Hello, ………. I’m just arriving at the Hangzhou Zoo, let some experience about chinese animals This is a Hangzhou Zoo. and it’s ticket price RMB 20. If you are student in China for Bachelor degree, not Masters or PhD, by showing student ID card you can get 50% discount. This receipt like ticket is hard, Its not like a paper, I didnt seen the other side of the ticket. All guide is mentioned on this board, which sides are Pandas, elephant, washrooms etc. all things are in chinese, but we can guide through pictures. Here is Tourist information too. and sign boards are in English too. The very first spot is fish, we seen fishes. Enjoy the Dolphin. She was playing with Ball, Circle, tyres, etc Let’s go to elephant side. Behind m their is an elephant. they are coming close, watching 3 or 4 elephants goes inside, Small childrens are also doing trekking when you come to a tourist attraction, you arrived zoo with the help of map. then switch map to satellite mode, and you will better know which place is where… Pandas and monkeys on my left hand, we watched Dolphin, they put named as Sea lion. Elephant and Giraffe is on right hand side, I seen elephant but not Giraffe. and these are sign boards. I am going to see Pandas and monkeys. Reached to see Pandas, my favourite pandas, Two pandas are here and they are sleeping now. no monkeys are here, I seen 2 or 4 monkeys only monkeys pictures are here, 1 lion is sitting in the grass, Now afternoon time, animals are sleeping or inside homes. outside is too hot. many deers are here, some are resting and some peoples are teasing them. This is a bear, one Bear here and peoples are teasing here. Here is a brown Bear, Too many trees here, and shadows very well managed and lots of sitting place. small childrens are here doing trekking just a small kid of lion, in a huge zoo only small kid of lion. animals are too less, only one one or two two animals, one animal is behind, Kangroo is sitting here, Kangroos may be find in Australia or NewZealand. Hello,…… Kid said to animal: Hello…. but animal not listening her, Hi Hi This animal name is Lamaglama monkeys are here in different kinds, When you opened map and didnt find anything, but you seen in map where is this thing, but not find location, Like are you visiting zoo, you want to go to see elephant, map shows elephant just click on elephant, and get direction Hangzhou Zoo trip is almost completed, all animals I have seen, rest of reptiles like snacks, I not see ever. little shaking in videos, need to buy gimbal soon will make video with gimbal We are Exit now zoo, I am hungry, I found it Halal resturant, How did I find it? I told in video (Everything you need to know about WeChat) I find it, and 600 m far from here, lets go and eat first. GPS lost.

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  1. This video is based on my experience of visit Hangzhou Zoo in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China.
    Hangzhou Zoo (in Pinyin/Chinese: Hangzhou Dongwuyuan/杭州动物园 ), entry fees is RMB 20 ($ 3) and opening timing is Monday to Sunday from 07:00 am to 05:30 pm (Hours might differ during public holidays).

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