Guide to Overnight RV CAMPING at Walmart

Guide to Overnight RV CAMPING at Walmart

Good morning! From Flagstaff, Arizona and
welcome to the vlog! We are just departing from a Walmart here. We spent
the night. We’ve had quite a bit of experience, staying in Walmarts, over the
years. Some of them pretty interesting. We thought we’d share with you today, what
we’ve learned in some of our stories. But we’re going to start the morning out by
logging some miles on our trip from California to Kansas! Well guys! We thought we would divide
this up into ahhh… Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to camp at Walmart type of video!
First off, “The Who!” Well, the who is a band and it’s also you being the traveler and
Walmart. And as a traveler, Walmarts are very, very valuable! Now, granted, they’re
not our first choice of places to camp for the night but when you’re traveling,
your friend the Walmart is always going to be there!
Moving right along, let’s talk about “What” First of all, “What is it?” It’s free, easy
camping. Just about anywhere that you can find a Walmart!
What do we like about it? Well, turns out the list with pretty long when we
started writing out all the things we like about Walmarts. So….Lets talk about this a
little bit. First of all, how convenient is it to be able to do some of your
shopping right there wherever you’re camped for the night? And this is
something that has improved over time. We’re pretty big on shopping Organic and….
When we first started traveling, there wasn’t really an option at Walmart. But we’ve
seen a pretty significant improvement over the last year and a half. And…. As
long as you know your brands, you can definitely pick up a few things that are
organic! They have red boxes at the entrances of the Walmarts so you can
catch a movie while you’re staying there for the night! Usually they are located
in areas with lots of other amenities. Like restaurants, movie theaters, a
place to get your hair and your nails done. All sorts of cool things are
usually in their shopping centers. It’s generally safe! The Lots are usually well
lit, there’s grass for the puppy dogs and… It’s always kind of nice to take a
little walk with the dogs around the perimeter of the shopping center!
Something that the Russos taught us, is that, if you are able to park by the
garden center, you’re able to tap into the Wi-Fi that Walmart usually have
inside! Alright I’m going to take on the “When”
and the “Where” because they’re kind of tightly related. But the “When” is anytime you
want because you can always find a Walmart! And the “Where” is pretty much
everywhere because you can always find a Walmart!!
We have camped in Walmarts in British Columbia. Now I do have the idea of a
video of Walmart camping in Mexico… Haven’t tried that one yet
but it’s definitely going to be on the list of things we want to do when we’re
down there next. So in relation to the “Where” part, you will find that some
areas are more and less friendly for RVers camping at their Walmart. And….
Just for example, in the Flagstaff area, the Walmart on the West end of town had
unfavorable reviews for people staying in the night. But the Walmart on the East
end of town, Well you just saw it this morning! It was like a variable campground…. Well I
think with the “Why” you’re going to find a trend in what we’re saying here. But
why would you do this? Well, because you can always find a Walmart! hahahaha!
But more importantly, sometimes it really saves you! You end up in a town you weren’t
expecting to be in because of weather or breakdowns. We’ve had both happen.
Sometimes you can’t find a place to stay! We’ve had that happen! And Walmart is a
great backup to have in your pocket. It’s also really nice to embrace that spirit
of freedom. Sometimes you just need a place to park and you don’t need all of
the amenities of the campground! So… Or an RV park. So you can just pull into a Walmart!… It’s a
great option! Now it’s my turn to talk about the “How”
and the “How” you have to talk about etiquette!
Now some people are super, gung-ho Walmart rule-following
campers! And…. You have to kind of take everything with a grain of salt. There is
definitely an etiquette and a respect factor to pull into a Walmart for the
night! But…Okay! Let’s talk about “Jacks”. I think
in my personal and professional opinion as an RVer, that putting your jacks
down, as long as it’s not like 110 degrees out, and we’re going to like leave
indentations in the blacktop, I think it’s harmless! And I would be lying if I
said “We’ve never put our jacks down at Walmart!” And I’d also be lying if I said
“We’ve never put our slide-out, out at a Walmart!” But you always want to make sure
you do that one kind of tactfully! Try to… Maybe even park over one of those little
grassy areas or you know, just make sure your popouts not sticking into the Elena
traffic! So another big one to talk about is, “Calling the manager.” You know, if we
see on the Allstays app, that it’s like totally, you know, a good welcoming
Walmart, we don’t call the manager! Come on now!
Like last night, we pulled into that place and there were at least 20 RVs. I’m
not calling the manager for that! I have better things to do with my time!But….We
will call and talk to the manager or one of the employees, if we don’t see any
reviews on Allstays. That way, we know ahead of time, when we’re searching for a
place to pull in for the night, if it’s an option!So you can’t talk about etiquette
without talking about generators. And…. Unless you have a full-blown solar setup,
you’re probably going to have to run your generators! But there’s chance you
won’t have to run your generator if you’ve been driving all day and charging
your batteries that way. But yeah! Just use the basic common sense, 6am to to
10 pm. And truthfully, those are a bit on the extreme side! You
know, when we camp and you know, if we’re like staying at a place for several days,
not Walmarts. We’ll try to charge our batteries in the middle of the day so….
When people are eating dinner, watching a movie, trying to put their kids down, you
don’t have a generator running until 10 o’clock at night! So I touched on this
one a little bit when I talked about the slides. But always try to park near
the back of the lot or if the Allstays app on the reviews say “Hey!They want you
