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  1. Do you guys think it would be worth my while to go to Indiana to buy a camper to avoid the transportation cost? Do they have a factory direct location? I live in the central part of the east coast. Camp on the way back. I like the imagine line of bumper pulls.Thoughts?

  2. I don't think the stereo is good located over the fireplace 🤦‍♂️
    Exposing electronics to high heat….. what could possibly go wrong 🤣

  3. I Love how Tara adapts to each location. You did great Chad picking your mate for a road trip. Love watching you two!

  4. Nice lay out on the toy hauler. Less sides means less problems. If you are going to haul something that big why not go head and get a dually truck?

  5. Love your videos. On a Fort Wilderness trip in October traded travel trailer for a Class A gas Winnebago at Lazy Days 3 hours later a hit-and-run driver totaled it , so one once insurance settlement comes I'm going 5th wheel 376th hopefully

  6. Whew! Having just bought the 2020 349M, I was worried you were going to show me a new model that I liked more. Thankfully, I still like the 349M a lot better; similar length/weight but with a 13 foot garage, three slides, larger refrigerator, etc. Just had the MORryde IS/Disc Brakes installed on mine and I already added a 1280W Solar System/Battleborn batteries as well. Thanks for the review of this new model. I'm hoping you share your suspension issues that were shown on EnjoyTheJourney.Life's video.

  7. Am I correct to assume that you can't even begin to access the bedroom, main bath, or the frig without the street side slide extended? This seems like it would be inconvenient if you needed to access the rig on the road.

  8. We are looking forward to the St Louis RV show next month. Coo that you got in before the crowds. Thanks for bringing us along!

  9. Sad to say it but GD has “cheapened” the product considerably. I’m so glad I got my 2019 328 M before they discontinued it last year. I think mine was the last one made. It weighs 12.4k and is 35’-11” in length. Tows great with my SRW F-350 but I also have Firestone airbags installed. Best thing I like about the floor plan is no island in the living area so it actually has a more spacious feel than most models and you can access the kitchen and fridge with the slide retracted when traveling. I suspect GD is trying to reduce the price point as much as saving weight but to me it a disappointing direction as I prefer the quality features of the M Class models. Nice review Chad and Tara.

  10. I was just wondering how you can pull a camper this size (weight/GVWR) without a class A CDL? Law says any vehicle with combined gvwr of 26,001 pounds or higher requires a CDL-A. So my 2500 ram with a gvwr of 10k and this camper with a gvwr of 16.8k would put me over 26,001 pounds combined gvwr. With that said this should require a class A CDL. Are Rvs some how exempt from this?

  11. Saw this model at the Denver RV show, didn’t have 1/2 bath. For the most part I liked it except I wish there was a designated pantry, possibly used a 8cuft fridge with a pantry area along the side. Also it’s inconvenient to have to have to pull the slide out in order to access the bathroom and bedroom. 😕

  12. Chad…your wife Tara is complaining about being hot, down there in Tampa. My wife Tammy, is complaining about being cold up here in S.E. Michigan, as it's 34* outside right now. It's a no win situation…but I'd take Tampa's temps. over ours, in a hot minute!! The only bonus for us…the beers stay nice & cold, sitting out on the back porch!! No refrigeration required! ; )
    That 353G is nice, and has a decent floorplan layout. Garage is kind of small, at only 11'. But it's nice to see the lighter colors coming into the interiors…but honestly, the gray finishes on the cabinetry, look like they have been primer painted, and they forgot the finish coat them?!? Your comment about the bathroom having Navy ship gray colors, was Spot-On!
    Keep up the Great Work as always you two!

  13. I'm sure someone must make a back door that will replace the plastic doors.
    How hard could it be?

    Great job you two!
    As always, but we know Tara has the hard job.(editing)

  14. Hi Guys, I’m impressed by the shelving and pull out drawers in the cupboards nice improvement! 👍🏼 lots of cupboard storage.
    I had to hire a carpenter for my Solitude because of super tall cupboards with one shelf, and others with none. 😕
    I think what would be a really cool idea, like Tara said is put the dining table where the two seat theatre seats are, but the space may not allow, so build the table that connects to the wall, but can be disconnected to pull away for room for 4 people when needed. Because most people want theatre seating directly across from the tv and some would like a table too. Cheers 🍻.

