Happy Together – [Summer Special] Jang Yoonjeong, Do Gyeongwan, Kim Jiwoo & more! (2015.08.06)

Happy Together – [Summer Special] Jang Yoonjeong, Do Gyeongwan, Kim Jiwoo & more! (2015.08.06)

The Late Night Cafeteria Summer Special. (The Happy Virus, Happy Together) Today’s guests all made reservations. We’re expecting three married couples. Here they are. We have our lovely doe and her master. It’s No Sayoun and Lee Musong. (No Sayoun, Lee Musong) – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Next are the madam of trot and her trusted servant. It’s Jang Yoonjeong and Do Gyeongwan. (Jang Yoonjeong, Do Gyeongwan) – Hello. / – Hello. (I heard this is the popular place to eat at) Here’s beauty and the beast, Kim Jiwoo and Raymon Kim. (Kim Jiwoo, Raymon Kim) He looks like Kim Johan. Kim Johan is back. (The king of R&B is here on Happy Together?) I should forget about you. He went from singing to cooking. – Something smells nice. / – Kim Johan cooks now? – He isn’t Kim Johan. / – Is that Kim Johan? He’s Raymon Kim, a chef. I told you to wear your glasses. She actually thought he was Johan. If you look at their chins… (Brothers!) He’s a young version of Kim Johan. How long have you not watched TV for? It’s been a good few years, right? The first thing she said was, “Did you have a baby?” – “Did you have a baby?” / – He turned one. As you can see, we have three famous couples. Today’s special corner is… Husband’s Cafeteria where the men will cook. (Husbands cook for the wives) My husband is the sexiest when he chops onions. (Sexy men who cook) Wow. Oh wow. I shouldn’t say this, but you’re sexy. – Isn’t this your first joint appearance? / – It is. – Right? / – It is. – Cheer up, Gyeongwan. / – He looks so down. – He looks so downcast. / – Are you nervous? – Speak up. / – Well… I had very little experience on variety show last time, so I just said whatever came to my mind, then I got told off at home. – What for? / – I got told off in private. Why did you get told off? – You spilled secrets? / – I think he’s mistaken. Someone told him he should be extreme on variety shows. Instead of just being funny… One of my seniors was like that. – Jun Hyunmoo. / – Jun Hyunmoo. – Mr. Jun something. / – Mr. Jun something. So he went to the extreme and was very mean. A joke is only a joke if the other person laughs. It stops being a joke if they get upset about it. That’s the kind of advice that I gave him. Now he doesn’t know what to say. He started bugging me last night. (I have nothing to say…) Is he upset, then? He’s discouraged. His hands are freezing cold. – He’s so tense. / – Well… It’s fine if she scolds me in private. But I’m afraid she’ll scold me here, in public. What? Me scold you here? I wouldn’t do that. I’ll scold you at home. (Come on, husband) – Seriously? / – She has manners. She’s a decent person. (She’s in control) – Are you older? / – I’m older. You’re two years older. I think Sayoun is older, too. Them, too. – How much older? / – I’m four years older. Four years difference… – It’s fine. / – We started the trend. We started it. – You started it. / – I was the pioneer. – I did it for you. / – Thank you. I noticed that Sayoun’s hairdo today is somewhat like the lion mane. It reminds me of WWE wrestler Warrior. – Wrestler… / – The Warrior… (She didn’t get it) Yoonjeong, you’re not supposed to upset people. I guess I got it from her. I totally missed the joke. My hearing is poor. If I’d heard it the first time, I’d have punched her. (Summoning Warrior) There would be no show. She’d be the real warrior. The chop. – He saved her. / – She’s a tad slow. – You have a new nickname. / – “Warrior.” – “Warrior No.” / – “No Warrior.” – You aren’t the Warrior. /- No Warrior. The Sayoun I know would’ve lashed out already. Jiwoo, you’re laughing like mad behind your hands. (Like washing her face) She can’t stop laughing. She’s trying to hide it because Sayoun is older. She’s facing her, too. Jiwoo, why are you greedy after you gave birth? – Greedy? / – What does that mean? When he first got the call asking us to be on the show, he turned it down. – Who, Raymon? / – Yes, because… he doesn’t know what to say or do and feels pressured. So he said no, but I insisted on coming on the show. Why? New moms get stressed when they’re cooped up. – Especially if you used to work. / – I felt like… I could talk to a complete stranger about anything. – I just wanted to talk. / – You’ve so much to say. – You feel lonely. / – Even about the small things. Talk as much as you want today. – I will. / – Vent some of that stress. So Jiwoo wants to be on TV again. But Raymon, why don’t you like being on