to park over near the garden center or park near the a&w root beer.” You know,
follow those directions! So always try to be a good houseguest. And I say that
meaning, go into the store and buy a little something! Even if you don’t need
anything, there’s always some little thing you can find at Walmart. That’s not
even going to be wasteful. Like, “Hey! I need to have an extra quart of oil on
board!” You know, just kind of pay for it and you know,
spend a little money there! And lastly for etiquette, “Signs.” Signs are everywhere.
Do you always have to obey the signs? …No! Clearly, at the Walmart we stayed out
last night, there were signs everywhere! I think there were more signs than there
were RVers but you know what? There’s power in numbers and there’s safety in
numbers. So we completely disregarded the signs!…. Well you know you always get full
disclosure from us. Right? Especially Ben. I’m going to finish this up with a list
of resources. Just a couple that will help you to find your Walmarts and know
whether or not it’s okay to stay there! So…. We’re not huge fans of the Allstays
app but… When it comes to Walmart camping, we really like it because… We can always
find Walmarts on the Allstays app and members are great about posting their
experiences! Whether positive or negative. So that you know what to anticipate and
whether or not to even waste your time going there!
That’s always a frustrating challenge as you know, if you show up at a place and
then they tell you no! So it’s better to call ahead and check your Allstays app.
The other thing that I’ve really found useful over the years is to check Google
reviews for the Walmart itself! Sometimes, like for example, when we stayed in
Fresno to look at the expedition vehicle earlier this winter, I actually looked at
google reviews to see which ones sounded like they were in safe neighborhoods and
good areas.And we ended up in a great one because I did that!…. Alright! So now it’s
Walmart story time and I’m sure you guys have some amazing stories! So feel free
to put those in the comments below. But we’re going to start off with the
SHADIEST Walmart! The shadiest Walmart we’ve ever stayed at was in Cortez,
Colorado. And it’s borderline looked like a junkyard. It was bad! It was so bad that
I was like, “Hey hun, you probably should get out of the RV. Let me just go take
care of the dog.” So that was our roughest, shadiest Walmart!….. I’m going to share
our best Walmart experience and that was in Kalispell, Montana. First of all, it’s a
beautiful city! So you’re surrounded by incredible views! The Walmart itself, was
awesome! Had great stuff and I found some rugs for the RV in there! But the
highlight had to do with the surroundings. So we found a Mongolian
Grill which we love to eat at Mongolian Grills. There was a movie theater across
the street, so we went and saw a movie! Just doesn’t really get any better than
that….. Alright! The last Walmart story has to do with our longest stay! This
happened on our last RV road trip around the country. And it was a very, very, rough
time for us! A tree had fallen on the motor home in Northern California so we
had to get body work done! As we were pulling into this area of a
Tigard, Oregon where this RV body shop was, the left rear brake caliper locked
up. And so it was just, grinding like you know, grinding bad! You know, not really good state
to drive and the timing of it all, was on like Eastern Spring Break week! So all of
the RV parks were occupied. They had no space at all! Even on weekdays! So we
checked out this Walmart nearby and well, just as the story goes, we called and
they said “No!” But we went there to go shopping because you know, we shop at
Walmart to! And we saw a handful of RVs in the lot and they were definitely
kind of settled in the inside! So we decided to just, “Hey you know, we’re going
to take a shot in the dark here.” Because it was only like a half mile from the RV
body shop and we decided to stay the night. Well! Since there was nowhere else
to go and we literally had no other options, we decided to stay another night,
another night and another night. Well it’s like a whole week at a Walmart. And we
literally were trapped! You know we catch a lot of heat on this
video! And I’ll put a link to that video in the end screen. We’re just a few miles outside of
Albuquerque and I had looked at Allstays early this morning and kind of
picked out two different Walmarts that were close to the 25 and the 40. Because
we’re coming in on the 40 and we’re going to turn North on the 25! We kind of
wanted a movie theater nearby, in case we have the opportunity to go see a movie
this evening! So…. I googled both of the Walmarts that I had picked out for
location and found the one that is close to a huge mall! And it has the United
Artists cinema there. So we’re going to take that! Then I went back to the
Allstays and had a look. There’s some instructions there about where to park.
They want you to park by the garden center in this one! Ahhh….Which will be good for the
WIFI hopefully! Which they do mention having. And…. Secondly, I also read in the
comments that someone else had called the operator and told them “Just go ahead
and park, there’s no need to check in with us.” Alright guys! Here it is, our spot at a
Walmart in Albuquerque for the night! We’re calling it quits kind of early
today. Got some videos to edit and really don’t want to drive too much! And like
from here on know, we’re going to start heading northeast and we’re really
going to slow things down. So we kind of drove like mad through
California, Arizona just to get to this point. And also this afternoon, we need to
decide which way do we want to go and where do we want to go, now that we’re
going to slow things down! So make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button, so you can
follow our adventures and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. You have an "RV" you park at an "RV Park"! Common sense Wal-Mart is NOT an RV Park! If they do NOT allow 18 wheelers that drive products to Wal-Mart's to park and stay at Wal-Mart and they run you off to a truck stop. Then what makes you think you have the right to park your RV at Wal-Mart to park for free and take your mutts to take a shit and piss on the grounds? You own an RV PAY to stay at an RV Park. PERIOD!