  15. Not wild about the gray interiors, and boy are they going to look dated in 5 years. But as far as functionality it looks great. Keep the good stuff coming guys.

  16. I thought you bought a new rv, by the thumbnail. "Haze grey and underway… huh?"
    That was funny. I knew what it meant.

  17. We have a KZ Venom toy hauler with very similar specs we pull with our Chevy 3500 Duramax Diesel, single rear wheel axle. We don't full time, it's just used for family trips. A little piece of advice to anyone else planning on towing a rig this size with a single rear axle one ton truck- you might want to invest on a good set of airbags if your truck doesn't come with them stock. Just my two cents, but the airbags made the world of difference. 😊

  18. I really like the screen over the sink, I’d buy one or come up with my own homemade one. Is there anyway you can upgrade your screen to the 3 season doors? You never know might be a new Momentum in your future…

  19. I like the layout. If they added a foot and put it in the garage length it would be very close to perfect. Will also have to look at the 393 when it is time to move up. Right now it would be the 349M

  20. We camped in the parking lot at the show on Fr/Sa. Visited the GD display on Sunday. Great show. We're Jayco owners, but GD has some awesome 5ths!

  21. @8:35 Tara you just made me literally "LOL" while I'm sitting here in 54 degrees in shorts and a t-shirt. And is it just me or is it weird to have a TT or 5th Wheel where you can't access the bedroom when the slide is in??

  22. Wow, that is probably the coolest design I've seen on a toy hauler! I love the kitchen. Is it an an all season? I'd hesitate on too on the no washer deal. Is there no way to fit it in the master closet? Absolutely love you guys videos! You give me hope. I suffer with autoimmune disease too. Fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, and arthritis. And im only 44. So Tara, I totally feel for you on your down days hun. And Chad, it warms my heart how much you love and take care of her. Hope to meet you all someday!😊

  23. Great video, we missed you this year at the “Big Show”, you guys are very cool to watch. BTW, any chance of you guys could list you camera gear on your website? Thanks!!

  24. I added the new three season doors to my 2017 350M, they said it might not fit but I decided to take my chances after looking at the specs. It fit perfect and is awesome, so much easier to keep warmer. Especially living in it full time.

  25. Liked the tour. Only other thing I would like to see is how accessible is the unit with slides in. That big price and no washer hookup.

  26. I have yet to see a pickup with a single rear wheel. Single rear axil maybe or non dual but only a bike has a single rear wheel.

  27. Hi Chad and Tara. I've been subscribed and watching you for a while, always good content and something to learn. You first peaked my interest because of your rv and motorcycle lifestyle. I have a 5th wheel toy hauler that my wife and our toy of choice is a Victory XCT. Have you ever seen a toy hauler with no garage? That's what I have, it's only 33' but can fit up to a full sized Razor side by side. That would be bit full but the full dresser Bike we have is a lot of fun and we have done some incredible side trips with it. I would love to see more content on the Bike side of your lifestyle. Love you guys!

  28. Thanks for the nice run-through. Happy travels from San Diego and don't forget about the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" when you make it out this way. Happy travels!

  29. I'm hoping one of these days the designers actually talk to RVers. So to have some where to eat, you remove the couch directly across from the TV. Someday my hopes will be realized, but not holding my breath.

  30. I find it interesting that you start a series on Super C's and then without showing all the manufacturers of Super C's, you switch to fifth wheels. How are people suppose to form an opinion if you don't show all the options in the industry?

