ ing-2

NO Script NO Mission NO Game NO Penalty Leaving to Nami Island by taking a ship!
Let’s go! If I freely Fly to that sky, Don’t be surprised The world In front of us
[He is in trance even singing] Is so precious If we’re together
[Look at him] [Six eyes are on Yugyeom]
What’re you doing? You look strange. We’re now on the ri… ri… What’s in English?
River In English?
River. [Whatever] [Finally the ship docks at Nami Island] This is the road from “Winter Sonata”. That’s your guess.
It says right. Shall we walk this road? Guys?
I don’t want. Wait! Something entered my body! What’re you doing? Mark~ Did you put something in my body? What did you put?
Yes. I put in the oil paper. [But, why?]
Oil paper? Inside? Say it again, in front of the camera. What did you just put in from behind? There’s a candy wrapper inside. A candy wrapper? What’s wrong? [Mark filled many stuff in Jackson’s clothes]
Is that how you should act? Here, there’s real ostriches. What’s this? A lion? You should call out softly.
Jackson, do you know Kevin Hart? Guess what? Why are they so huge?
[Meet ostriches] I’ll be dead if they kick just once
They can run really fast. That’s right. They can run 70km per hour. What about cheetahs?
120km per hour. Originally, ostriches are the most popular in South Africa.
Right. You don’t know it.
I know. Because you don’t have a knowledge.
I know. How come you know?
Of course, I go to school! The school doesn’t teach it.
It is! How can I call them in English?
I know in Thai.
What’s it? Don’t make it.
I didn’t make it. Here’s really pretty. So Green. The grass is so green. [Youngjae endlessly uses English] What a huge field!
[A huge Gyeom runs delightfully] I’m sorry. Yugyeom, can you smell something? I can smell. Hey, let’s begin “Fly” here. [He’s a good listener] See, he always order something then leave. Let’s try together. Together. This is Rain! I danced Rainism. Why’re you mean to me? I make a smile in front of the camera. Don’t do it. This is my life. I should’ve brought Coco here.
Agree! He would be happy. Here he is! Bowwow! There’s a monster! Why’re they so exciting? Are they talking something fun?
I have no idea. Aren’t we fun?
We can be fun, too. [Setting the angle for selfie] Look at him. He walks slow. [Mark is yet awaken] Let’s sleep. [Still, Mark is looking for brother]
I’ll be there after I kill Junior. [Taking pictures excitingly] Thank you.
Look. Pretty. Youngjae, come here.
[Junior finds Youngjae] Sit down. Give you hand. Good boy. [Maknae line is photographing a memento] This is me.
Can someone handle his showing off? The result looks great, Yugyeom! I really like your camera. We should look for a duck boat. [Leader is swanning around] [He’s singing the current loneness] Lonely [GOT7’s riding duck boats, STEP#1] [Pick one winner to choose and rest will be paired] Rock-scissors-paper [Only Youngjae and BamBam won!] That was a rock.
That wasn’t. Do rock-scissors-paper between two. I win.
Shouldn’t we have one winner? Ah! Rock-scissors-paper.
What? Why I should do? Rock-scissors-paper. What you just need is falling into the river. Ah, because of that? You should enter without a life vast.
[Everyone is driving Bam] Shouldn’t the winner choose the member? The winner in the end only can avoid driving. Let’s divide the team without Youngjae. We only can be divided into two teams so let’s play Muk-chi-ba [GOT7’s riding duck boats, STEP#2] Youngjae can choose the team later.
[3 teams will have 2 members each through Muk-chi-ba] Give anything among Muk-chi-ba.
I don’t know how to play. Just give anything.
Can’t we just try rock-scissors-paper? Rock-scissors-paper.
[Too difficult to GOT7 to make a team] Rock-scissors-paper. All done. What’re you doing? Done. Teams are decided already. Hurry~ Let’s take his ride. [Chopsticks unit departs first]
What’s it? How can we turn a left? [WANG dog + PARK dog unit departs after] [Last members of JB, Youngjae and Yugyeom also departs!] I used up the energy. [Two guys are sprinting] Running?
Yes, we’re running. [Three boys are doing V-app joyfully] [GOT7 are riding duck boats] Wow, they’re working hard. Jackson is there. [Jackson and Junior make selfie] It’s too sweet~~ Let’s go over there. [Chopsticks unit is aggressive for a battle] And, turn right. Let’s attack! Go straight, hurry. [They’re running hard] Go forward. Now I come to think of it, here’s a camera.
But this camera can’t frame us. I could be shown if I do this. Junior, hurry, hurry! Use more power to your legs [WANG dog + PARK dog unit is running away again]
Your direction is wrong. [Ordering the direction] That’s wrong! [Two dogs want to stay peacefully] [Three ducks are gathered] Let’s go back. I feel energyless. I can’t paddle anymore~ Too hurt. My tights hurt. We’re back.
[They gave up riding then decided to return] BamBam, together! Turn left. Attack! They look exciting~ [Two other ducks arrived safely] You need pretty hands to make it. Guys, there is hand gesture in “Just Right”. Members who can’t make that gesture can’t throw, Ah! I got my shot!
Don’t give an excuse. It was a week ago. Hey, come out. Come out. Three skips at least. Okay, here’s a skipping stone. [Mark records] Isn’t it time to take a medicine?
What? Didn’t you bring it?
What did you say? I thought you brought it. [Hyungs are afraid of Maknae] Finish well your schedule.
[Jackson and Junior leave firstly] Sir, we’ll be back.
[Descendants of the Sun Ver.] We’re talking off!
[Real Man ver.] You shouldn’t come here.
Don’t come here. [A quiet rapper Mark plays BGM]
Goodbye. Shall we have chicken-galbi before leaving?
We need to eat makguksoo (noodle)
I want hodduck (Korean stuffed pancake). LA chicken-galbi
[Members soon feel hungry] Let’s drop Mark at hodduck house then continue our way to eat chicken-galbi.
Guys, did you hear that? Yongjae’s inner voice. Then shall we leave for chicken-galbi? By the way, it’s free to eat hodduk. I want it!! Let’s drop Mark at hodduk house while we are on the way to have chicken-galbi.
My mouth is looking for chicken-galbi. * Preview: GOT7 will play three-line-poem again.
Let’s go with Kang-won-do. Start with Yugyeom! Kang! The strong man is me!
Won Do you want?
Do! Failed JB!
Kang I’m a strong man!
Won Do you want?
Do You passed the line! It sounds not bad. Ah, hold on! There’s a good word. Let’s have two-line-poem with Ho-dduk. Okay, before we eat. Let’s allow one person to have it. Then Mark never can eat.
I can’t. Your turn first. Ho! Ho-ho-ho-ho. Dduk!
It’s a dduk (rice cake). I admit. I want to have an ice cream. [It’s a snack time in Nami Island] [Hodduks are now grilled] I want to eat. [Youngjae and Yugyeom make the line for ice creams] Mark, I want an ice cream. Ah, it’s hot. Can you understand? It’s so hot to break my teeth. Oh, it’s delicious! I look so pig, by holding on both hands. It’s too hot. And it’s too cold. Yum. Shall we go?
Now is time for chicken-galbi. [Leader is happy after his stomach is filled up]
It’s so bright. Like this. Let’s go hurry. I’m hungry. Yugyeom! I’m lonely. Hey members! Let’s hurry to take a ship. [GOT7 vacation is ended]

