HACK’D – How I Travel with ALL my Fishing Gear FOR FREE

HACK’D – How I Travel with ALL my Fishing Gear FOR FREE

Howdy, partner. Today I’m going to show you guys how I travel
with all my fishing gear. Stay tuned. We have been getting a lot of questions and
a lot of comments asking us, “how do you travel with all your fishing stuff? How do you bring your rods? How do you bring your reels? How do you bring all your sinkers and tackle
and all that stuff?” and that’s a really good question. Um, and I guess it isn’t really too much common
sense in that. I figured out how to bring all my stuff on
the airplane for pretty much free. First off, fly Southwest. Southwest is great because it allows you two
checked in bags for free and it’s great and the prices for the tickets are great, you
can change the dates on those tickets that you’ve bought anytime, Southwest has always
been really good for me, so first step: fly Southwest. Second step: when you’re packing your reels, when you’re packing your babies they need to be protected, okay? So this wasn’t even very protected when I
pack my reels, I take this actual reel off so that there’s no chance of it getting damaged,
so it’s like this and then I wrap this up in a towel and put it into a big bag along
with my other reels, so in here I’ve got one, two–see, these are the pouches I’m talking
about, you can get these from Bass Pro, you can get these from online, you wrap your reels
up with them. I’ve got–that’s where this reel went–little
tiny micro reel… This isn’t even mine! Stephen, this is your mom’s reel. Anyways, when I pack my reels, I break ’em
down, I put them into individual bags, and then I put it into a bigger bag and this does
not go in checked in luggage. They like to—the TSA likes to throw my bags
around and I don’t want any chance of my very precious fishing reels to get damaged or broken
so what I do with this bag of reels is I put it in my backpack for carryon, that way I
can protect it in my, right here, okay? I keep it right here at all times and I just
kind of coddle it like this, throughout the flight, and if they start making–you know,
fussing and stuff, I just say “Chh, chh, chh, chh, chh…… Chhh, chh, chh, chh, chh…” and I kind of
rock it back and forth a little bit—- I’m just kidding, guys. You can’t take yourself too seriously. Okay, any–I’m not kidding about actually
bringing it onto the plane and holding it in front of you, um, that’s the best way to
keep your reel safe. Don’t check it in. Carry on. Okay? Next, for my actual rods and stuff, um, I
check that-I check that in, uh, but I do this with–I do this with the travel rod carrier,
and this thing, I think it runs–the price tag here says $70, something like that, close
to that, I got it from Bass Pro, I have many of these, and the way that these things work
is there’s a clip right here that you can put a lock on—elaughhh. There’s a pin, you pull the pin and this thing
will extend–oops…. and this thing will extend to whatever length you need it, then
you put your rods inside this big tube right here, maybe wrap it with a towel so that it
doesn’t swing around, and then you basically just put the pin back in and you check this
in as oversized and Southwest doesn’t charge us extra for this, um, when you go and pick
up your rods it’ll be in oversized luggage but it’s kind of—I get weird looks sometimes
because I’m walking around with what looks like– a bazooka in the airport… Now as for, like all of my fishing tackle,
what kind of tackle should I bring? You know, that’s always a struggle for me
is, “How much can I bring without being over 50lbs,” and like, “What all do I even need
to use on that trip?” So what you really need to do is think about
what kind of fishing you’re going to be doing most. the key of this is to be very compact and
selective with what you bring, um, so Southwest allows you two checked in carryons–Southwest
allows you two checked in bags, I use one of those bags just for my tackle so I have
a whole suitcase just for my tackle. Now let me show you what I pretty much pack
almost every time I go. Okay, in this bag I’ve got all my lures, okay? These are my swimbaits, I make individual
boxes like this for different adventures, so this is my swimbait adventure. It’s got all my jig heads in here, little,
smaller lures, this bag also has my swimbait stuff, leader line… pretty much always bring
the Super Salty Squid nowadays… more swimbaits, yeah, so I’ve made separate boxes and separate
bags for different adventures that I think I’m going to take. This is my swimbait bag, my lures bag, and
then I’ve got my own bait box. Terminal tackle box so I’m pretty much prepared
at any moment to throw a hi-low rig, or a Carolina rig, or a fish finder rig just by
bringing this one box. I’ve got my lures and I’ve got my rigs. Um, these boxes are really similar to the
ones in the Adventure Kits that we make right here, we developed these because it’s pretty
much exactly what I do for myself anyways, comes with a guide on um, how to fish these
different places, uh, this is a pier fishing one, comes with all the stuff that I use for
my pier fishing, this one is my surf fishing, comes with all the stuff that I use for the
surf fishing, um, and this is the jetty one, but I would bring just the boxes, I don’t
need the guide for myself i’ll bring just the boxes for separate adventures. If you want to go on one of these adventures,
the inlet, if you’re going to the inlet, or if you’re going to the surf or if you’re going
to the pier, I suggest you pick one of these up if you wanna just get on some fish right
away. It’s just, it’s got a comprehensive guide
on here that I’ve written myself on all the different advice that I’ve found to be true
in a lot of the places that I fish so hopefully this will get you on some fish, and if you’re
going on a trip soon, I always bring the super salty squid because it travels so well, uh
you don’t need to–a lot of times when I’m at a place, especially a really good fishing
location, a lot of times there’s not many bait shops around, um I like to go to more
remote areas because I find that the fishing in remote areas usually is a lot better than
somewhere where it’s very, very populated, um, and I’ve encountered this problem in Mexico,
where there were no bait shops anywhere! It was so hard to find any kind of bait shops,
that’s why I was so glad I brought myself my own Super Salty Squid, I didn’t have to
go out and scout out for bait every day. Instead, I was scouting out for bait on the
beach and using this. I put all this stuff in my backpack
and then I put it in here and whatever other fishing gear I use, minus the reels, reels
stay with me, and I check this in and then I have my regular luggage that I check in,
um, but yeah, that’s it. This is not the only way to do it, this is
the way I do it and it’s been working out for me for years and years, um, hopefully
this can help someone, inspire someone to maybe take a trip, hopefully this can help
people travel with their fishing gear with the appropriate fishing gear, I know a lot
of you guys travel to go on vacation with the family or whatever and don’t bring your
fishing stuff because you don’t think you’ll have enough or whatever, it’s very doable,
it’s very doable and if you don’t want to use, if you don’t want to use your–a big
rod tube, bring a telescopic rod. A telescopic rod will fit right in your backpack
and you can just bring it with this in your backpack, bring one of your adventure kits
and you’re good to go. I want to encourage everyone out there to
get out of their comfort zone and see what the fishing’s like around the world. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past
year and a half, two years, and it’s been really fantastic, because a lot of the skills
that we’ve learned fishing right here, it applies all over the world. So if you know how to fish in one area, you
can figure out how to fish in another area and it feels really rewarding when you actually
are able to catch fish in another country you’ve never been in before, it’s really fun. Anyways, that’s my little talk. I hope you guys enjoyed it, I hope it can
inspire you, I hope you can learn something, let me know in the comments below if you have
any more hacks that you wanna let me know about that can save me even more money. If you liked our episode, like and subscribe,
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so you don’t want to miss any of that. If you wan to try the super salty squid or
you want to try an adventure for yourself go to senkoskipper.com. See ya, guys!