  2. You can NOT stay @ Walmart over night in S. FLorida! 1. Sleeping in your car is illegal. (.billion $ hotel industry) 2. They don't have much space

  3. When people violate Wal-Mart rules, you know people like YOU, always ruin a good thing.

    Teaching people to ignore signs is about as stupid as it gets.

    Due to your irresponsible actions ( teaching people to violate rules) I have to give you a thumbs down.

    It’s people like you who will ruin a good thing. Five nights in a row at Wal-Mart is clearly an abuse of hospitality. You deserve to be banned from all zeal-Marts. Your rationalization for what you know was wrong is so juvenile.

  4. I stayed in the Walmart in Cortez, Colorado. It wasn't too bad except I got hassled by a couple in a van and had to move and then the leaf blower and street cleaning truck came at 4 I gave up and moved to a different parking lot where I could get some sleep. There's good BLM land not far from Cortez to camp on so it's better to just shop and leave.

    I thought the Walmart in Glenwood Springs was far shadier and it blasted music into the parking lot ALL night. The one in Grand Junction was nice though except for the constant parade of loud cars and partyers in the parking lot.

    The nicest Walmart was in Gardnersville, Nevada. But even that one has the 3 am street cleaning vehicle!

  5. We have actually evacuated from a State Park in Marianna Florida and of course, everyone went to Walmart that did not want to park in an open field at the high school. The police ran everyone off during a HURRICANE!!! Said go to the high school or leave town.No one was crazy enough to get on the interstate and the Field was a nightmare. Everyone was rocking like crazy.
    The odd thing was there were hundreds of people who got off the interstate and since both truck stops were full headed to Wal Mart as well. They never told one family in a car or truck to leave only all the RVs and you could clearly see people sleeping in their cars. Wont go back to that town for any reason much less to camp

  6. I HAVE CAMPED at rim of Grand Canyon, and at Cape Hatteras NC. Real camping with wood fire to cook on. Never NEVER would I call stoping in a parking lot at Walmart or the like Camping. The event should command your mind and soul to the joy of camping that all along with you will want to continue the incredible experience. This parking lot stop, sounds like the death knoll to ones camping adventures to me!

