Guided meditation for overthinking and deep sleep – One Autumn Night

Guided meditation for overthinking and deep sleep – One Autumn Night

One Autumn night
Sleep meditation As the seasons change throughout the year,
so too do the needs of your mind and body. Certain states of awareness and release can
be observed in a 24 hour period. In this particular moment and the next few
hours, you will slow down any thoughts, and let go of any tight or tense muscular activity
to sleep peacefully in a warmth of comfort. Autumn is about change, from vibrant colours,
sunshine and the blue skies of summer to a minimalist landscape unfolds. From warmth and abundance comes cooler temperatures
and the building up of reserves. Placing your body in a position that you personally
find comfortable, visualise the words that you hear as best you can. As you listen along, feel the slowing of each
and every breath and the warm subtle relaxation that begins to develop in your muscles. sense your changing state of awareness, smoothly
transition you into a calm, deep sleep. Over the time spent sleeping, your energy
will be restored, your positivity replenished and you will have a mind that sees the next
day with a clear perspective. These next few minutes are about beginning
to hibernate for the night, readying yourself for sleep. so, by shifting about a little, find your
perfect comfortable resting position. It may be unsettled outside where the wind
blows, where rain showers are intermittent and fog covers a once familiar land, but you
are safe and dry, warm in a more silent space. As you lie there warm in your nest, begin
to let go of your day, like the trees of autumn shed their leaves. Here in this moment, you are doing the same. It is now time to let go of your day by releasing
your own leaves. Beginning at the top of your head, sense any
thoughts, feelings, emotions and tension depart your body. Feel any likeness to the busyness and weight
of the rustic leaves on the autumnal trees separate from your mind and body. The leaves only fall now because of the change
in environment. For the trees to regrow new leaves they have
to adapt, hibernate and replenish themselves. pale, unclear thoughts, colourless worries
and brittle perceptions are taken with the wind of each of your calming breaths. any lines on your forehead now uncompressed,
smooth with the clearing of your mind. any deliberation now, comes to a close for
today, your eyes begin to feel more gentle, each eyelid settling heavy from letting go. As each breath continues to blow the leaves
of this soon to be yesterday away, your breathing pattern begins the hibernation process. your cheeks, mouth and jaw now feel unoccupied
of having to hold onto any of the leaves, allowing them to silently float away from
you. Each muscle in your face now relaxed, now
able to fully sense the freedom of less obtrusive distractions. Your thoughts now, unattached from anything
but the warmth and tranquility of drifting pleasantly further. As you breathe down on every exhalation, the
metaphorical leaves on your neck swish and swoop into the slipstream of your breath.,
and away. The muscles in your neck now unrestricted
in how much you can relax them, your head slowly bows deeply into your pillow as you
ease silently into a peaceful slumber. Your head becoming very heavy with the strong
feeling of release that you sense, your eyelids closing like the shorter darker days of autumn. Like the winds of change that can no longer
be resisted, your shoulders loosen and splay out in pure comfort. Each breeze of your calm breath clears away
the leaves on the tops of your arms, which rustle away through the foggy landscape of
unawareness that you now sense. See in your mind and sense with your body,
each individual leaf falling away as you scan down your arms, wrists, hands and fingers. A soft lethargic sensation in your arms gives
your wrists every reason now to let go. As every muscle in your arms forgo any tension,
your wrists liberate each hand and finger down into a descent of quietude, a silent
state of heaviness. Now breathing deeper and lengthier breaths,
your awareness fades further, the hypnotic sound of each breath softening the atmosphere
in and around your body. On each breath out, your chest descends, and
you sense the symbolic leaves drift distant with the gentle whoosh of every exhalation. Your rib cage now wider, allowing your chest
to willingly accept every longer sleepier inhalation. As the season of autumn continues on this
night, the leaves fall much easier, as you bring your awareness to your abdomen and hips. With your mind setting sail for sleep in the
sometimes unconscious awareness you now experience, you unburden your abdomen just by sensing
a departing of any last Remaining tension. As the leaves sweep away from your hips, your
legs lower, aligning your spine into relief. Descending further into that hibernation state,
your mind beginning to sleep. Your legs now releasing every tense muscle
they have, unlocking your knees to accommodate your shins and calfs with as much rest as