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  1. Hey everyone! We are here answering any comments and questions you have tonight! What did you think of this episode? What are some ways that you make traveling with your gear easier?

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  5. These days, when I travel to the Caribbean to fish, I only take telescopic rods. Up until about ten years ago, telescopics were pretty much garbage; however these days, some of them are better than sectioned rods. I swear by Kasting blackhawks and Rapala thundersticks.

  6. On the rod travel case, I will typically pack some of my fishing clothing in the rod case. Two birds, one stone-protect the rods and keep my fishing clothes separate from my vacation clothes.

    I’ve also packed the small tackle boxes inside the rod case around the clothes and rods.

    The key is to make sure you’re not wasting any space. And depending on where you are gonna be fishing, I’ve also premade my leaders as well.

    After tying up the leaders I’ll pack them in individual sandwich bags, and stuff into the rod case as well.

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  8. awesome video. usually wenever i go fishing, i usually make sure that i only take the stuff i need and not overdo myself which sometimes is easier said than done XD

  9. Don't use towels to wrap rods in the tube. Towels can bunch up and get heavy. Go to the hardware store and buy enough foam pipe insulation to fill the tube. They're cheap and wrap right around the rods perfectly. Cut it longer than the rod to protect the tip and cut some slits for the guides.

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  21. I carry my reels in plastic boxes. Either the cheap ones from Ziploc or Hefty. If I need a bigger box I will get a Rubbermaid box. Then I can pack them in my suit case. As for tackle I use what the locals use. So I carry very little.

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