grown-ish Season 3 Premiere | Zuca Reunites After Summer | Freeform

grown-ish Season 3 Premiere | Zuca Reunites After Summer | Freeform

Hey. Uh … I feel like I owe you an apology. You do? He does? Yeah. I mean, even though you were wrong about a lot of things
when we were together. Like, an unsettling amount. Like, almost everything
you said was questionable. Okay. Did America change the definition
of “apology” while I was gone? But you weren’t wrong about one thing — Joey. I mean, I should have handled things better. But that’s my Ankh to bear, you know? So … Yeah. Wow. Uh … Thank you, Luca. You know, that
really means a lot to me. And trust me, I know there’s a whole lot
we both could have handled differently. Like me ghosting you internationally,
for sure not my best look. Hey, cosmos course-corrected. I actually ended up doing some of
the best work of my life this summer. Oh my goodness. So, I guess you could kinda say
I was like your— your muse. Ooh. Hmm … more like anti-muse. Wow. That’s a sick name for my brand. Oh, okay. Well, I’m just glad you’re not mad. Hmm? Whoa. I mean, don’t get me wrong, at first I was big mad. Big, big mad, you know? I just kept replaying the
day you left, you know? Sending all the texts, chasing you to the airport … Airport. You know? Guys, Luca chased me to the airport.

20 thoughts on “grown-ish Season 3 Premiere | Zuca Reunites After Summer | Freeform

  1. I don’t understand why she’s still confused on who to chose after all that happened… she should just move on

  2. Zoey better not go running back to Luca. She needs to work on herself and get herself together before getting into a relationship with anyone.

  3. Luca has alot of ego to himself like a pimple…why they blow his head up is beyond me but please pass the sharp object so I can pop it

  4. Zuca is old news they both old news she needs to just focus on her school she getting on my nerves if she cant decide who to be with

  5. Not gonna lie, when she was choosing between the three guys I voted for Luca. but now 😬. If she has to date, we need a new guy bc I'm not feeling hey current choices.

  6. I feel like if Zoey doesn't focus, she could lose her job. She works in the fashion industry now. Word could spread and she could be blackballed in her career.

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