TV? You called me Kim Johan. – They look alike. / – You look like him. Johan owns a restaurant on the same road as my husband. Raymon said that one day he was walking down the road when a mirror came toward him. He thought it was someone carrying a mirror. They’re doppelgangers. They walked up to each other and then jumped because they look that much alike. Even they think they look alike? Lemon might not like that. (Let’s stop talking about that) Honey, it’s “Raymon”, not “lemon”. (It’s not “Lemon”?) Do you need to lie down? – “Lemon Kim.” / – That sounds too sour. They’re hurting each other. I’m not cut out to be here. – You’re fine. / – It’ll be fine. It’s give and take. You laughed a lot at “Warrior”. She laughed a lot at “Lemon”. You’re even now. Our goal is to make you laugh. These two hosted a first birthday party. – Who did? / – Those two did. Not mine. It’s our son’s. We know it wasn’t yours. You’ll get scolded for that one. (Warning) There it was. Yoonjeong motioned for him to hold it. That was the first one. I should keep count. (Chopstick warning system) He has his first chopstick. The fifth one goes diagonally. Your son must have grabbed one of the items. – Yes. / – What did he grab? – Speak up now. / – Oh, me? Two chopsticks. (Second count) Come on in. We did it the traditional way, with things like a brush and ID tag, and I wanted him to grab the coins. Money, riches. He reached for the colored paper furthest from him. – Colored paper? / – Five colors, rolled up. – That’s for celebrities? / – That’s what it means. We didn’t even know what it was, but he grabbed that. We later found out it means entertainment. When we made him do it again, he grabbed the brush. Is that when you clapped? (Of course) Moms are like that. They force the child to pick something they want. I’m holding him as he reaches out, so I kept turning him around like a remote control. But he stayed focused. I heard that Sayoun said something. Does Yoonjeong remind you of your younger self? – Why? / – Your younger self? Yoonjeong is a singer. She married a younger man. I was once called a walking patch of real estate. You were a company. She was pretty, too. She always was. I think she let herself go after she became a mom. – I gained weight. / – Yes. That never happens. Motherhood improved me. I became even prettier. As a wrestler… (Extremely fired up) Look at my hair. Could you pull off this look at my age? (A strong arm detains the Warrior) Did you just count down? It was five seconds. That’s how long it takes her to cool down. It’s the five-second miracle. (The doe is back) I thought you were wearing a wig. It’s all mine, and it took a lot of effort. The care and effort means I still work hard for it. That’s how I cope with a younger husband. – You were giving me advice. / – I’m an example. You both work. Who does the finances? – It’s separate. / – Separate? – Separate? / – Yes, we have separate accounts. – Do you spend all your income? / – No, I didn’t. He pays for expenses. – It’s 50:50? / – Yes, it is. – Equally? / – Yes, the rest is separate. – I like that. / – It’s practical. Gyeongwan, I sense you’re unhappy with the arrangement. Is it the ratio that you aren’t happy with? I have no issue with that. She lets me spend as much as I want. She just wants whatever is left. She even gives me a credit card. – That’s nice. / – “Use mine.” She even bought me a car to drive. – She gave you everything. / – But then… It was great at first, but after a while… The car was in her name. So was the house. Nothing is yours. I have nothing to sort out before I die. (Nothing to my name) – What? / – That was funny. I liked that. You have that comic touch. You don’t really have to scold him that much. You’re almost a monk. You don’t take any possession. I felt bad when I realized that, so I’m going to change it. – Really? / – The ownership. The ownership? It’ll be a joint ownership. You look worried, Myungsoo. – Why? / – Tell her that. – Tell her that. / – What? – His house is in… / – I’m hallucinating. I see my wife’s official seal floating in front of me. You two also must get into fights about things. My husband knows how to fight, but not how to make up. He just argues? No, he doesn’t know how to reconcile. – All men are like that. / – I guess so. The woman has to appease him. He once tried to appease me by throwing me down. – What? / – We play around like that sometimes. I suddenly like this. We play around like that. I did giggle and go along with it at first. One day he suddenly said, “Come here.” I said, “I’m still angry so leave me alone.” He suddenly grabbed me by the waist… For real? – On