they need. Now free, your ankles slowly position your
feet down safely into the warmth that they now feel. With the last remaining leaves floating away
from your toes, the bare freedom to sense comfort once again, retires them for the night. Still, safe, serene and at peace to descend
deeper into that sleepy state. Like an autumn night, your mind becomes silent,
deeply hibernating in the satisfying darkened sky of this season. As you transcend into sleep, the beautiful
darkness behind your gently closed eyelids entices your mind without declination. Each breath sending you deeper into that pleasing
twilight of awareness. much like the autumn equinox, where the length
of the days and nights are equal, eventually drifting into the latter. Your mind and body find balance in this moment,
in a peaceful and harmonious equilibrium of comfort and well being. As you flow towards your deep sleep place
for tonight, the balance shifts towards unawareness and the reassurance of a good night’s rest
with emotions, feelings and mood balancing out, your mind travels down further to your
safe place, and your body consumes the warmth of settlement. Detaching now from all conscious thoughts,
your mind is shown a sleepier way of thinking. Autumn is about seeking comfort from the changeable
environment, find your cozy dreams now through the darkness of your eyelids. Feeling the warmth of your own body and the
bed you relax down into, allow that radiating invisible glow of heat to lull you further
on into sleep. As the warmth deepens through your muscles,
sense them loosen more and more. Every joint in your body relaxing effortlessly. In letting go of today, you feel your mind
and body replenishing whilst retreating to take a break, all sounds begin to be distant
as your awareness drifts. The very short moments before sleep is when
reconnection to your true self emerges, there is no ego, no overthinking nor negativity. letting go of everything is what sleep and
autumn have in common. If you feel that there are still leaves that
need to be shed, then allow them float away now, as sense their departure, you just let
go. Like the changing temperature of this season
that you find yourself deeply immersed in now, the need for more layers to stay warm
helps to keep Comfort nearby. As your head sinks deeper into your pillow,
you find another layer of sleep filled thought, follow it down, relaxing all the way, losing
awareness freely. Behind your closed eyes, you see a single
golden leaf, it descends down infront and with you. As you visualise this leaf, the distance between
it and you shortens, until, you are lying onto of it. Gently gliding downwards towards your place
of sleep you go. Everything is silent, tranquil and peaceful. Down below you observe a rich golden coloured
forest with trees far and wide, you can also see the bare trees through the autumnal fog. Slowly floating down, you reach a leaf filled
path inbetween the trees. the soft golden palette before you looks enchanting,
from yellows to oranges to the dark bark statues dotted around. Taking a gentle walk through the forest, the
leaves underneath your feet rustle a crisp footstep. Your breath can be seen as you exhale, spouting
a plume with each breath out. As you look into the air, you see the minuscule
water droplets of the fog drifting past. You are warm, covered with thick clothes,
snuggly wrapped up safely to enjoy this unobtrusive landscape. The cool air is easy to breath, clearing your
mind with the space of this wondrous location. Your shoulders are completely down now as
you venture onion your own time to explore. Low lying fog covers the ground in the fields
off in the distance, where you see the silhouettes of horses meandering around. birds are nowhere to see in the bare trees
above, the branches stripped of every leaf. Only squirrels are seen scurrying around on
the ground searching for reserves in anticipation of the winter to come. The grass and leaves beneath your feet covered
in dew from the changing air. With the anticipation of winter coming, you
are filled with a sense of letting go but also of observing what you cherish. It’s during autumn, the season of change,
that realisations are observed and taking moments to just be present are important. This time on your own to explore your own
progression is a contemplative one, as if you were watching from a distance. In this moment you feel free, undistracted
from any other thought processes and completely at peace. Walking through this silent forest brings
you closer to yourself, you begin to look on at the simple but meaningful surroundings
and take in appreciation. Not only is the clothing you wear keeping
you warm, your heart now becomes warm from the self love you feel for yourself. This place that could be somewhere or nowhere
is here to help you reconnect with yourself. Each breath soothing your every muscle as
you continue to walk along the golden path. With self appreciation and peace inside each
footstep takes no efffort at all. Feeling you body becoming lighter, you relax
some more. Ahead you see a tree with a door embedded
