Happy Labor Day, Mawmas! ? Jersey Shore Family Vacation | MTV

Happy Labor Day, Mawmas! ? Jersey Shore Family Vacation | MTV

– Right now I’m like, freaking out, because I’m thinking okay, maybe I’m like going into labor. – Labor.
– Labor. – Labor.
– Labor. – Labor.
– Labor right now. – Instead of life
throwing me a curve ball, it threw me a sperm ball. (film reel flutters) Are you sitting? I have to tell you something. – Yeah. – Guess what? – Oh my God, what? – I’m pregnant! – You are? – Yes! – Oh my God, congratulations! – I’ve been trying to get
pregnant for the full, the whole Summer. – Remember, we took
pregnancy tests together? (film reel flutters) (gentle music) – No. I’m getting a drink (laughs). I already miss wine. – I’ll drink some for you. – Alright, I’m gonna go vomit. I’m like really nauseous.
– Oh God. – Dude, being pregnant is a (beep) bitch. But I mean, I love all the ups
and downs of being pregnant, because the result is amazing. And, I love being a mom. Bye.
– (mwah) Bye. Do not want to be her vagina. (laughs) Do not wanna be that vagina, huh? – [Snooki] Can I see your nipples? – No you can’t see my nipples! – Why? – But, I didn’t look at your nipples when you were pregnant.
– I wanna see if they look huge. ‘Cause, your nipples grow like… They just get like, big pepperoni’s when you’re pregnant. (JWOWW laughs) Do they? Is that what yours looks like? – (laughs) Yes. I cannot be stuck with a girl, and have to raise spawn of Satan, myself. You’re raising the spawn of Satan as well. – No. If I have a girl, mines gonna be a princess. – Exactly.
(laughing) – [Snooki] You wanna just pig out? Could we do nachos grande? – Do you have pizza? – I do.
– Cheese balls. Fried pickles. Chicken Caesar wrap. Cheese fries. (gasps) Mac and cheese. Ooh, mozzarella sticks. – Do you have boneless wings? – Yeah.
– I’ll take that. – Hi.
– Hi, Mama. (mwah) – Perfect dress.
– Hi. – She has a baby in there! Remember how you were in my belly, and I pooped you out? (whimsical music) – [JWOWW] How do you feel? – [Jionni] She didn’t poop yet. – (laughs) You’re gonna poop, just for the record. – I feel like I’m gonna poop. – That’s a good thing. – No, like when I push. I think I’m gonna poop, ’cause I ate. (groans)
– Uh oh. – I’m so sorry if I poop. – [Jionni] We’re in trouble. – What if you see it? – [Jionni] I’ll be back here. – What if it like, touches her? – [Jionni] Touches who? – Baby.
– They wash her off. – My (beep) (mumbles). You know it.
– It’s true. – I have to flush five times.
(whimsical music) She’s gonna do that. Ew! – Oh, it’s so cute!
– There’s the little legs. There’s the head. – It’s moving?
– It’s moving! – Oh, I gotta throw up. (laughing) – [JWOWW] How am I gonna about to cry, and you’re like gonna throw up? – There he is.
– Aww! He’s looking right at–
– This is the nose. This is the eye. There’s a hand, and that’s the face right there. – Is he sucking his thumb? – [Deena] Oh my God! – Baby!
– Look at his little nose! He has Chris’s nose. If you woulda told me 10 years ago, the same people I’m drinking with… – Cheers!
– Salute! – Salute!
– Blacking out with… (thud) – [Snooki] Deena! Ow! – Partying with… (drunken babbling) (laughs) Would be sitting here, seeing my son on the sonogram, I would be like okay, yeah right. But, it’s amazing how life works. And, I love it. – Your vagina hurts, your boobs are leaking. Like, they’re chapped
because your kids on ’em, and sucking the life out of ’em. Like, murder scenes, and like pooping on the table, ice packs for the vagina, chapped nipples. – So, after you give birth, obviously, it’s like
burning on fire down there, ’cause you just pushed a baby out. – Oh wow.
– So, you put like, this diaper on, because you know, there’s a lot of stuff going down there. – It’s so raw.
– You put it on– – Oh, damn.
(JWOWW murmurs) – It’s like an ice pack for your vagina.
– Wait, you put it on your diaper? – Yeah, like inside.
– Yeah, you have a diaper. – Ugh.
– So then, you wipe this on your vajay? – No, you put it in your diaper.
– Just lay it there. – And then, it’s like on your vagina. – [Woman] How long do
you wear a diaper for? – [JWOWW] Depends on how bad you rip. – The girls used to
talk about their vaginas in the “Jersey Shore” house, and it was like, this guy hit it right. Now, when the girls talk
about their vaginas, they’re talking about it
ripping open from having babies. – He’s moving. He’s like, this is a really good time. He’s like, what is my
mommy doing out there? Trying to get you out. I’m 38 weeks pregnant. I’m ready for this baby to come out. And, I am just counting down
the days until my due date, because he is laying on every
organ in my body right now. – [Chris] Any day now. – Yeah. – Today is my gender reveal party, and I’m super excited. – If it’s a girl, I’m gonna die. – [Snooki] Well, that’s dramatic. Go Lorenzo, you got this honey! (playful music) (cheering)
(film reel fluttering) – It’s like 30 degrees out, and I’m out here walking. (heavy breathing) That never happens. I don’t even walk when
it’s like 70 degrees out. Let alone 30. So, my due date is tomorrow. And, everyone says if you walk, it could help you know, get him ready to join the world. So, I’m just tryna get this party started. And, you know meatballs, we don’t like working out. – This is it Lorenzo, you’re hurting me. (laughing) (chair clacks) Oh (beep). This is like the scary party where they start putting IV’s in you. So, I’m very, very scared. But, I’m very relieved
to be at the hospital. (film reel flutters) – How do you feel? – I feel completely fine. Like, this is gonna be easy-peasy. – Pain management’s completely up to you. So, whatever you want for pain, you can have.
– I wanna feel these things. – Alright. (fast forward scratching) – My vagina’s gonna fall out. (sighs) Ouch. Oh my God, I’m gonna die. Oh my God. This is (beep) excruciating. It feels like someone
is taking my intestines, and trying to pull ’em
out of my ass(beep). – [Nurse] You’re getting
meds now, continuously. Okay, until you deliver. – Yeah.
– This button here, you can hit this as often as you like, for extra if you need it.
– Thank you. (rapid beeping) (Jionni laughs) (rapid beeping) – Nicole’s definitely
overdosing on the button here. (beeping) I don’t know if she
realizes that at one point, it kinda just stops. ‘Cause, if that was the case, people would probably not wake up. – Yeah. – Have you been using your button? – Yeah. – Yeah, she keeps pressing it. (rapid beeping) Does it mean it’s coming in? – No (laughs). It times that after a while. – But mentally… – Mentally, yes.
– That helps me. – Yeah, well you can press away. – Exactly.
– One more for good luck. (beeping) (video game chime) – [Doctor] Okay, gimme a little push, gimme a little push! Okay hun, finish it off. – Here we go!
– Here we go, little more, little more. (crying)
(cheering) Yay, a boy! There you go! (muffled cheering and laughing) (baby crying)
(laughing) – You did it!
– Great job! – [Woman] Congratulations. – [Snooki] Hi, Lorenzo. (baby crying) I love you. (gentle music)
(baby crying) (film reel flutters) – My whole (beep) pregnancy, from beginning to end, and the horrible labor
that I went through, literally was just a memory from the second I laid eyes on Meilani. Like, she was all worth it. Every single thing. I would have done it 10 times more, and 10 times harder, just to have her. – I can’t give you a word to explain the first time you see your kid. – Beautiful. – No word that could possibly, just like…
– Amazing. – There’s no word.
– (laughs) Oh. Goodnight, Lorenzo. I love you. – Goodnight, little buddy.
– Goodnight, poop. (film reel flutters) – Just got settled in. (sighs) Having contractions, so… – Next time you’ll see us, we’ll have a little baby. – Can’t wait to meet you, CJ! (baby crying) ♪ Feel warmth ♪ ♪ As you whisper my name ♪ Hi, baby. I pushed the (beep) outta this kid. And, he came out naturally, and very healthy. We are parents to the cutest little boy. I’m just exhausted, and I don’t even care. I’m just so happy. How does it feel to be a dad, Chris? – So crazy. – He’s perfect. It’s just such an emotional moment. He’s perfect. ♪ Touch my heart ♪ (gentle music) (mwah) (gentle music)