the bed? / – He threw me on the bed. I’d get angry at him every day, then. (No Warrior descends) (Culture shock) The reaction differs from their age. You were really loud just now. (She doesn’t know how happy she is) What happened? I guess he finds you cute when you’re upset. Later on I say, “What was that? I was still angry.” “It’s just that I don’t know how to make up.” That’s adorable. That’s when we make up. Do you speak in honorifics when you’re angry? – Yes. / – Don’t you forget to when you’re upset? He’s eight years older. He’s older, and he has this aura that forces me to stay polite. I hit her when she’s rude. Jiwoo, you told us that there are times – when Raymon’s jokes hurt you. / – I said that. – Really? / – We met as a judge and a contestant. – That’s how you met. / – Yes. It was a cooking reality show for celebrities, and Raymon was one of the judges. He said a lot of mean things. I really felt… – Didn’t you cry? / – I did. (Jiwoo cried at Raymon’s criticism) We’re celebrities, we aren’t professional chefs. He could’ve said “it’s salty,” or “it’s too strong.” What did he say? He made a face and said, “It tastes exactly like cheap street stall junk food.” Then he turned away. I wanted to say, “I like junk food.” I almost did. – You should’ve. / – Why didn’t you? – He crushed my confidence. / – Of course. – I was angry. / – It was a ploy. Did you do that on purpose? I think he was extra mean to her because he liked her. When we were young… You flip girls’ skirts. – Was it intentional? / – No, it wasn’t. – I said what I felt. / – He said he was being honest. – And… / – I felt even worse when I heard that. He meant it. I was actually a fan of his at first. I used to say, “I think he’s so cool.” After all those insults, I went to the dressing room. I said, “Who does that jerk think he is?” (How exhilarating) I like that. (Turbo cooling) She wanted to vent. She needed to vent. She’s full of pent-up fury. (A furious woman) I could feel it. “Who does that jerk think he is?” – She’d bottled it up. / – Then she exploded. Isn’t it like a romantic drama? – This is how they fell in love. / – How did it happen? Did you say, “What’s wrong with you? Marry me”? What’s weird is Jiwoo asked him out. I think you’re equally weird. Why did you fall in love? I think I’m a pervert. – You aren’t normal. / – Right? I’ll explain. Did you fall for his mean streak? – I did a bit. / – That was his charm. I got to see his other side. – We had dinner with the crew. / – Dinner is important. He spoke respectfully to everyone and he was so gentle. That was so nice and charming. Did you change your tone, then? “Who does that jerk think he is?” “Who does that jerk think he is?” It’s like a drama. Did Raymon wound you deeply before your marriage? I usually put on at least some BB cream and eyeliner when I met up with him for a date. One day I was in such a hurry I didn’t put on anything. I barely had time to put on lotion. I got in the car and said, “Sorry, did you wait long?” As soon as he saw me he yelled, “Get out!” He meant it as a joke, but he yelled “get out” because I wasn’t wearing any makeup. When I asked him about that later he said, he thought I was someone else. That’s worse. That’s even worse. Do you look that different? No, I don’t look that different. Are you wearing a mask? I don’t think you’d look different. It’s my eyes. My eyes look different. I’m sorry, but… – I admit to it. / – He said it without his voice. – My eyes totally change. / – Really? She looks sweet. Without any makeup on, she looks like a puppy. With makeup on, she looks like a cat or a fox. Do you live with two women? A puppy and a cat? Without any makeup on, she looks like a hippo. With makeup on, she’s a lion. Those are some huge animals. It’s on a different scale. You laughed too much at that. It was the best one so far. Our ratings will soar. Her mother dreamed of a hippo when she was pregnant. That was her special dream. Did your mother dream of a hippo? Did she? – A pre-birth dream? / – It’s a spiritual animal. A spiritual animal? I like it. They’re cute. Does Yoonjeong look different without makeup? I prefer her plain face. Do you? I do. I didn’t say I don’t. If you say that… This could turn into a fight between two couples. A little more vigor would help boost our ratings. That hurt. Could you actually fight? Let’s move on. When she has makeup on, – she looks like someone else. / – Unfamiliar? If you watch her perform on stage, she looks great. When the crowd cheers and screams for her, it feels like I have to share my wife with them. You think too much. Without the makeup… Gyeongwan, do you cry alone