in its bark, curiously you walk towards it. The crisp footsteps up to the door clear your
mind further as your curiosity gathers. On reaching the door, you see that the words
please come in are inscribed on a wooden sign. opening the door, you walk through and into
the hollow tree. Closing the door behind you, it becomes silent
and warmth can once again be felt. Infront of you are a set of steps with lanterns
lighting the way down, on the wall, another sign with the words, this way to sleep. Agreeably you take your first step downwards
and continue your descent. The stairs curve around in a circle, the lanterns
getting dimmer the lower you go. You are safe, and as you continue to take
each relaxing step down the stairs, you begin to find your dream for tonight. Each breath deepening and your body completely
relaxed, you carry on. Downwards, descending in to sleep, follow
the steps. Your shoulders melting as you follow this
new path. with each step, you feel sleepier, onwards
you go, at the bottom of the staircase is your dream for tonight. Descending more into your place of sleep. Relax with the knowing that you will get a
good night’s rest. As you cross the boundary of awareness and
into sleep, your every breath becomes deeper and longer, freeing you’re chest to a looseness. Every part of you becoming softer the deeper
you go. Your mind now clear, your body as relaxed
as can be. As your subconscious mind and inner self dream,
your body sinks further into comfort. First your face muscles loosen to a drooping
limpness as your mind detaches and disconnects from awareness. Automatically declining any desire to interact,
your neck allows your head to descend deeply by completely letting go. Your shoulders smooth out, melting downwards
on each deepening breath and the tops of your arms sense a soothing of relief. Heavier and heavier your arms weigh into the
soft surface you lie upon. Both wrists slacken your hands like anchors
weightily down, your fingers now loose and free. As your abdomen flattens out, dispersing the
last of any remaining awareness, your lower back slumps into peace. With the silence in your mind fo the perfect
tranquil dream for tonight, your legs lower down, unlocking your ankles. Deeply comfortable and drifting out your feet
gently lean to a resting position indicated by your toes, where you instantly let go. Drifting and floating deeper, you think no
more, you move no more, whilst replenishing and nourishing your emotions, mind space and
body. Using up all the freedom of space in your
thoughts, you see your dream as a star in your mind’s eye. floating and drifting towards it silently
and peacefully, you make your way to the deepest and most pleasant sleep you will sleep. Traveling through a space of darkness that
you are aware of behind your eyelids, you relax unconditionally. As you get closer to your dream, the warmth
of self love that you feel for yourself radiates around your heart area. That warmth brings the deepest relaxed sensations
throughout each muscle in your body, lowering down slowly and further into your dream. Now is the time for rest, without another
thought, you let go completely. nearing your dream, my voice begins to fade
away, leaving you with your own positive images to see. You are warm, safe and on your way to a place
that will rejuvenate every part of you. Your eyes feel no need to do anything else
but stay closed, your body need not move and your mind becomes the destination for tonight. Down deeper you go, relaxing, drifting and
floating further, having no inclination to do anything else, you just relax and go to

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  1. I hope this helps you to sleep. What do you think of the intro? I got a little creative with this one. It would be great to get some feedback on what you would like to hear more of. Thankyou for listening and for your support everyone

  2. Hi Star ? gem ?. Absolutely fabulous ? Rain ?. Brr
    Very excellent Vid & with every word you sooth & relax for a perfect sleep ?
    It’s sunshine here 29c forecast & rising to 37c back down to 23c & rain on Sunday mm
    I’m going well & getting so much in meditation ?‍♀️ time ? Also studies are going well. ??
    Positive thoughts ? bring positive blessings ??
    I’ve even worked out a new exercise to do to help my pain & disabilities ?? Yeh!
    I wish all here a very blessed night / day with love ?peace ? & hugs ? ?
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  11. This is a beautiful file, Christian. There's a particularly warm and comforting quality to it that's wonderful to hear. I have a particular fondness for the sound of rain in hypnosis files so it made the experience even better. Thanks for making this!

  12. Hello my friend on the other sideThis One rainy Autumn night just played in just right. The intro was perfect. Breathing the leaves away for the changes to a new season and new next day made my morning refreshed and energized. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Love and Peace always Kat

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