Gunbreaker | FFXIV Shadowbringers Media Tour

Gunbreaker | FFXIV Shadowbringers Media Tour

gun breaker is a tank but its rotation feels a lot like a dps rotation so I was sponsored by square enix to go check out the test build of shadow bringers so any footage you see here is subject to significant changes this is the new gun breaker armor if you saw in the actual trailer I think create is wearing a white version of this but it’s the exact same gear that you see there this is the battle stance for it when you pull out the weapon and this is the walking animation I unfortunately couldn’t try out the victory pose and battle stance they weren’t actually unlocked and then here is the sprinting animation and the gun blade just looks freaking awesome the other thing is that gun breaker is not abbreviated gun it’s abbreviated G and B I’m a little upset about that but you know that’s okay we’ll get used to it and then here is the C post just standing there ready I think it looks really cool anyway let’s hop in and see what it plays like gun breakers tank stance is called Royal Guard and all it does is increase your enmity if you’re tanking you’ve turned it on if you’re not yet turned it off simple its ranged attack is called lightning shot and this is what you would do to grab an enemy from range this is it right here you have two combos on gun breaker there’s a regular one-two-three combo and then a cartridge combo the cartridge combo uses a cartridge and it’s a one-two-three but it has an OG CD in between each of them that has its own one two three so you get a cartridge either from your regular combo or a cool-down that’s called bloodfest you can spend one of those cartridges to start the cartridge combo after each attack in this combo you use continuation which is an OG CD and this changes after each hit of the combo so you hit one and then continuations one and then two continuations two and then three continuations three also activating the cartridge combo will not break your regular one two three combo and you can actually finish the whole combo and still get back in time to finish your one two three so the cartridge combo can’t be spammed it has a cool-down so instead you’re gonna be using those cartridges on a first strike which is a 450 potency attack on the gcd or if you’re using a OE it’s called faded circle and this is 360 potency for AoE on the gcd other than those main combos you got blasting zone which is an aqua book cool down for 30 seconds and it’s 700 cricked bohtan see this is very good and then gun breaker has two dots on a tank bow shock is an off global cooldown a weak it’s got 650 potency over 15 seconds so that one is definitely good the other one is called Sonic break and this is a single target dot totaling 350 potency but it’s a GCD so I don’t really see the use for this one as it is right now it’s too weak to justify using it you’re just wasting that GCD so hopefully this is changed to either be a longer duration or a more potent dot because as it is right now you wouldn’t you in gun breakers job gage it says that this is supposed to give you a cartridge but in this build that we were playing it doesn’t do that so we’re gonna have to wait and see what happens with this as for AoE you’ve got a combo you got diamond slice into diamond slaughter and this also generates a cartridge for you which you would be spending on faded circles since it’s an AoE and to tie all of this together gun breaker has their own version of fighter flight it’s called no mercy it’s a 10% damage up for 20 seconds now for gun breakers mitigation first you’ve got nebula it’s a 30% damage down with 2 minute cooldown camouflage is a 50% parry rate and 10% damage reduction for 20 seconds this one is pretty weak they got rid of all of the parry cooldowns on the other tanks so I’m not sure why they decided to give gun breaker 1 I’m hoping this either gets buffed or just changed altogether Aurora is a very unique tank ability it’s a region equaling 1,200 potency on a 60 second cooldown and you could put it on anybody this way I could put region on myself when the White Mage doesn’t adjust now here’s another unique one the second attack and your regular combo called brutal shell will actually heal you for a hundred fifty potency and give you a shield equal to the HP you restored and then it interacts with heart of stone that’s another cooldown that will reduce damage taken by 15% on yourself or a party member and the cool thing is if you have brutal shell on you from your regular combo it will be headed to the heart of stones effect that what is so interesting I really like it and then a heart of light is a 15% damage mitigation for everybody for 15 seconds this is very good and finally the immunity is called super bolide it’s basically a home game that lasts two more seconds and you can move with it on but it’s the same cooldown time as hallowed ground I think this one’s a little weak for having such a long cooldown if it were somewhere between home gangs and hallowed grounds cooldown timer I think that would be a lot more fair but it’s still cool that they managed to find another way to still have a unique immunity so in my opinion gun breakers mitigation is a little on the weaker side but if some of the numbers of them were to change even a little bit it make a really big difference play style-wise I absolutely love it it’s probably my favorite tank rotation out of all of them it feels super engaging and busy which is something you tend to find a little more in the DPS jobs so this is definitely welcome in the tank roll for me hopefully we see a few more adjustments by the time shadow bringers comes out but really I just can’t wait to be able to play gun breaker again and that’ll do it for me on gun breaker I hope you guys enjoyed I think it’s gonna be a very cool and unique job so I will see you guys in all the other videos I will link down in the description below all the other jobs that I got to play at the media tour so I will see you there okay Mike [Music] [Music]

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  1. Larry muh dude… You'd use the dot. It's stronger than the average potency of your 1-2-3 combo + burst strike (from the ammo you get on the 3rd gcd) which is 200+300+400 + 450 = 1350/4= 337.5 VS 350. Of course, if the boss was about to jump or die, you'd go for the burst damage and forgo the dot, but fir the most part you'll want to use the dot. It definitely could use a a bit more oomph, though, to make its worth more obvious. If it does give the ammo, then it's obviously a gain.

