Happy Holidays + My Christmas Present (VLOG)

Happy Holidays + My Christmas Present (VLOG)

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to
the Yoga with Adriene Vlog. I’m Adriene, and I’m here today, to wish you a very happy holiday,
whether you’re celebrating Christmas, or Hanukkah,
or the winter solstice, or if you’re on a beach somewhere. Just wishing you a very happy holiday! I wanted to say thank
you again, because you can never say thank you too much. Thank you so much for a wonderful year, for sharing all of your
stories, and just being so warm. It’s particularly on the Youtube
channel, I really am proud and—mic check, sorry—proud and honored and just thrilled that the community there is
so warm, and honest. It’s really pleasant, and I
think that’s worth toasting to. I look forward to more
of that in the new year. I also wanted to say thank
you to a couple of friends who so kindly sent me a couple of gifts, and I just want to show
them to you because they’re just so sweet, and I just wanted to give them a little
“hello” and a shout-out. I got this cool “Namaste”
hanging from Melissa and Charles. I actually should have ended
with this, right? Namaste. Or we can greet each other with this. Namaste, from my heart to yours. “Namaste” means I’m
awesome, you’re awesome, we’re awesome. The best in me bows to the best in you. The divine in me honors the divine in you. It’s a perfect thing to kind of mediate on at the end of the year, as we begin to kind of dream up what the
next cycle is going to be. And, in fact, as I record this now, the solar moon, we’re already
into the new solar year. So the new moon was
just a couple days ago. So we can already start beginning, you can already begin to start thinking of the things you want
to do in the new year. And cultivate whatever
you need to cultivate to make that dream a reality, right? Conscious languaging, conscious thought, whether you write it down or
think about it in the shower. Or on the mat, or before
a meal, or in the car. Just be aware of how powerful your words, your thoughts are as we
begin to dream up 2015! Another thing I have here is from my dear friend Kelly Assandres. I met Kelly, actually, in yoga studio at the gym many moons ago,
and she’s like a sister to me. And her mom actually made this. (sniffs). It smells like
Kelly, too. So good. She said that this reminded her
of me because of the colors, and it looks like an old
lady from the 20s wore it. And I was like “thank you,”
I was actually flattered. (laughs) Thank you so
much, Kelly. Thank you, Melissa and Charles, very sweet… First, I also want to
mention 30 Days of Yoga. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but just another reminder that it’s coming up. It’s free, it’s going to be awesome. It’s 30 days of free yoga videos to help you kick-start the year. And it will be available on throughout. So if you’re traveling or you’re like “I’m just not ready to start
on January 1st or January 2nd,” then that’s OK, you can start
and move at your own pace, because it’s really there to empower you to create a home practice,
and to get back to you. The link for that is down below. Make sure you check it
out, sign up if you like. I look forward to seeing how that goes with everyone, and connecting globally. It’s going to be so
awesome! Seriously, so cool! So as you know, Chris and Hyla welcomed a baby to the world just
a couple of months ago. We also just released our
prenatal yoga package, which would be a great Christmas gift or a great thing to
give anyone in your life that you know is pregnant, expecting, we’ll put a link for that down below, too. And in that splog I’m just happy to report that their baby is alive and
happy and healthy and so cute! So whether you’re
pregnant or not, you might want to hop over there and just
get caught up just for fun. And again, keep that in your tool bag as a lovey present for
somebody who’s expecting. That said, speaking of babies, I got one more present to show you. We shot a bunch of yoga last Friday, I went and did some shopping, I hold an annual ladies party,
which is really lovely. We actually do it in the yoga room. It’s very sweet, all women, connecting. So I was shopping for the holiday party, came home and there was a
box underneath this tree. My sweetheart said
“Open the box. It’s your “Christmas present, it’s
early, and it’s for the party.” And I’m thinking, “Oh
cool, punch decanters!” “How lovely, darling!” And I open the box and this
is what was inside of it… “Hello.” So, Yoga With Adriene community, I’d love to introduce you to
Benjamin, Ben, maybe Benji? Still very new, six weeks old. He’s a blue heeler, his mom
and dad were both blue heelers. He looks a lot like my “Blue.” When I sent the picture of
Benji to my dad, he said “how do you mend a broken heart?” (dog whimpering) I was not expecting to get a puppy but it’s the most kind gesture
and very sweet, and again, the world works in mysterious
ways, right my friends? You’re like “I want to go back
down and play with my toy.” Well say hello, just say hello now. Just say hello to the world. All right, so I just
figured we had to get this out of the way, and so here you go. Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy New Year! I love you so much, I’m so grateful for the community, and
I cannot wait to see what we do together in the new year. Be kind to one another. Keep it warm. Chill when you need to, and then let’s get active in the
new year, all right? Happy Holidays from Benji and I, from Austin, Texas, and
from Yoga with Adriene, We love you guys. Take care. Namaste.