in the shower often? (Downcast) He looks so lonely. I feel… He loves his wife so much, yet… He shares her with her fans. “Am I allowed to love her this much?” A few falling leaves would make him sadder. And he has nothing to his name. I never get to say this, but the two phrases I hear the most are “Are you well?” The other one is, “Be good to Yoonjeong.” People treat me like some quack doctor. To them I’m someone who has to be good to her. That gets stressful… That’s how much people love her. To me it sounds like, “How did you end up with her?” He’s doing perfectly well already. I’m doing my best. But when people keep telling him to be nice to me… We should tell Yoonjeong to be nice to Gyeongwan. Let’s start saying that now. Be nice to Gyeongwan. He’s grinning. He’s pleased. (Huge grin) He’s smiling. Now he’s smiling. He is at last. You’re almost a monk. You don’t take any possession. Let’s do the opposite. Be nice to him. You’re cute when you smile. Thank you. That’s his favorite compliment. – He’s cute. / – You look like a baby. Thank you. He’s so pleased. This is hilarious. – They’re cute. / – We heard about how you two met. Did you two meet on a TV show as well? It was a Saturday morning show where people sang songs. One day a writer said that they’d invited Yoonjeong. I decided to dress up a little and wore cologne. You were interested. The stylist complained that it would ruin the clothes. She sang a song, and I announced the winner. Confetti was flying and I said, “See you next week.” As the credits rolled and the winner sang again, I felt pressured to say something to her. It was around the year-end. I said, “I’d like my parents” “to go to your dinner show, but it’s sold out.” She looked up at me like this. – That isn’t good. / – She does that sometimes. She must’ve heard that a million times. She asked for one of my cue cards, tore a piece of it, and wrote down a phone number. What? There’s no way she did that. I did. She gave it to me saying, “Consult here.” – Consult? / – That was the word she used. I expected it to be her manager, or agency staff’s number. I saved the number and opened the chatting app, and her photo popped up. I thought all her staff used her photo. (Official profile photo) – That sounds plausible. / – It makes sense. Yoonjeong was interested. She gave you her number. That’s exactly what I want to say. – She liked you. / – Was it her number? Yes, it was. So that’s how we got talking. – Why? / – Why did you give him your number? – Were you being crafty? / – No, I wasn’t. I didn’t know him. I just thought he was married as soon as I saw him. I thought he was a married man who was a fan of mine. A good son who wants his parents to come to my show, so I thought he was a good married man. We were on live, and I didn’t know my manager’s number. I had to stand still while the credits rolled. I couldn’t ask for my phone, so I had to give him my number, and that’s when he started saying I liked him first. She’s very smart. She’s a smart woman. That’s why I thought it was a possibility. That it was planned? So you got tickets to the dinner show. – I didn’t. / – Why not? I didn’t care about that now that we were talking. (The tickets were an excuse) Yoonjeong was the second celebrity’s number… to be saved on my phone, after Saeho’s. I was fascinated and perplexed at the same time. How did you two get closer and end up dating? I decided to make a move and asked her to buy drinks. You didn’t offer to buy her drinks? – He didn’t. / – You asked her to pay? It’s the younger guy thing. That’s how younger men work. – That’s the attraction. / – What then? She makes more, so I asked her to buy me a drink and she invited me to join her and a guy friend. I hadn’t changed out of my work clothes yet, so I went over and this thought hit me. If I call her “noona”, I’ll become like Park Hyeonbin. (Park Hyeonbin?) You’ll become nothing. You become just a good guy friend. Did you not call her “noona”? I called her by her name, Yoonjeong. What then? So I thought all the way to the bar. We jokingly say that to date a female celebrity… Someone told him that. We should slap the woman. (Slap her?) Something along the lines of being a bad boy. That’s why I thought Raymon was being crafty. Do you have to drag me into this? – This is fun. / – They’re at it again. I’m not picking a fight. Put some more attitude into it. I can’t just slap her. I know how scary she is. So my strategy for the day was to ignore her. I spent the evening talking to a complete stranger. My plan was to make her wonder what I was doing. – It worked. / – “Why won’t he look at me?” “What’s he doing?” I