  7. What is that app they keep talking about? Allstates? Allspace? Allstays? I can't understand what either of them are saying.

  8. Very instructive, we going to rent an the RV this summer and we’re looking for that kind of info that’s why I subscribe. Well done.

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  10. I guess you guys are used to having all the time in the world. Please get to the point. I'm not interested in open road shots. I understand you are in an RV. What about the Walmarts?

  11. You know this is unfortunate that you stayed at the Walmart in Flagstaff. By disregarding the signs you are giving the rest of us RVers a bad rap. When we drive along that stretch of I-40, we stop at the Casino before Flagstaff and dry boondock there. That way we can blow through Flagstaff and Williams. 

    And staying at Walmarts is not camping. It is dry docking. to see the difference between boondocking and dry docking.

  12. People that do not travel in a RV or tt or have ever drove truck do not under stand . I run my hole house at home 24 hrs on about 1.00 a day for power . When traveling you come in late in the day leave early and they want 40. 50 . for what 8 or10 hrs . we do not mind paying 8.00 to 20.00 for a night . Go to a huge y bear 55.00 up . We try to use c o e and b l m but some times you can not even get the high dollar cites. It is well worth getting the Senior pass and get half off cites

  13. My husband and I are vendors for walmart and we are going to have to get our camper wrapped so the security guys (especially in Washington State) know we are SUPPOSED to be there because of those overnighters who do not apply etiquette

  14. You are a pleasant couple and offer some good travel advice. However, where I absolutely disagree with your is your underlying message to viewers that is okay to not respect the word "No," when it inconveniences personal travel plans.

    The original concept behind Walmart's generosity of offering temporary RV parking was to increase store revenue with the likelihood RV owners would spend money in Walmart's store during their BRIEF STAY in the parking lot. If one looks at the original of Walmart's RV policy, it was born in the days when small travel trailers and pickup camper shells represented most RV ownership. However, fast forward a few decades, and the modest-size RVs and trailers have grown into 45-foot 5th-wheel trailers and 40-foot Class-A motorhomes with multiple popouts.

    Additionally, there are RV people who seem to not to be satisfied staying inside their RV during their brief stay in a Walmart parking lot. They have the chutzpah to fully deploy large awnings, bring out lawn chairs and sit outside while throwing down a few beers "their RV parking space."

    For my personal values, I believe "no" means no, and it does not mean "maybe" or that it's "okay" because "other people are doing it." When I watch civil unrest (rioting) on the news, there is always one brave (or stupid) reporter trying to interview a looter while asking them "why" they are looting. Inevitably, the ubiquitous answer is — "Cuz everybody else is doing it." I am by no means comparing felonious looting to ignoring "No Overnight Parking" signage. But, I am saying, we have rules and ordinances for valid reasons, and willfully not respecting those ordinances loosens the fabric of our society.

    Keep in mind, most Walmart's who do not permit "overnight parking" are doing so to comply with municipal ordinances. I live about one mile from a Walmart Supercenter that has a three-hour parking limit for RVs; with no overnight parking. Why? For many reasons. One reason, because it is a county ordinance, Walmart is complying with the ordinance as a part of the conditions of their local business license. How did our local RV parking restriction come to fruition? Because, RV owners were taking advantage of our quiet residential community by turning our local Walmart parking lot into a makeshift KOA campground.That has to come to an end — and it did through the need to create a restrictive ordinance.

    Even with that ordinance in place and restriction signs clearly posted, there are always a few RVers who believe the "No Overnight Parking" signage does NOT include them. So, during nighttime hours, our local Sheriff's office includes patrolling the Walmart parking lot to tell RVers to move on, and next time READ THE POST SIGNS! The Sheriff's office shared comments from disgruntled RVers that have included: "Hey, I'm a paying customer of Walmart." "Where am I supposed to park a 35-foot, $200,000 motorhome? The Sheriff's comment is usually: "Thank you for shopping at our neighborhood Walmart, but that doesn't entitle you to park your motorhome overnight." "Sir, six miles north of this parking lot is a KOA where you can park or camp overnight." (Yeah, I know — you can afford a $200k motorhome, but you can't afford to pay for overnight camping.)

