34 thoughts on “Gulliver’s Travels (1939) – Full Movie (Cartoon)

  1. it seems like everyone in the comments loves this movie but I'm just here because i have a test over the book tomorrow and I'm gonna fail because i couldn't understand it

  2. i watched this as a kid and damn i did not know that this was made before i was even born

    and not to mention i loved the songs even though i didn't understand a word at the time

  3. One of the kind experience !!! I've posted this film on my FB wall to celebrate POPEYES 90th Birthday this day August 28,2019~

  4. Can someone please tell me if the princess has a mum or dad-there’s a moustache but it has the voice of a woman

  5. I miss animation like this as it puts a smile on my face because it’s magical as it brings back the best childhood memories ☁️

  6. Used to watch this in my lovely grandmothers house as a kid. I'm almost 24 now and she sadly passed away this summer. Cant watch this film anymore because of it. What an amazing film though.

  7. I remember having this on dvd as a child and I’d watch this on my DVD player. I played it so many times that the dvd got all scratched up and I couldn’t watch this movie anymore… how nostalgic this movie was and now I can finally watch it again, thanks ?

  8. I know most of the comments are gonna be fan favourites, but I grew up with this movie and I loved it then. But I hate it now, The animation is (to me) Amazingly ugly, and the Rotor-scoping on Gulliver is really creepy and badly done. (for it's time ofcourse amazing) But ughh

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