invited him over but he… I thought he was rude. They started talking and I felt bored, and so I got up to leave. Just as I did he asked me where my car was. I told him that my manager would come for me. – He started to run around. / – Why? He ran around Cheongdam-dong looking for my manager. What? Didn’t he go over there to slap you? He knocked on every van with tinted windows and asked, “Are you Jang Yoonjeong’s manager?” He could’ve just called. Why didn’t you call him? He ran around, so I thought he was in a hurry. – Was it to burn calories? / – It was raining. – He got wet. / – It was raining. She didn’t have an umbrella. – So you got wet? / – Were you trying to show off? “Look what I’d do for you.” You planned that. He ignored me for hours and ran around in the rain. Maybe you already pictured it in your mind beforehand. He went to extremes, so I wondered what he was up to. – He got her attention. / – He did. – He got her attention. / – She noticed him. – And then? / – And then I kept on contacting her. A while later she had a really tough time. She doesn’t really hang out with a lot of people. As if she planned to bury me after telling me all that, she told me everything. – I was stressed. / – You talked about a lot of things. Did you say I’d bury you? Want another chopstick? He’s getting told off. He got one himself. She bit her bottom lip. After five chopsticks, you’re out. – After five, he’s out? / – Yes, he is. He was charming in a way. A little… – He was cute. / – He was. It must’ve been so painful and to tell me that… It means she trusted you. Yoonjeong, what did you say that sealed the deal? I could tell that it was obvious that he liked me. He wouldn’t have texted and called so regularly if he had not been interested at all. I could tell, so I asked him point blank. “Do you like me?” What did he say? Did he sit and scratch himself? “Yes, yes, I do like you.” (Yes, yes, I do like you) “Yes, yes, I do like you.” He was so surprised because he thought that I didn’t have a clue. “Yes, yes, I do like you.” “Yes, yes, I do like you.” “Yes, Madam. I’m going crazy.” – “I’m going crazy.” / – You’re hilarious. Once I’d heard him say “Yes, I do like you,” I didn’t want to play games because I don’t like to. So I said, “Okay, so are you willing to date me?” “Yes, yes, yes.” – “Yes. Yes, Madam.” / – “Yes, yes, yes.” “Your will is my command.” (So it began) Is that how it started? Yoonjeong dropped hints about that earlier, too, – but you bared your heart to him. / – Yes, I did. That’s because you liked him. – That’s right. / – See? He was so dependable. – And you fell in love with that. / – That’s right. – What a story. / – Congratulations. Thank you. We’ve been married for three years. – Be nice to him. / – Congratulations. You need to be good to him. – You’re so cute. / – We wish you all the best. We should hear about how you fell in love. That was 22 years ago. I still remember that day at the hotel. Was Sayoun drunk? You were… Oh gosh. – I was there. / – What happened? We were by a pool at a hotel. At the time, men didn’t wear white swimming briefs. He wore white swimming briefs, – and he was well-built. / – He was from the U.S. He looked like he could pull off cowboy boots. Sayoun’s eyes were already shooting hearts. – It was love at first sight. / – She adored him. Her eyes are shooting hearts even now as she listens. I went to that hotel pool for some strange reason. Why… – Why some strange reason? / – We were three guys. I guess Sayoun liked what she saw. So… at the time… – She was pleased? / – With the package? I went into the pool thinking I would be fine. I found out later on that I had created a scene. It wasn’t much of a scene. He was wearing a white cap and white briefs. Lee Sungmi was there, too, and so was Misun. She said, “He looks like a guy in rehab.” (Guy in rehab) – A bandaged head. / – The cap looked like bandages. Her eyes were shooting hearts. Musong, do you remember what Sayoun looked like? I saw her enter from the other end. You all know the old army uniform. – Military, military. / – The military look? The military look on her is just pure military. (Pure military) Currently serving? She looked like an officer. She looked as if she had a few stars. She had these broad shoulders. She wore a hat like Che Guevara’s. With the beret, I’d say she had at least three stars. He thought I was there to arrest him. (Arrest the man in white briefs!) (Ceasefire) I admit that. – I want to hear what happened. / – What next? I saw him dancing on the floor. – You fell for him even more? / – He looked so good. – He’s a good dancer. / – His dance… I’d never seen