    Yes, it only takes a few self-entitled RVers to spoil a good thing. That's why I think it is not a good idea for you to tell your subscribers: "It's okay — 'cuz everybody else is doing it."

  15. Lovv your video. I'm a over the road truck driver and just to let you know that the T/A, Petro, Love's, and Pilot/ Flying J truck stops are very friendly to RV's and can download the app for each for immediate locations and get a free updated location book from each while there.?…Cynthia

  16. I stayed at a Walmart for 3 years in a rv, I drove it away every day. i worked jobs parked my coach there. finally fixed my coach and left. bought a generator, fixed my electric. now I'm on the road. but now no parking at Walmart

  17. i love these people. i've been watching a lot of these videos and i am SO tempted to just take off for awhile anyway. i've not seen anything out west. on the beaches in destin, florida, i met an elderly couple who were traveling and they were having a ball. they said going out west was beautiful. i would LOVE to. i'm inspried. thank you guys

  18. A lot of municipalities ban over night parking. Read the signage before you park, or it could be a lot more expensive than a camp ground.

  19. I live in Colorado Springs and almost every Walmart in town will have your RV towed after 10 p.m. You can have it there during the day.

  20. I tried sleeping in a wal mark parking lot, 2 times cops harassed me. First one, they converge, on my car. like 3 cop cars. Run my name, NCIC, what you doing here. Anyway, I was clean, and they told me this excuse, to move on. Trucks and or cars were, spilling fuel, on the parking lot. and or oil, leakage. Another time a cop, shines the super duper flashlight, in your eyes from a dead sleep. REALLY ANNOYING. I stayed, just moved to another spot. Went in and brought something and put the receipt on the dash, and the wal mark plastic bag. This is a good trick. Cops can't harass a paying customer. My advice, is to be legal. Insurance card, Driver Licenses , ready. Registration paid. And, how about a real nice car wash. $2.00 at the self serve bays. ALSO. Don't drive dirty. That means no pot pipes, or drugs, or rolling papers, Anything THAT WOULD PUT UP A RED FLAG. i HAVE TO ADD, clean car. No trash, paper cups, McDonald wrappers, empty soda/pop cans, potato chip bags. NO TRASH One word, vacuum carpets. oh, 2 words then. . Because somewhere in that trash, lurks a Budweiser beer can !!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!! In NJ an open container, is……….drum roll please……….$250.00 per empty can of beer !!! If you have a bottle of Jack. opened. you are going to jail !!!!! Out of State plates, beware !!!! I think Cops love out of State plates, easy pickens. Best to drive like Grandma. USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL !! IT AINT GAY !!!!

  21. Homeless people with plastic sheets over the broken windows do the same thing in EVERY Walmart lot in EVERY state in the union. Some wash their balls at the sink in the men's room, I'm guilty of that one. Lowe's has better Wifi.

  22. TRUCKERS do this their entire career, why is this "amazing" to you online morons? I met a few of these people in that lot last year when I left Phoenix. There was still some snow on the ground. Since both of these people are chubby, I recommend not to eat ANY food out of that shithouse! Ever since I've stopped doing groceries there, I've lost ~40 pounds, I don't trust Walmart food. it's either too much sugar, too much salt or BOTH.

  23. Check this out: On YT in the search engine type WalMart Underground Tunnels. Also, WalMart is where the NWO plans to herd people into their stores to place the microchip under your skin for Depopulation purposes of approximately 6.5 to 7.0 million people. WalMart plays a huge role in the Depopulation project. Look up Fema Prison Camps and read Agenda 21. A lot of people are disappearing everyday, thousands of children are being kidnapped never to be seen again. President Trump signed a "Declaration of War" on December 21, 2017. We are officially at war. Action is supposed to begin tomorrow?? March 24, 2018. Be careful, be alert, be discerning, make sure you have 3 months worth of food, water, meds, gas, guns and ammunition, etc. It is very possible we may lose electricity and no one knows how long this will last. Do not give up your guns. May God Bless you all, pray, pray, pray, and repent. Be safe. Amen

  24. people have to pay to live around wal-mart and what makes them special for not helping the econmy and its like cheating on your taxpayers money and your gettin something for free and other people are paying to live there,justed cause you have a motorhome and can't afford to go to Campgrounds like normal people do.

