Halthi Mallikarjuna Cave Temple Nagamangala Tourism Mandya Tourism Karnataka Tourism | trek

Halthi Mallikarjuna Cave Temple Nagamangala Tourism Mandya Tourism Karnataka Tourism | trek

Many years they stayed here Pandavas That means it’s a place where Pandavas and Parashurama resided This is a very divine and important place !! It is a very special place Now we are at Halthi Nagamanagala Taluks, Halthi village I got to know about this place From one of my subscriber Varun Dixit Thank you Varun Dixit We are going today with my Friends VJ Life Diary’s Vishnu and Jimsha They are also doing video of this please The link to which available above If you like their video, subscribe to them So with them, come lets see which way to Halthi hill? straight Halthi hill ? Still further is it? I didn’t understand Continue straight from here Will there be anyone there? No one will be there Go this way and take Mahadeva along ok, is he the poojari? yes Mahadeva right? yes Where can I find Mahadeva ? That way next to the temple there. This way is it? Yes Mahadeva? Why? Wanted to up the hill so . when will he come ? Can I get his number? My name is Venkatesh From Halthi village This is has Mythological significance Where Parashurama was liberated from his curse, at this Halthi There is a Mallikarjuna Swamy Linga here Almost 100meters one has to go inside the cave Ravi Shankar had visited here and has called it a divine place, Which needs to be retained Also recently Mr. Sa Ra Ramesh and Mr. Puttaraj Our taluk Secratery Suresh sanctioned 1.5 cores to lay the road and have started the road work The specialty of our temple is No one has built this linga, it has been there always naturally It is a udbhava moorthy What Parashurama did was he used to go searching to be liberated from the curse He went searching for Shiva Linga at every place, even where ever he stood or sat Then Siva Linga got hit on the side Milk from there starts flowing down The milk come and collects here, Hence the name Halthi Sir, have you heard of Halthi name anywhere else? No, I haven’t This is the last Shiva linga after which he throws the axe in Kerala then he was freed from the curse So before going there he comes here First he was here at Halthi The is a pond above If you take the water in your hand You can see how clear it is Water is so pure only when you hold that water will you be able to understand its purity water is so pure that too the water of a pond Even in case of seven years of drought, the water doesn’t dry in it. It is a wonder to see it Have to see it. Yes you have to see it you will find it on the left side of the tem You tell the Archakar he will show it to you It is also known as Pandavas pond When Pandavas stayed there, they used the water from that pond for drinking They constructed it and used its water For many years they stayed there Pandavas That means it’s a place where Pandavas and Parashurama resided This is a very divine and important place !! It is a very special place It came down as milk, after being hit instead of blood Milk came out it came here got collected further ahead is another village Kendanahalli Kendanahalli The milk formed a cream Halthi, Kendanahalli Is there anything at Kendanahalli? no, nothing is there the milk at last reached there and formed cream since the upper cream goes there its called Kendanahalli The temple is only here straight ahead right ? yes continue going straight its one straight road now we are at Sri Amarananda Paramahamsa Swamy’s established ashrama The name of the ashrama is Swargashrama For those going to the temple above the hill if required food is made available here there may be a delay of half an hour if you inform before going up the hill then by the time you come back food will be ready here not only food, staying facility is also avaliable for ladies coming on their own separate rooms are available along with bathroom Vishnu is climbing along side Jimsha is also climbing even i am climbing with difficulty the cave temple is there Here is the Mantapa and here is a small pond (Padavas pond) also the pond where Parashurama did the pooja we have removed our chappals here We were instructed to remove our chappals at this place This tamarind tree is the location we have left our chappals here My name is Mahadev i am the archaka or poojari of this temple Since when is this temple here ? even my forefathers do not known as to when this temple was made it has been here even before their times Since how long have you been the archaka here? My father, grand father and his father all generations have been the archakars of this temple family continues shall i come if you want to you can continue going in, doing your video if i go ahead, i will be blocking the view for the video You can sit there and see This is the Linga here This is our addition this is Udbhava linga (naturally formed linga) Here the water always keeps falling is it ? here the water keeps falling, it is a little less now due to starting of summer season This is where the water falls is it ? yes that is the place it keeps coming always In rainy season it increases the water always fall on the Shiva Linga got tired, going till there and coming back Sir the place where you are taking the video That is the Melukote Nanjangudu way through that cave Which this one? yes that one can we go through that, yes you can go you can go as far as you want through that This place where you were sitting, this cave connects to Siddhgange and Shivgange Sudheesh bro, shine light on you hi, i am showing myself in light This goes to Shivgange we do not send anyone through this way as there are King Cobras in that cave do people go from here? yes people go and come by this way it connects to DanushKoti at Melukote if you want to see video of Danushkoti, click the link above Parashurama had beheaded his mother to be liberated of that curse He had to have a darshana of this Shiva Linga This was the 101th linga. after darshana of this linga he was relieved of his curse. What do you mean by 101 Linga? That means he had already visited 100 Lingas this was the 101th He came here had darshana after than was relived of the curse How did he know that there is a LInga here? That, he goes to Yedur Siddlingeshwara and asks there, he is told to go on top of this hill and call out, When he calls he hears a response This linga was inside already but there was no way to go only a bee could come, so much was the opening Then he notices the route of the bees entry and and starts digging a route in here he digs all the way inside and has the darshana Why is the way small as it goes in? When he started, he initially digs a large opening as he continues digging and energy decreases the opening gets smaller and smaller Then after being relieved of the curse what does he do? down there is a pond built, He goes there eats rice with milk and goes away since that milk flows down, thats why the name Halu(Milk) Thirta (prayer offering), which is halthi Is there a waterfall? During rainy season The water level increases Having no other place to go The water has to exit through the door, that is the only way out The water then flows out of the door then no one can come here? no one can come here No darshana for anyone water on its own rises and on its own has to receed no one removes the water That is the old stone is this the one Parashurama had sculpted? Yes the big one He carved it out of his pinky fingernails These other Nandis? These were done by us, by the devotees has any one spotted the Cobra? Yes Sir That is only if we do something wrong then it will sleep on across your way blocking your exit it will not let you go out Than what do you do? Then we have to accept our mistake pray and come out only then will it give way, if not it will not Here if you cannot eat non veg and come if you come Then bees will sting Has it happened to anyone? Yes Sir Ask anyone in Nagamangala Taluk about Halti bettaa, people will say you have go there in clean manner

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  23. Archakar Mahadeva contact number: +919731415517
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    Temple location: https://goo.gl/maps/LSyGkhAJeY12
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