HAPPY HOLIDAY! Russia Celebrates National Unity Day!

HAPPY HOLIDAY! Russia Celebrates National Unity Day!

Russia celebrates National Unity Day. There will be events, festivals, and concerts across the country. This holiday is in memory of the events of 1612, which became a symbol of rallying the people in the face of difficulties and external threats. Russian militias led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish conquerors. The residents of the Far East were the first to celebrate. The traditional procession through the streets of the city began in the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk this morning. Thousands of people passed from the Resurrection Cathedral to the central square with the Russian tricolor in their hands. The Governor of the Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko congratulated the local residents on the Day of National Unity. The might of our state is when people, the government, army, business, all layers of the society are united in one nation. When we respect and love each other. I want to congratulate this big holiday to all. I want to wish you happiness, good health and order in every family and the world. So that peace and trust are present in society. Dear friends, happy holiday!

64 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAY! Russia Celebrates National Unity Day!

  1. Following the European patterns the event needs to be recognized as genocide of the Russian people by Poles and ask for a monetary compensation for the occupation.

  2. Meanwhile in the West. Tolerance as a lying facade for self destruction and division is promoted.
    May Russia keep away from American influence! ??

  3. I also celebrate the Unity of every Native of Earth, no matter where you are, we are all brothers and sisters. HAPPY HUMAN FAMILY'S UNITY DAY…?

  4. Happy Holidays !!! Y si, hermanos míos, la unión es la fuerza, e imagínense si nos unimos en amor y paz….Wow….les envío mucho amor y paz !!!

  5. I do not understand, isnt Russia communist? Cuba and China are communist and look at the horrible living conditions of its citizens. What makes Russia any different?

  6. Have a very Happy Unity Day Russia may God continue to shine his face down upon you and bless you ..And congrats Russia and Germany on the Nord Stream 2 .. Many more good things are coming your way …..the best is yet to come


  7. Инсайдер, что у вас произошло с видео про Сороса? Если не сложно, перезалейте видео или дайте ссылку на внешний ресурс, где оно лежит пожалуйста.
    RI, what happened to your video about Soros shared a day ago?! It is deleted! Reupload it pls or make us a link to external source.

  8. Всех Всех Всех вместе взятых и каждого по отдельности ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ . каждый по чуть чуть а в целом нас хрен подвинешь ))

  9. Воля Взаимовыручка Доброта Смекалка Справедливость Любовь Уважение Решительность Противоречивость = Россия ну кто мы все без этого )))

  10. Всю нашу многонациональную страну поздравляю с этим праздником. Да и вообще наши соседи из СНГ тоже близкие нам народы. Всех короче с праздником)

  11. Здравствуйте, мои русские братья, желаю вам в День народного единства из Индии ….
    Также в Индии мы отмечали «День народного единства» 31 октября??

  12. How wonderful to see all the happy faces – long live the Russian Bear and the wonderful Russian people – all the best from Austria

  13. Идиотский праздник, который никто не празднует. Замена 7 ноября.

  14. Праздник бред. Никакого единства с ворами у власти у меня нет. У меня нет домов в Западной Европе иди гражданства западных стран, мои родственники учатся в наших университетах, а не западных, работают и живут тоже тут. Что у меня общего то с дочкой/сыном Пескова или Путина? Они же страну продадут при первой возможности.

  15. Unity Day was better first 3 years it was held when Russian skinheads and true ultra nationalists use to march around.
    Then Putin and his Government cracked down on their own people arresting thousands.
    Now im afraid to say its all people over the age of 50 marching.

    But still happy unity day

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