  25. Hell with Walmart. Looks like you're on 40, better is flyings J's, pilots, travel center of America even loves , right off the exit, much closer. Are you getting some kind of commission?

  26. How difficult is it to avoid being killed by the police at WalMart?? They are always in fear for their lives.

  27. Too many RVs parking at Walmart they get frustrated and want you to leave especially if they start crowded around where the trucks have to come in and go out for deliveries. Park close together and leave no trash return carts simple stuff like that that will allow rvers to stay

  28. I use RVParky app to find great places & IF a Walmart allows ON or not. I also joined Passport America.

  29. Seems the entire north part of Mass, east to east, no longer allows ON as of last July. Mid or southern that I stopped at were very welcoming though

  30. Looks like you're mostly Mountain & Pacific. Seems like more RVers in WMTs out there than I ever run into in the Eastern time zone

  31. Walmart camping….who the hell wants to do that. You buy an RV to see the country and you park overnight in a Walmart….weird. And then you mention hoping to park overnight in another Walmart. Too strange.

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  34. As I traveled from Massachusetts to Memphis Tennessee. To buy sell, rehab investment property, I pulled a 8 foot long x 5.5 feet wide, utility trailer converted to mini sleeper box ! TV, hear, air, am, fm, DVD, clean, professional, I was turned down at 5 Wal-Mart's, 1 in Connecticut, 1 in Pa. 2 in Ohio 1 in Tennessee. Until I finally got to State camp ground, 0r KOA on my way back I stayed at Private & state camp grounds. Money wasn't any problem , so Wal-Mart is not one of my go to places. [email protected]

  35. I have to use a c-pap to night so I need to use my generator. I don’t like to but I have no other choice. I try to park away from other people but it seems when I get there and I get parked and set up a bunch of people park around me.

  36. I have read a lot of these comments and I must say the Walmart in Carson City Nevada is very nice. I was there for a temporary assignment, 3 months, and all of the month to month places were full so I had to camp in my car at the far end of the Walmart parking lot. Every night there were at least 10 RVs and 4 cars. Everyone was quite and very respectful. Best scenery ever. Mountains on all 4 directions.

  37. why these people so cheap they stay at walmart you spent all that money for rv walmart last place i want to stay for life of i can't see why you want to live in rv unless ur retire and want to see the country i could not image draging my wife and kids around in that small place accross country kids need a home and freinds to get away from nom and dad from time to time not knocking anyone who does just my personal view yes I have rv but for me it's only for vacation and weekend get away i could not live in walmart i love my rv but i enjoy my home just as much when I can come home relax without having to worry about empty black and grey tank everywhere i go i like going regular home

  38. Nicely done video, and thanks!… BUT… having been a video writer/producer/director for everyone from Disney, to the US Navy, to KOA, let me plead with you that this was WAY too Long. Try to split videos like this into 4-6 minutes, and carry on with a new chapter right after. Just my 2 cents. This was fun, and people WILL come back for the rest, I promise.

  39. Love you two!!! Thank you so much for the info. I just bought my first RV. and I have no clue what I'm doing. I pick it up when the stabilizers are installed. Thanks again, Gordon & Sue

  40. Not camping no jacks down no slidouts open! These people are part of the problem. Good Sam has the rules for Walmart overnight parking. Check it out !

  41. Says to be good guests and practice good etiquette… Quickly followed by explaining how they ignored the signs that were everywhere…

  42. My fav part is the sense of entitlement that you have. You keep trying to hide it.. But in the end your are a homeless weirdo staying on private property and expecting benefits. When you don't get them you complain . Wish Walmart would shut this down and force you homeless freaks to get back to reality.

  43. Our first stop on any road trip is Wal-mart. We always need something and knowing it’s your first stop it takes a lot of pressure off when you,re starting out.

  44. I have always been told Jack's no awnings no lawn chairs no slide outs no BBQs no it's not a campground but like I said that's what I was told

  45. Unfortunately, with the popularity of RV's growing, you are going to see less and less overnight parking being allowed by municipalities and retail establishments. My guess it is an issue of liability as well as use of parking space…an of course the few RV enthusiasts who overstep their welcome.