  31. Thumbs up.
    We have the 2020 Grand Design 398m.
    Negotiate 35% off MSRP. Buy from a dealer with a 5 star service dept or you'll wish you did.
    Mulligans have been several water pumps grenading and time for another, Lippert cable system on garage door ramp jams (best replaced with spring loaded hinges) and those season doors you like on the garage entrance are clunky and narrow the entrance.
    If you have an OHV it may not fit through them. We removed ours and it’s scrapped with a pile of others that did the same and did that feel good junking it. Good riddance. Most people we meet with GD's removed theirs too or are about to. Folded up it fits in most dumpsters or 5 minutes with a sawzall.
    You can run all 3 ACs at the same time and the quiet Coleman ac stealth system is really good and much more powerful and quieter (and reliable) than anything else out there.

  32. Thank you for reviewing this Momentum. We go full time soon and I (Paul) really want a toy hauler. My wife not so much. But this might be a mind changer!! Thank you very much. Great video!!

  33. For a toy hauler it does have a nice living space. My only complaint is the stairs to get to the main bathroom and bedroom are on the far side and you cannot get to it with the slide in. I know there is the half bath you can get to but my kids are notorious for saying they need to go to the bathroom as we are passing the rest areas. Also not a big fan of putting slides out when boondocking before continuing on to destination.

  34. All of that counter space was sweet. I do think your's has more cupboard and drawer storage though, especially with the hutch unit yours has. That flip up counter space next to the sink was way cool. That's a great place to sit a dish draining unit when your washing dishes. Free's up a lot of counter space then. Hmmm I wounder if since that flip up counter is something that is just mounted at the end of a counter, if it might be something that Lazy Day's can put into your couch at the sink end. Just thinking out loud. Safe travels……P.S. You need to check with Lazy Days and maybe find out if you can get the stones for your fireplace??

  35. I love this floor plan. I just wish the garage was about 1-2 feet longer. I can't fit my 4 seat Side by Side in an 11 foot garage.

  36. My wife and I have just started following you on youtube and we like the way you detail your videos. We are close to the point in life to full time rv living. We will be up grading to a toy hauler for some of the same reasons ( office, space for company,back deck,hauling toys etc.) just curious about the type of work you do, if you can share, if not that's ok

  37. Thanks for tour. Nice rig but I’d want a larger convection microwave, free-standing dinette and TV directly in front of couch seating. Really like all the kitchen counter space and I actually like the shower curtain.

    What’s your thoughts on G class Momentum sturdiness/durability for full time use compared to the heavier ones?

  38. Good to see you guy's again. It has been to long. It's always great to see you guy's having fun and doing your thing. Don't be strangers to the network. Your advise is greatly appreciated…. Lu

  39. Nice Job! Did you do a video on your Happi Jack Mod with tables in back? I don't use bench seats and was thinking of removing them and making storage that moves up/down on Happi Jack System. Going to keep bed up top. You two are fun to watch -thx

  40. Hope you enjoyed the show in Tampa. We also liked the roomy living space but opted for the 320G. It has a half bath also with a 2165 pin weight. Really enjoy the great videos and appreciate you sharing all the how to videos.

  41. You didn't get the stones under your bed …we did if we wanted to change the way the fireplace looks…. awesome video…. thank you!!!

  42. Chad & Tara Thank You for the tour of the GD 5TH Wheel . Is it possible to get the new style doors in place of the ones you have in your garage ?

  43. Thanks for the video! We camped at the Tampa rv super Show all 4 nights. We didn’t see y’all . We trued to go to the wing resturant but couldn’t find parking in our class b😞. Maybe next year if y’all do another big meet up y’all can maybe try to have it in the show or the parking lot?, Thanks!

  44. Don't know that I could do a 5iver, all that hooking and unhooking, leveling, height clearances. Little too much pie for me. I'm more of a pull up and park kinda guy, but, to each his own. Just subbed to your channel, look forward to your adventures.

  45. I’m not sure if this is the one I saw with the really big payload. The largest 5th wheel payload I saw at the Tampa show was 4400 lbs. It was a 2 axle GD toyhauler. I might have missed the payload/cargo capacity in the video. That is a nice looking rig. Thanks for posting.

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