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  1. I feel like Yugyeom, only had issues with their legs hurting because we know Yugyeom is the tallest standing at 6’0 while Jb is 5’8 (Jb is also the second tallest btw does anyone ship Yugbum at all like seriously their adorable together) meaning their legs are the longest and their cramped making it very uncomfortable to paddle with their legs. I felt bad but it was funny??

  2. I noticed that at around 12:48 when the two boats were together the numbers are 20 and 16 and tgis veid was released on 2016 :))))

  3. The gurl at 17:00 is wearing a exo tshirt while got7 is there AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH kyuut but i find it awkward.

  4. 2:53 Kevin Hart and ostrich? Jingyoung watched the stand up comedy where Kevin Hart told about his story with the ostrich ??

  5. no entendi porque jb le agarra la mano a yg y luego no quiere y mark no le gusta que otro lo agarre pero por si solo le agarra la mano a jb son una ternura estos chicos

  6. Omg after all this time I just noticed that they named markbam the chopstick unit! ???

  7. 2:53 jin young asked jackson if he knows kevin hart and in 2018 Jackson meets kevin hart and becomes friend with him ????? isn't this amazing how life changed and how my babies developed their relationships with others ??

  8. “ I go to school boi “ 🙂 but in another video Jackson said that you have trouble with numbers and you don’t know math BamBam ah ???

  9. I'm so sorry but can someone tell me why jackson & jinyoung leave early? Did they have another schedule on that time?

  10. 0:36 omg what the fuck what jinyoung did there is exactly what I do when my sister sing (and she sounds like a bird) then me and my brother just sneakly laugh

  11. When Jinyoung asks Jackson about Kevin Hart’s ostrich story but got seened! BB I KNOW! I KNOW THAT STORY!!!!!! Dw I was listening!

  12. i loved how confidently & with any hesitation youngjae beats Jackson. even tho Jackson is 2 years older than he is.???

  13. makne line
    yogyeom : the kid who bully others
    youngjae : the beater. who beats his hyung
    bambam: supporting role. who supports makne line & laugh at hyung's when they get bullied to torture them

  14. When yugyeom randomly sang and got6 looked at him like they were judging him is lowkey me and my friends.
    Also when yugyeom ran around the big field is soo mee…except I would have circled around my older friends (I'm the yougest) and annoyed them.

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