Ha Long Bay Is Vietnam’s Paradise | Travel Vietnam ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ

Ha Long Bay Is Vietnam’s Paradise | Travel Vietnam ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ

today we are in Harlem in Vietnam and we
are going to be going on to the boat cruise in halong bay so this is the most
popular tourist attraction in all of Vietnam so we’re really excited to go
and check this out let’s go do you want me to hold the flag I can
hold the flag for you yeah I’m from Melvin awesome where are you from South
Carolina I live in New York now nice you’re American
yeah American but Vietnamese as well okay beautiful combination yeah how long
you here for here for just two more days you can go for our no stairs inside this
is Olivia about five minutes it’s like a pirate ship anyway yeah yeah okay yeah it’s like 15
US dollars yeah Saima science expensive video
– thank you – this way one of you seven wonder on the world today we will visit
away one day we have three days relations well I can’t hear right now but it’s
like they like flip it and stuff thinking like this
like what together you’re probably gonna fall in the water
while you do it I’m putting my phone on me okay baby hold it you got it so you
gotta get like that like this behind you don’t drop the Hat sighs yeah
really this hat only for take photo one half
you wear all day you have to play take the photo they’re learning dances and
doing performances with it okay so we’re gonna go to the top we check out the
view this view is going to be amazing look at that this can’t be
you know no I know that you look like please from the hair but not from this
angle though like me yeah macro cool yeah today hi Akash
macro here for lunch today okay I don’t believe you already feel
like you look like this before you soon what am I crazy but then you when I come
up here then you said that look like a fish I was like I’m not crazy what does that one look like over there then it no no delivery together the baby
suck like the one without the bottles okay
sighs always thinking the dirty things like a big bucket look like a nipple she
said that one looked like a nipple yeah got dirty minds as out of control I
guess it’ll just be like a baby bottle yeah like a baby but oh the top one thank you
okay so we have arrived to the first up called hangs and Sun hangs and Sun okay
so this is a cave so it’s called our in english surprise
cave surprise yeah surprise surprise so he’s um 100 step up
and 100 stick down you’re gonna work his booty it’s gonna be nice and tight by
the time you get up the top okay how many steps five oh I can feel my leg now hang on you’re blocking my view sorry
nobody want to see you but ok so it’s a bit of a hike up okay so we conquered the steppes who
just not getting easier for us and look at the view
ready come on cannon come on cannon don’t over
expose it there we go there we go nice so now we’re gonna go into the cave in
another cave another day another cave well that’s I go first beautiful so this is actually the
biggest cave in how long that we’re going into this is the biggest one look
at that it’s got some water in here looks fake looks so fake so this is an incredible insight Huggies mistress mistress what’s mr. mystery serious he’s like a rock you will get married anyway you get
married at a 7-eleven I’ll just check out these parties I think this is the
most impressive part just opens up and look stunning incredible so we got to go
over there and I climb to the way out unbelievable think it’s a palace imagine into the
king and queen you live in here my sexy bed I just climbed like 200 stairs no sexy what are you doing you know they you
never did pole dancing did you no need to be like gracefully you know like it’s
so easy it’s all light you look like you’re gonna pull down the tree okay so
we just come out of the cave and it was amazing unbelievable okay yeah this sniper so this is the
size favorite part of it everything about lunchtime in each other is that awkward moment where everyone is
doesn’t want to stop but sites opening up the buffet for everybody straight
into are you you can hear me okay thank you
okay so look at this side straight in everyone else is waiting being polite all right that’s good
so we got a variety feet deep looking to it
our next location we are going to go into a lagoon and there’s two options
you can kayak or you can take one of these big robots I think we’re going to
kayak number nine okay so I’m gonna paddle with side with the camera this
could be the end oh this is so scary I’m risking the camera here big time no
you’re doing okay doing a good job baby why are you moving I’m so scared right now with the camera you’re not known for your gracefulness okay so we’re going into the lagoon let me go through this cave so this is the lagoon so it’s not as
beautiful as Corona in the Philippines in the one in Quran you could get out
and swim as well here they save you swim it’s a two hundred US dollar fine yeah you’re thinking about aiding me you’re
doing so good no profession this is a kind of romantic only thing may just
sitting back here you paddling going through the cave the life is good I can’t think of a better scenario we’re
gonna just put your pedal down and let I’ll let you have to work out Hey we’re gonna get hit by the part by oh my
god sigh lift lift lift yeah that was good
you’re the worst driver ever you trade you in for a new driver yes okay hello hi all right we made it we
made it permission to board the boat thank you what are you doing lucky knowing here so don’t get
embarrassed you got the board 12 so what do you want to do sex oh hey Kol third destination and final
destination of the day is t-tops keep up Island
t-top yeah here’s mr. t top here with mr. t top himself 19:35 to you mm
rest in peace mr. t top okay so I think on this island you can climb up and do a
bit of man climbing or you can just chill on the beach and I think we’re
just gonna chill on the beach yeah so there is two options at this Beach
you can either climb up the top or you can swim a little bit so we are gonna
swim a little bit it’s not really the nicest nice and refreshing after a full day of
the tour it’s nice to end the day with coming and jumping in the water beautiful beautiful me what do you think you’re the most
beautiful you know what are you doing get out of here so Sai doesn’t want to
swim so I have to swim by myself you’ve all these boats so you can
actually take a cruise we’re just doing a one day trip but you can go for you
know two three days and they cruise around you can get different classes 3
star 4 star 5 star and they just cruise around so I guess I see a lot more than
we did in one day there’s so many of these little islands out here ok so we
are concluding that trip of how long amazing yeah we recommend this if you’re
coming here you have to do this tour for sure so we’re gonna wrap up this day
there’s no other better way to wrap it up this we’re just about to hit the port
in how long so there’s no other better way to wrap it up and now so we’re gonna
say goodbye until next time dream bigger much sooner please

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  4. Did that trip with my Vietnamese ex. Also did the overnight, though our shipโ€™s captain was a real jerk. Cut off the power overnight so we couldnโ€™t flush toilets. The Russian guests got drunk and almost threw him overboard! It was quite an experience.

    The water in that region is incredibly polluted. Dark and murky. Such a shame.

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    Fast forward to 2020 ,the crystal clear waters have turned into filthy poluted water , with plastic and polystyrene trash floating around, the coral and tropical fish have gone , the air is thick with smoke from the coal burning power stations along the border with Vietnam and China.
    You are 20 years to late, it was once Paradise, now a stinking poluted hell hole .

  13. If going to Ha Long Bay we highly recommend the 3-day cruise. One day is just not long enough! It's a bit expensive for budget travellers but if you were ever going to splurge a bit then do it for a 3-day cruise in Ha Long Bay. We booked with Stellar and it was fantastic.

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