    It is meant to be an overnight stay for relief for drivers a rest stop. Slides are a bit of an option here because in some rigs, putting the slide in denies access to bathrooms or bedrooms etc, generators are a little bit of a gray area in that in the summertime almost requires AC say in the Southeast (Florida summertime…80's at night and 100% humidity…not sleeping!). I think putting down stabilizers and deploying awnings is a no-no….wrong message. Grilling outside…nope. I also think that staying hooked to the rig (unless you have to drop it to get service on the tow vehicle for instance) is also a good idea in my opinion but that is a discussion point…do you have the room to stay hooked, etc. Staying hooked states, "temporary stop", I am moving on as soon as I am "recharged".

    Again the intention is this is supposed to be an "RV Rest stop" and not a campsite. Many Youtube channels show this, but in most cases it is a pull up, shut off the engine, fix a meal and go to sleep…get up the next morning…quick coffee/b-fast and hit the road.

    As far as ignoring signs…really? I get why you think it was okay, but you are suggesting to the 281K or people that viewed this video that ignoring the signs is optional. Not responsible on your part. Nothing stops a cop from showing up, ticketing everyone there and telling all of you to get the hell out. Kind of like ignoring a no trespassing sign because other people ignore it. All that means is that all of you are culpable in breaking the law 🙂

    As far as breaking down and having to sit until you get repairs…that is unfortunate and I am sure if you worked it out with Walmart to hang they likely would understand. I think that is reasonable.

  46. town centers no more free camping / O get real..Wal-mart makes tons of money..If any thing they should opening up vacant lots near them ..maybe throwing in some gravel and letting more RV,vans,cars,trucks homeless tents stay as long as possible.Let`s be kind to all humans..not just the plp that live in houses and have money..Do not forget lots of wally customers are poor on food stamps . even the wall employees that work there.. The store in town to get your cheap breaking made in china junk The store that put millions of small business out and millions of plp lost retail jobs ..along with manufacturing jobs which wally took to over sea JUNK makers.. Wake up America ..millions of plp are living on wheels and ever town needs large open spaces for Human to park and live in..Hey lets throw out some chemical toilets and dumpers why we are at it… YES the tax payers are going to have to pay for it..quit breeding humans …. Overpopulation has cause thousand of different species to go extinct they will never come back ..thousands of kinds of plants and animals .because Man has push them out..destroy the land they lived in..Man needed the land ,Man populated the air,water and oceans are a mess . Populations of man ,there houses,companies,roads and more have spread out and still are..endanger and already danger..kill out.. So U want to raise and love children ..ADOPT them..Large loving family of adopted children..with EYES open to save this small planet.. In the next 24 hours over 17,000 humans mostly children will die from over population.Ever news paper should have a full page ad. with pictures of beautiful adoptable child from all over the world .and 800 numbers where u can go to adopt. The awareness of overpopulation & solutions can not be ignored .As human have done with climate change =as terrible weather storms and raising oceans – are &will be killing humans in the million

  47. What's great about camping at Wal-Mart is getting shit faced, playing loud music, and having naked shopping cart races up and down the parking lot. I also like the fact that, when the urge hits me, I can take a big squadooch next to the nice trees they have growing around there. Nothing like getting out in nature. If I'm staying for more than a week, I like to dig my own water well just outside the boundaries of the parking lot. This gives me free, fresh water that I don't have to pay for inside their shitty store. After all that, I usually find a K-mart so I can buy me sum cheese puffs and generic orange soda.

  48. The mall I worked at where there is a Walmart put a stop to RVs after someone dumped their tanks in the parking lot . Remember your behavior can effect others

  49. you guys keep calling the managers and you guys are going to ass yourself out of Walmart they're going to stop letting you come in and Park for the night that's stupid call the manager. I would not call them for no reason.the manager will start calling corporate and corporate will put a stop to let you guys come in

  50. Good video, very informative. Heading across country from North Carolina to California to work in San Jose so Wal marts will come in handy for road weary travelers. Nice how you guys switched back n forth with the pros and cons. Liked and subscribed.

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