such a dance before in Korea. I found it so alluring. It was American style. His body moved with the beat. Musong, I know it’s been over 20 years, but can you dance for us? Show us how you danced. (The special stage) Show us just a little. – This is it. / – This is it. (Musong’s dance) (What) (Was) (So charming?) (Go) You look so cool. (Groovy) (From head to toe) (Full figure) Look at her. She’s falling in love again. (Magical arm movements!) Let’s give him a round of applause. – Sayoun loves it. / – At the time… No one in Korea danced like that then. He danced freely and didn’t care what people thought. It was the American style. That’s what really got me. – What did your mother tell you / – About marriage. that made you decide to marry Sayoun? This is what my mom had said since I was young. “Don’t marry a girl for her looks.” (Should they laugh or not?) Isn’t he worse than Gyeongwan? – Would you like a fork? / – Give me one. That’s four strikes. It has four prongs. “Life is never just easy.” “Marry someone who will stick by you.” – One who will stay. / – One I can communicate with. It would be great if she was pretty, but that’s not all I should go for. – That’s what she meant. / – Of course. Luckily I found a woman who is beautiful, too. That’s why you should always wait for the ending. Why are you looking up there? (She can only laugh) Would you like to dance again? I think we should wrap things up here. Please do. Let’s wrap it up. (Guess and Get Lucky) Next up is our famous Guess and Get Lucky corner. Chef Lee Yeonbok is with us again. The last time Raymon was on our show… That’s right. I really respect a chef who works in Yeonnam-dong. Who is that? Lee Yeonbok. His pork is crispy even after an hour. It sounds so good. He’s why you’re famous. We know about him thanks to Raymon. – Really? / – Not at all. Raymon, do you hold a grudge against him? It was my mother-in-law’s birthday two days ago. It’s almost impossible to get a table. – It’s always full. / – For the next three months. I called to say we’d be there, and he didn’t pick up. Why didn’t you pick up? I can’t hear my phone when I’m at work. Sir, I called at 9:30 a.m. (Oops) He’s flustered. – He’s flustered. / – He got caught. Yeonbok is almost never this flustered. Why did you call Myungsoo after the show? – You talked? / – He called me. What for? I thought it was to make a reservation, but it was to ask me to come on his radio show. Are you trying to hire guests? KBS Cool FM 89.1 MHz, Park Myungsoo’s radio show. (I’ve heard enough) (Hey) He refused the invitation. This is old school. What is old school? I can promote your restaurant on national radio. I’m scared of doing promotions now. Chef Lee will cook some special dishes for the couples. It’s food that is good for stamina. Is there anything that works immediately? Immediately? As soon as you eat it? Like medicine? How much must you eat to improve your stamina? How many tons of meat must I eat? I want something that goes, “Yeah, come on!” Come on! Then I’d win the Nobel Prize. We’ll give you a quiz to answer first. Whoever gets it right will taste the delicious food. That’s motivation right there. – It’s freshly cooked and so good. / – It’s so good. He’s the best chef ever. The first question is about Yoonjeong and Gyeongwan. Guess the answer. “On the first night of their honeymoon,” “Gyeongwan was dismayed to see Yoonjeong eat this.” – Quickly. / – Chicken! – Is it chicken? / – Chicken? Yell your team name, Doe. Doe! Is it pig feet? No. Carbon Copies. Kim Johan. Is it boiled pork? It’s not boiled pork. – It’s not boiled pork? / – We’re Team Kim Johan? (Forever his nickname) No, go with “Solid”. Quickly. Kim Johan! (Summoning Johan) She wants to eat that badly. What’s your answer? – Is it cartilage? / – It’s not cartilage. Doe! Is it chicken feet? (Is she right?) (Chicken feet on her first night?) Is it chicken feet? That is correct! Chicken feet are the correct answer. – How did you know? / – Well done. Excuse me. Don’t say things like “Correct!” That’s my job. We have to build things up first. If you say she’s correct right away… See what I mean? Building things up is too old school. We move in fast nowadays. (20-year veteran entertainer gives in) Lee Yeonbok! Lee Yeonbok! That felt so good. Why did you eat chicken feet on your first night? Weddings are exhausting all-day events. So after work… Oops, it’s not work. So after the ceremony… Did you think marriage was work, too? – I was exhausted. / – You work too hard. I had this romantic idea of our wedding night. This is what I was thinking. “Should we drink red wine or champagne?” That’s where my mind