98 thoughts on “Happy Holidays + My Christmas Present (VLOG)

  1. Hi Adirene,

    Congratulations on the adorable Benji/ Ben/ Benjamin (all great names). I had no idea of sweet, gentle Blue's passing (I just researched previous blogs and found out). So sorry for your loss my dear. I have no doubt that Benji will bring you lots of joy.

    Wishing you a great rest of the year, and an even better new one.

  2. Oh my goodness the cuteness!!!
    Congratulations on the new baby puppy!
    Can't wait for the 30 day yoga! I'm super pumped!
    Happy holidays and new year!!!

  3. Thank YOU for your awesome, inspiring videos. We love them!! And we absolutely adore Ben 🙂

  4. Feliz Navidad and happy new Year!  thank you for this channel and all that you share.  I started yoga back in August and it has been so rewarding and helpful for me.  Greetings from Mesa, Arizona  Congrats for that beautiful puppy  🙂

  5. I hope you had a great Christmas, and all the best for 2015! Hope you keep on going with your channel. I just bought myself a yoga mat today so I can do some yoga at home, sometimes it's just more relaxing then with allot of people in the gym 🙂 I have been looking for the right movies that suit me the best, and I like yours by far the most. I love how easy it starts. For me as a beginner this is great. The bits of humor you put in it is also awesome, keep it up! Greetings from Denmark! Oh and, your puppy is adorable ^^

  6. Hi Adriene. I have just discovered your channel. I've practiced yoga on and off for years and am always sparked again by the active meditation I find in it. Your channel has now ignited a new momentum in me and I have been practicing with increased focus and centredness lately which is something I feel I lost over the years. Your energy shines through in your videos and I can feel you are one of those special people in life who gently guides others along their path. Wishing you a wonderful 2015. Namaste

  7. I was really sad to get the notification of this video. I love your posts and your wonderful energy; however, given the fact that it is essentially forcing dogs to produce offspring for money, dog breeding is incommensurable with the values of compassion and mindfulness that I associate with yoga.  This is in addition to the fact that hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs are euthanized every year, often for no reason other than the fact that their owners weren't responsible enough (maybe got them as a christmas gift?). And you might want to let the breeder know that, aside from being morally despicable in general, any responsible agent of the pet industry knows that 6 weeks is too young for a puppy to be taken from his parents. Unsubscribed. 🙁

  8. I am in LOVE with your channel. I am a complete yoga beginner and you have made it so easy for me to learn. You're such a genuine person and what we see is who you really are. Looking forward to progressing my yoga. Have a nice day 🙂

  9. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I DIE SOOOOOO CUTE haha and i wish you a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Adriene with your new "christmas gift "   🙂  LOVE Maria

  10. I thought this would get a good laugh: It's called Angry Yoga!

  11. AWWWW Happy Late Holidays! Several weeks late. But your puppy made me cry, mostly because he's cute and also because I'm just hormonal and emotional but ANYWAY I love watching all of your videos! I've been following 30 days of Yoga and I love your yoga style and silly awesome authentic personality that shines through all your videos. It would be so great to meet! Thank you for helping me reconnect with my yoga practive. <3 Much Love

  12. It's so funny he could barely handle being held up.  Cattle dogs are super sensitive to touch, and usually even a tiny bit of handling can get their energy level up to an intolerable level.  You can usually tell if they've been overstimulated if they shake off like they were just wet, it's their way of calming themselves down.  Best dogs in the world though, just don't tell my lab that 🙂  Hope he and your household is doing well, and thanks for the videos.

