All right we had a blast in Georgetown
but we have to move on. We are heading to the ferry
which take us to the other side of the water from there we want to hitchhike to the city of Ipoh… Somebody just correct me that you pronounce it “I PO”… “Ipoh”? What the hell I was thinking? And it’s on the way to Cameroon Highlands
which is our next goal. I think we’ll stay like one night in Ipoh
and then we’ll move on. – Or maybe two or three nights.
– Or maybe two or three nights. And a fun fact if you are leaving the island of Penang you can take the ferry for free! When you’re arriving you have to pay
but when you are leaving it’s free of charge. So since we took a plane to come here
we didn’t have to pay for the ferry at all! That’s cool! When you are traveling around cities in Asia
it’s a good idea to take Grab. This is actually like an Uber here in Asia so you have an app where you can see the price so there is like no way they can scam you and the prices are very reasonable! For example right now for a distance of
12 kilometers from the bus terminal to the hostel we paid the equivalent of three US dollars. That’s nice, isn’t it? Thank you! We are in the city of Ipoh! We slept way too long today but I guess sometimes everybody needs a day
when he sleeps a lot! So we woke up before 11 I think… and we just ate breakfast and it’s half past 12… So it’s supposed to be lunch already
but it was breakfast… Well I feel very happy right now! Our Grab driver was playing music on his radio and I’m pretty sure the playlist’s name was like Greatest Hits of 1980s… That was unexpected but on the other hand
it was really nice actually. We just arrived to the place where we wanted to go. And this was unexpected as well! The rocks are huge and down there, in the cave there is a temple and this is where we are heading right now! I really like what they did with the cave! Putting temple in there
that was a smart move! And behind the cave there is like a park where you can see animals, monkeys, turtles so I would say this is a huge plus of the city and it’s kind of a must-see once you are here! Ipoh is a very nice city full of charming places,
beautiful architecture and street art! If you’re heading to Cameroon Highlands you should definitely consider
coming here at least for one day. You will not regret it!


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