Hang On Until Morning (Camping Collab with Laurenzside and Bobizard)

Okay, so this is the story of five ordinary
extraordinary people, who like each other a whole awful lot and decided for some unknown reason that no
one really wants to claim ownership of, that a real-life, roughing it in the wilderness camping trip was a super stellar idea! So we’ve got the five of us, a mix of friends
and family embarking on this adventure with varying degrees of expertise ranging from
my brother in law Bobby who is the super skilled camper of the bunch, crazy experienced, competent
and knowledgeable, closely followed by Joel and Andy who are definitely wilderness familiar
experienced campers…and then way on the other end of the spectrum you have my sister
Lauren who is deathly afraid of being eaten by a bear, and me…who…well…yeah. The thing about a trip like this one, is despite
lot’s a planing so much of it is completely unpredictable, what if the weather is terrible,
what if we get attacked by bears, what if we can’t figure out how to start a fire? What if we can’t sleep, or our boat tips
, or there’s snakes or we’re too nervous to go to the bathroom and we have to hold
it for the entire weekend…those kinds of what ifs can be stressful! Luckily for us, we had a couple of sure things
to take comfort in: Sure thing number one 1: The Crew. I could not ask for a more fun and nerdy group
of favorites to strand myself in the wilderness with, the guys had been asking my sister and
I to do this trip for a while, so although a bit out of our comfort zone, we’re filing
it under the things you do for love. Sure thing number 2: Bobby knows all the camping
things. Sure thing number 3: We had boats and open
water and plenty in our surroundings to keep us wonderstruck and inspired along the way. Sure thing number 4: We had optimism and a
spirit of adventure and a unicorn, and well there are no more sure things in camping. So in an earlier video, I told you that I’ve
been learning that sometimes it’s not up to us to make the moments magical but to just
appreciate the magic that already exists in the moment we’re in. I feel like the lesson I learned through this
trip is a spin off of that. Sometimes no matter how experienced you are
or how prepared or how optimistic and hopeful, crazy ish is just going to happen. Evil bugs might crawl up from the depths of
wherever and terrorize your campsite… and in the moment when you’re freaking out
and wondering what ever posessed you to pitch a tent on a mountain off of a river and attempt
to coexist with black bears and hellgromites in the first place, you won’t see it..you
might think to yourself that the experience is ruined or camping is the worst but then…when
the sun rises and you’re sitting around a campfire with people you love, sipping coffee,
watching the way the sun peeks through the tree branches, listening to the sounds of
the woods and laughing about the hellgromite invasion you all survived together…
you realize..then… when the moment is past…
that some things can’t be ruined even by terrifying insect invasions..
some moments are even more magical when you’re on the other side of them… looking back at them… laughing and shaking your head with the people
who shared it
with you! Yeah. There’s good stuff on the other side of
scary stuff..you just gotta hang on until morning. Hope you’re making the most of your one
wild and precious life. Special thanks to @Laurenzside and @Bobizard
for making this trip, and life in general, awesome!

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