Hammock Vs Tent Camping In The Rain

(pouring rain) – I’m Zachary Fowler, and
this is tent verses hammock. (upbeat soft rock music) (thunder claps) (thunder claps) Oop. Ugh. (hands clapping) (rods clanging) (happily sighs) (loudly exhales) (zips) (thunder claps) (stomps) (loudly exhales) (water dripping) (phone sounds) (happily sighs) (bag crinkles) (loudly exhales) Hoo. (loudly exhales) (zips) (water drips) (thunder claps) (pouring rain) (zips) (loudly yawns) (zips) (strikes match) (pats) (fire crackles) (thunder claps) I give up. (bottle clanks) (clicks) (fabric waves loudly) Ah. It’s so bloody hot in here. I hate tents. (exhales loudly) Warbonnet hammock, I’ll never
sleep on the ground again if I can help it. Not a paid advertisement, I just love it. (thunder claps)

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