Guy Fieri’s Family Vacation on Carnival | Carnival Cruise Line (w/ audio description)

Guy Fieri’s Family Vacation on Carnival | Carnival Cruise Line (w/ audio description)

I’m guy Fieri and we’re on Carnival. I brought the entire family! And we’re having a blast! Have you guys had these burgers? Look at that big slab of cheddar. Ellis, you’re out! Oh! This is the newest concept we’ve done called Pig & Anchor. We have Blue Ribbon Chicken we have Real-Deal Brisket we have beans we have mac and cheese pulled pork you name it. Pit master! Nicely done. Beautiful. Look at that bark on there. Thanks guys. Good dudes. Bang for the buck? You can’t beat a Carnival Cruise. You get to see three different beaches on one vacation. I’m not the pits guy. I just do the restaurants. But dollar-for-dollar, pound-for-pound you can’t find a vacation like this. This is exactly what this is all suppose to be. [ship’s horn blows]

31 thoughts on “Guy Fieri’s Family Vacation on Carnival | Carnival Cruise Line (w/ audio description)

  1. My husband and I dream about these burgers! We can’t wait to go back on a carnival cruise for this and for the melting cake! #yum

  2. Mmmmmm I'm from England going on the Carnival Magic from The 14th till 28th Oct 2018.. Think I'm gonna come back 12lb heavier.. lol

  3. The burgers are really good but what about the menu board? According to various servers "there is no diferrence", everything is the same and "we" could add anything from the toppings area. Which he would have told that too. Although of course his profit is guaranteed. I have heard that bs on Vista & Magic. Obviously these servers will prefer to be on a tips spot!

  4. I am glad i took part in voting as to what he should do on board through John Heald's page. But the end of the video might need to be changed a little.

  5. God danm id rather shuv a 5 foot pole up my mothers ass then go on that criuse again. So lttle room in the buffet area i could swear some old Russian ladys tits were sweating through her shirt. Saw right through that. Also the hot tubs were full of ghetto weaves and the camra people wouldn't leave me alone like a refugee asking for money. Further more theres more grease on those burgers then a obese land whale. Carnival knows how to rip the change right out of you're pocket. No porn and no where to drip the seaman filled condom after i fucked the host bitch. Goverment has chem trails in the ocean that makes sharks gay and obana is the anti Christ. Tee hee

  6. I definitely go on Carnival Cruises for the burgers at Guy's Burger Joint, they are soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  I love those burgers they are so delicious and I love Carnival Cruises so much!!!!

  7. On the other hand I enjoy the burgers and the bbq was good on the dream but nasty on the freedom but going on another carnival cruise in june

  8. thank you guy we love your burgers and for no extra cost like royal Caribbean johnny rockets which dont even come close!

  9. Mr. Feiri may look like clown on t.v. but he is straight wise up businessman. This is licensing deal using his name and celebrity status. No need to operate restaurants across the country and be bound by enormous operational cost. Smart ! Burgers are a low cost item for Carnival thus food cost are lower=profit for the company

  10. Can't wait to try the burgers… I see alot of awesome reviews…. Thank you Guy for your awesome crew to feed us….

  11. Them burgers ain't no joke!, for lunch we chowed down on one of them bad boys everyday on day on our 7 day cruise. I wish they were available in Houston, Texas

  12. Guy Ferry (feiri) stands for low quality food with trash on top. I've had to have his food once and I won't spoil a vacation doing it another time.

  13. This is going to be my 1st cruise and I am so excited. While I'm on the ship I want to see everything their is to do. Mexico and Jamaica I'm on my way.

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