  13. Adrienne, I normally do not comment on any social media other than my family. I want to thank you for putting together the 30 day yoga series. It has helped me to add one more tool to my personal and professional life. I have one more day to go and look forward to exploring all the moves that yoga has to offer on my own as I feel more confident with this practice. Oh what a beautiful blue healer you have.

    Once again. Thank you.
    Trainer Fast

  14. OHMIGOsh.. your beautiful dog was such a sweet puppy!!!  I love him and his sweet squealing whining..soo adorable…thank you for your wise words, although I just found them, they're so helpful and so apt!!!  good vibes ~*~

  15. girl i love and respect you as an amazing warm person but as a vegan i feel that buying into puppy farming is bad but as you said it was an unexpected gift. i dont know the ins and outs but that puppy needed to be put down man. i love you and im sure your a wonderful owner but i got vibes and energy through watching a couple of videos you dont seem that into him. mabye cuz puppies are super stressful (kitnes are hell) but as adults maybe its easier now hope all is well <3

  16. my goodness! when I saw lil' benji I almost melted! so cute, so fluffy! and now he's so big and zen 🙂

  17. Omgoodness just came across this thinking it was Christmas 2017 then to realise no and then Benjamin as a pup whoa little Benji big now so nice in 2018 🕉 join FWFG

  18. this never gets old. i've watched it so many times and every time i see baby benji i smile and go "AWWWWW" 😀 hahahaha. lots of love to you!

  19. I just came upon this by accident and since I’m a newbie to Yoga with Adriene, I happily surprised to get to see Benji as a pup. Cute as ever ❤️

  20. As a long time YWA fan this is the first time I’ve seen this video and I just want to say Ohhhhh Benji such a cute puppie dog! #Namaste

  21. we've been perusing your extensive library and enjoying the time spent with you and as always appreciating your efforts and passionate embrace of all things!

    we like so many others adore Benji and all creatures,
    our pack of 5 are all rescues except Doobie, he was adopted to us and is a mix of Blue Heeler and Catahoula, (he is part Ninja I swear!)

    farm dogs they be,
    they all enjoy 'jobs', a lovely raw diet and often wonder why they can't join in YWA along side the Chilcotin Meow-fia (6 rescue cats, all female, all indoor..it's a predation thing being in the wilds of BC here)

    along with our 2 horses (aka the Giraffes) and running our little homesteading farm/business the days are full, long and for the last month or so have been starting with 4 am YWA,

    what a wonderful way to start one's day,
    we give thanks for the gift that is each day and send peace, love & blessings to one and all,

  22. Years later, crazy to see the calm, noble Benji was once this adorable wriggly fluffball. So keuwt! Love that he was a gift, the best things come unexpectedly. Mucho amor a los dos.

  23. Benji so cute…. I have seen big big Benji while doing yoga practice following your videos…. happy to see Benji and of course you…. Thanks for being my Guide and introducing yoga in my life… its awesome

  24. OMG Benji! ❤️ I thought he was much older, like 8 years or so, 'cause he is always so calm and laid back and well behaved. But obviously Benji is still a young dog. How nice! Love him. 😍

  25. I became a fan of Benji since first yoga videos I have watched with him. :)))))) That what was he like – little heart melting puppy))

  26. HE'S SOOOO TIIIINY 😍❤️❤️ sesly that's the cutest puppy ive seen in a long time. Baby BENJI! My heart has melted….

  27. Omg, I didn't know how long you had Benji until now. He's so tiny!!!!!!!!!! He's so cute, I don't know what to do with myself. I don't know what my feelings are doing right now!!!!!❤❤❤❤💕💕💕❤❤❤😭😍😭😍

  28. For months and months I wondered if I’d hallucinated that benji was once called blu – and then I found this video – what a gorgeous little baby he was!! My daughters love seeing your pups on the screen just wanted to send some love!

  29. I searched for this video after a coworker asked if I had seen benji as a puppy after I told her I loved seeing Benji on your videos. He is so cute!!!

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