GRWM for a summer date :)

GRWM for a summer date :)

[ m u s i c ] Good morning guys! Very exciting day today. Let’s get ready. [ m o r e m u s i c ] So today I’m doing a get ready with me for a date. This video is sponsored by Hollister and I’m so excited to work with them. We’re gonna go pick out an outfit. [ e v e n m o r e m u s i c ] I picked out my outfit. It’s all from Hollister and it’s so cute. I feel like it’s the perfect summer outfit wearing this adorable little striped bodysuit with this really nice neckline. Perfect to showcase my decolletage. I know big words now. As you guys saw I’m wearing these jeans that are also from Hollister. Right now Hollister has their three main jean styles, which is the mom jeans, those are the ones I’m wearing, they have their super skinny jeans and their jean leggings. all of them fit really differently, but they’re a whole really great quality All of them fit really differently, but they’re all really great quality I literally have the most vivid memory of wearing Hollister jeans every day in middle school and that was my whole brand. This is a very full circle moment for me, but anyways always have loved Hollister jeans, and they also have a really good extended size availability. The sizes of the jeans go from double zero to 17, which is amazing, and they have a bunch of different washes and styles and cuts. So this is what I chose, I just ended up cuffing the jeans just because I liked how that looked. I’m a tall girl. I’m 5’8″ (172 cm) I love how Hollister jeans have the long size. They also have regular and short but I get the long obviously. This is my fit for my little date, but Hollister jeans are perfect for the back-to-school season that is slowly creeping upon us which sucks but at least you can be going back to school in style. Now that we have my cute little summer outfit. I’m gonna do my makeup next. I feel like I haven’t done my makeup on camera in so long. Also, let me just say that this is such a weird moment for me because I literally made the same exact video, get ready with me for a date. It was this video It was a get ready with me for the date with the boyfriend that I don’t have here. Here we are now! That’s really weird. It’s a very pretty day out today. So that also means it’s gonna be really humid. So I’m not gonna do too much makeup. I’m gonna use this brightening face primer. It has kind of like a orangey color to it, but this just brightens up my face. It smells so good which is of utmost importance in a makeup product. Put that underneath my eyes not any other spots. I don’t want to cover up. This get ready with me is so weird, you guys. I can’t believe I’m filming this. Here we are folks! Never thought we’d get here. Today’s agenda. We’re gonna be going into town. We’re gonna get some good food and then just kind of walk around and see where the rest of the day takes us, that’s kind of the plan. It’s not really an actual plan. We’re just kind of gonna mess around and do whatever. The most important thing is that we’re going to eat food. That’s all I really care about. Gonna use the Glossier cloud paint in the shade dusk and put a little bit on my cheeks. I really like the sunburned makeup look, if that makes sense. I like making my cheeks really rosy and giving myself a little sunkissed glow. I think it’s so cute. I went through this weird phase where I didn’t like blush at all, and I would refuse to use it, But now I’m just obsessed with it. So I might just finally be becoming a woman, so that’s really scary. I just blend that in with my fingers. I find that it works the best way to do it like that. Finally, to make sure I don’t get too oily I’m going to use just a loose powder. And I fill in my eyebrows now, this is the most crucial part of my makeup routine. I really don’t do that much, I kind of just make the ends longer because when I was younger I went a little too ham with the tweezer and plucked off all the ends of my eyebrows, and they never really grew back that well and they never really grew back that well. So now I’m gonna pay for my twelve-year-old mistakes. So here we are. I also fill in a little bit in the front. Actually just that my eyelashes lifted the other day, so I don’t need to worry about curling it or anything. So I’m just gonna go in with some waterproof mascara can never be too safe. You never know when you’re gonna cry For lips, I’m not gonna put on too much just because… :0 I’m gonna use this one from colour-pop. It’s called just a tint in the shade.. It doesn’t have a shade It’s just really natural and it smells really good. It adds a bit of color to your lips, which I really like That’s the finished makeup look. Very natural very simple very glowy. It just brings out my features a little bit more. That’s that now we’re gonna move on into the hair We’re gonna be honest here I haven’t even used heat on my hair and so long I don’t think I want to start now. One sec. This might be it. I have this peach one and I also have this white one. I think this is it. Or what I could do is do my single little hair clip look. I really don’t need to impress him. I don’t know why I’m trying so hard. This is kind of cute and innocent. I think I like this. Just gonna put on the slightest bit of highlighter on my nose and cheekbones and call it a day. This is the finished look. I’m just gonna use my white little purse. Eee, I’m so excited! Okay, this is so weird. Okay, I’m gonna go I will see you guys when I’m on tight I will see you guys when I’m on my date. I will see you guys when I see you. [ m u s i c ] [laughter] Boy loves his bread! [ m u s i c ] Oh, it’s a video. Connor is officially overheating, so. – I am overheating! -We’re just on this random like parking structure that no one’s on. It’s the perfect spot for a date! Thank you Miami! Peace out! Alright guys, so I’m home now, it’s five o’clock. I had such a good day. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you to Hollister for sponsoring it. I’ll have links and everything down below. So make sure you check that out. That’s all for today This is a really interesting video for me to make. Oh god, just for you If you stayed this far in the video, first of all, you’re really amazing and second of all comment down below the drop of water emoji. Because I like it. Have an amazing rest of your day. Don’t forget to smile or be the reason someone smiles, spread positivity. It’ll make you feel good. Adios amigos! Peace! Bye! -I’m over here. -I love my boy short

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  1. Omg I need more of these.i can't stop smiling ???. You guys are adorable, Ava youre so adorable , AHH I don't know what to do with myself ????

  2. Just to let you know from whatI've heard, waterproof mascara is actually bad for you as particles of the mascara might still stick to your eyelashes and it can cause infections. It's more tedious to take off. To be honest I prefer normal mascara as it disintegrates on its own as well even if you forget it.

    Love the video <3

  3. i love you so much…you're literally one of my fav youtubers and you're just ughhhhhh seem so fun to be around u just have like this positive vibe that i love?

  4. I’m so happy for you Ava! I wish you the best of wishes for you and your boyfriend ?
    P.S. You guys are Super cute together ?

  5. Hey last night I had a dream that I stabbed ava with my acrylic nail and it no joke scared me and now I think I’m a sociopath HAVE A NICE DAY ?

  6. GIRLLLL, same with the blush! I used to hated it and know i can't live without it. XOXO from another island gurL.?✨?

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