  2. I should have asked this when the vid was posted, but in your opinion how friendly is this job to users, I have trouble with overly complex jobs but I really wanna play this, I really only play Dark Knight and Red Mage atm with some Bard at times…..

  3. So does Sonic Break not work more akin to Empyreal Arrow then? Where it's classed as a weaponskill but functions like a cool down?

  4. They charge for monthly gameplay sucks that's the only reason why this game still holding up people wasting money on this I would play it if it was free only

  5. Gnb already a high dps tank with plenty of cool options, complains when they dont get all the benefits from every other tank thus making them op lol

  6. I feel like this is a dumb question, but it does use heavy armor like the other tanks right? It's job armor looks pretty light in comparison

  7. Seems like a in-between of PLD and WAR. Basically a physical version of DRK. Not sure where this is going to fit in the "dps is King" mentality of raiding.

  8. Looks sweet. I'm lvl 55 atm. Obviously won't buy a level boost for 5 levels. Just baught heavensward skip. But now I might have to buy stormblood skip if it comes out just to get to darkbringers. And a level boost to get to 70.. so like $50 It's so dumb that it's locked behind a paywall.. like grinding to 50-60 is already long enough, now I gotta get to 70 just to play something I payed for… if they were smart they would of added a level boost and story skips with the new expansion.

  9. And this is one more to add to the list of playable classes, sorry jobs.
    Edit: also since this is basically a dps disguised as a tank, is this supposed to be a trap designed to drag the dps mains into the tanking world?

  10. They turned Squall into a Job Class. This is fucking badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And perfectly timed with FFVIII Remastered. Someone at Square-Enix is doing Gods work.

    FFXIV, is the only game in history that I agonized for not being able to play.

  11. Wait Gunslinger+Swordmaster with Royal Guard? This party's getting CRAZY!

    SwordTrickSwordTrickSwordTrickROYAL GUARD

  12. This is why you PAY for a subscription. I never got into FF14 but I'm glad that they've managed to go strong for so many years. Simply because they charge for their service and provide a quality of service for that money. Sad that so many other MMOs can't get it right. The class looks cool and fun. Am currently doing research to see if I want to give the game yet another shot (third or fourth time now).

  13. If I have any dissapointment with this class, its that its battle stance isn't Squall's. Though I suppose SAM already has that stance.

  14. Just got back into this game over the weekend… i need to hurry up and level! just hit 21! Not too far

  15. Starting at level 60 I think it to high. You need some time to learn job. With how fast you level in this game and that's not a lot of time to learn it.

  16. Thanks for the review. Hesitant to play GUN(BR) as there is so much pressure as a tank but this feels like a DPS, so there may be hope. Keep it real!

  17. Superbolide is actually reduced HP to 1 and grant the effect of Hallowed Ground right? As per tooltips explanation, renders you impervious to most attacks is the same as Hallowed Ground.
    Holmgang would be "Most attack cannot reduce your HP to less than 1

  18. After the job action release today.

    Larry- "Sonic Break is weak it needs a buff."
    Yoshi P- "Hold my beer."
    Delivers an attack with a potency of 300.
    Additional Effect: Damage over time
    Potency: 90
    Duration: 30s

  19. Sonic Break went from 100 base potency to 300 base potency, the DoT went from 50 potency to 90 potency, and the duration for 15 to 30? You tellin' me this shit is a 1200 potency attack now?


  20. Gunbreaker seems like the more fun tank. Warrior is damage but gets boring as all you really do is spam fell cleave, its ok if you love big numbers but no real veriation to it. Pld just is never going to die, but again boring with very little interaction in your skills, and DK…..We dont talk about DK. Gunbreaker seems like a good mix of engagement, and being a good enough tank so people dont jsut zone out while playing it.

  21. So, just another boring 1,2,3 tank? We already have 3, what the fuck SE? Snorefest. If you're going to dumb the role down why not just make a pet tanking class and remove the fun/skill entirely?

  22. Ok so:
    -Sonic break got sorta buffed (300 potency with 90 potency 30 sec dot, at double cooldown)
    -burst strike got buffed (from 450 to 500)
    -No mercy got buffed (from 10% to 20%)
    -continuation got buffed if I'm not mistaken (about 100 more potency per follow up)
    -blasting zone got buffed (from 700 to 800)
    -superbolide got buffed (from 420 sec to 360 sec)
    -heart of light got nerfed (from 15% to 10%)
    -camouflage is the same

    Overall I'm happy with what we got

  23. So would it be unwise to macro continuation with each cartridge gcd? I people say there is a lost in dps when macroing like bloodletter with moves on bard in ARR, but never have fully understand why.

  24. Everyone: Wow Gunbreaker looks awesome?!

    Me: It's Dante from DMC

    Square: Its like being a bad ass with a GUN!!

    Me: Its Dante from DMC

  25. let's also commend how they didn't just use squall but took some of seifers moves demon slice, no mercy, c'mon now that's dope love seifer

  26. I usually play all DPS (and dabble in healing), but this job looks so damn cool I might have to learn how to tank x)

  27. Why the heck did people complain about the Combat Sounds? Now they are worse. Sound less impactful… Jesus people need to learn to be satisfied with good work instead of always criticizing nothing… I miss the old Gunbreaker sounds!

  28. I had to go back to this video to be reminded of what the old sound effects for gunbreaker was. These sound a lot better now that i'm playing gunbreaker but i remember hearing other gunbreakers before and thinkign the sounds were annoying… here's hoping they change it back.

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