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  1. Dude I was crying when Snooki's birth to Lorenzo came on, it is just so emotional AF. Remembering the episode so well from Snooki and JWOWW by the way ??

  2. Hey guys I'm starting a YouTube channel and would really appreciate if you guys could support a homeboy out 🙂 thanks much love and happiness

  3. Classic! Cld just keep Replaying the guys Looks on their faces when the girls went into all the gooey details of their Vajajas After birth!! ?????????????????????

  4. Congraulations on the birth of your new born son hope he brings you and your husband all th e joy now you have to handsome sons and one beautiful daughter who is s minnie snokkie

  5. I love the boys expression when the girls talk about pregnancy.what they thought.wouldnt it be more beautiful if it were men having the kids

  6. Omg I just love them all… Look at all those beautiful mommas and babies… Got me crying watching all these mommas giving birth..

  7. I just had my last appointment with my high risk doctor today. I've graduated from their amazing care and was told that with how everything looks, I can safely go into labor any day now. I'm due 10/08 with my first. I'm scared and excited and just taking it all one day at a time. Good luck to all the mommas out there!

  8. I love seeing these ladies as moms. I was wild when I was younger too but something happens when that baby comes… but don’t you worry, i can still throw down here and there (as long as I have a babysitter for the next morning! ?)

  9. God I hate when shows just pop child birth visuals in without any warning. Not only is it kinda icky to look at, but it seems like something that should not be made for casual viewing… I'm never prepared for it, and it happens a lot! Why do you reality TV punks like throwing the viewer off like that!?

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