HAPPY JOBS – Nº3 Tour guiding | WOMEN OF PARIS

HAPPY JOBS – Nº3 Tour guiding  | WOMEN OF PARIS

[Music] today we wake up in Paris for this episode of happy jobs were going to meet with Heidi Evans originally from London Heidi moved to Paris in 2014 to become a tour guide after two and a half years in the industry she decided to give tours focused on what no one else was talking about and open up her own company called women of Paris people come to Paris with like already kind of an idea about the revolution and art and philosophy and you know everyone wants to hear about the Sun King universally through the 14th I guess they they don’t necessarily come and think like I want to hear about Marie Curie who was this incredible scientist and edible woman and and I guess I kind of would like to change that because there is a lack of women’s focused tools when did you know well actually my aunt she came on a tour with me and she said to me like you don’t really talk about women on your tour and then once she’d said it just like didn’t leave me you know I was always thinking about it through my study for the twelve the musee d’orsay i discovered all of these women painters who you don’t hear about you never hear about the female Impressionists and so i was like this is not really fair like why don’t women get talked about more so hey I’m gonna do that how long has it been since you’ve opened women affairs it’s been a year just about but really nothing happened in the first six months for you the biggest challenge actually finding information about some of these women because they’re not Nepali oh and they haven’t been like 17 million books written about them and finding information about them that is interesting as opposed to like this was the muse of so-and-so and there is not talked about in relation to a man that’s all fun is the way it goes do you need a big investment or something like this no no no you just need it I guess you need an investment of time when I created the first tour it was the women of Paris tour at all which I hoped would be giving an overview of women’s history in Paris and that was the one thing but now I’m like well this is so fun I can do so many different tours you know I can do women in the war or women in theater women writers and women off more marked so it’s really grown in that in that respect I am happy with it yeah it’s going well I guess my biggest fear was just that it would be a failure and then I would just think say okay never mind let’s get a real job now and I think one of the things I just really have to keep telling myself is just to like relax and don’t like don’t put too much pressure on myself whatever pressure on on what I want to happen like things happen you just have to give it time and you can’t have everything all at once you know you companies to take a while to build like they say three years is pretty good kind of marker so like a make-or-break period and I’ve already seen in one year a lot of growth and yeah it’s been it’s been cool so if it doesn’t work at the beginning don’t give up I think that’s important you know just keep going because Mary Curie did go crazy you think I’m bitching [Music]

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  1. lovely! I have spent about 20mins. with you in Nepal and something told me that you are a very special woman. Thank you for "Happy jobs" please keep it up and show us more people like that because there are so many people around me, telling me that it is impossible to have a job that fullfills you in every way but I am a believer 🙂 While travelling I have also met many people with outstanding, very exclusive jobs. It would be fun to see such people talk about their unique jobs as well. Maybe you will catch some of them, would be really interesting and also, it could help some people expand their horizon. Best of luck for your little "garage-project"

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