was going. After the ceremony she stretched and said, “I want some chicken feet so badly.” She actually ordered some. I can’t eat chicken feet, whether it has bones or not. She put on these gloves and put one in her mouth. I asked her if chicken feet tasted any good. She went “hmm?” then did… (Spitting bones) That’s what she did. Why are you groaning? It was their wedding night. On your wedding night… Chef, what will you cook for these two? The first dish will be chicken feet. Really? (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Feet) Spitting out the bones is like spitting out stress. (Vegetables) It’s important to stir-fry the leek, garlic and ginger. You’re using soy sauce. Adding it now improves the flavor and aroma. Just that already makes it smell good. The feet go straight in? You’re adding it now? The skin sticks to the wok if you cook it first. (Chili pepper powder, sugar) What’s that? – This improves the flavor. / – It’s oyster sauce. The color is coming through. – So is the smell. / – It smells great. Do you like chicken feet? I like the boneless ones. I like them, but the bony ones look gross. – I can’t eat scary foods. / – I’ve never tried them. Musong, can you eat chicken feet? – He can’t. / – I never got to learn how. Men seem to be pickier. I think women eat chicken feet more than men. – It’s so good. / – A lot of men can’t eat it. This is it. This is it. It’s almost ready. The feet are flying up like this. They’re like this. “Eat me.” They’re doing this. (So focused on chicken feet) Sayoun, do you like chicken feet? – Sayoun. / – What? Do you like chicken feet? (She can’t speak) – Look at you. / – She can’t eat. – Really? / – She can’t eat enough. Oh, “enough.” – It must be done. / – The food is ready. Already? That was so fast. – Wow. / – That looks good. Isn’t this how long it takes to cook ramen? I’ve never tried this, but the smell… He seasons food perfectly. It smells lovely. He’s been cooking for 40 years. (Time to eat) – Do you need plastic gloves? / – Try some. (Sucking her chopsticks) – Did you have some? / – No, I didn’t. If you want some, you’ll have to sing for it. That’s old school. I like old school, and I like Yoonjeong. Can we take a selfie later? Come on, let’s make her sing. – Sing, sing… / – What is he doing? You’re here to cook. Leave the cooking to me. Five, six, seven, eight. If you sow seeds of love, water it with joy, and share happiness, – Thank you. / – That’s one of her best songs. – Jiwoo. / – You’re enjoying it as well. – Is it good? / – It’s delicious. Raymon, are you sucking the sauce off? I can’t eat chicken feet, but his sauce is legendary. Sayoun, how is it? Chef, you made a hippo crow. Jiwoo, you were on a show “King of the Masked Singer”. You should sing, too. (Midway through a foot…) What are you doing? Why are you trying to make everyone sing? There’s no free lunch. – How about a musical number? / – We know she can sing. Deep in my heart I bury our memories as the night grows old I must let our times slide by (This is a tough show…) You went for a Kim Johan’s song. Did you hear how she sang it? Yeonbok, everyone is saying it’s delicious. This dish has a legendary story to go with it. What story? I had a small restaurant in Japan. Chinese guests took over one hotel nearby. A friend said, “They’re ordering” “from all the restaurants but yours.” I had no idea, so I got him to ask around. The other Chinese restaurants were offering free seasoned chicken wings with each delivery. I got my friend to bring a guy over and made him this. I made him a whole load for free for him to take back. After that the whole hotel started ordering from me. – Is this the same recipe? / – Yes, it is. – So… / – That’s why it’s special. (Spicy chicken feet) (Memories of Japan) The first prize to “Guess and Get Lucky” was Chef Lee’s chicken feet dish. Sayoun is really enjoying it. Gyeongwan likes the smell of Yoonjeong’s dirty neck? What? I never knew about this. Did you not? What smell is it? Singers aren’t busy every day. These few months are her off months. – Right now? / – Yes, it is. She stays home all week if she doesn’t have to work. She doesn’t like to go out much. There are days when I leave her in bed to go to work, and when I come back, she’s still in bed. I even worry she might have bed sores. Bed sores? She stays in bed so long it worries me. The smell of her after a long day of lying around… – It’s musky. / – Musky, yes. He must know the smell. I like it, too. Don’t you? – It’s not her neck. / – Where, then? It’s her whole body. The neck… Are you saying that Jiwoo smells musky all over? She sweats a lot. Musong, what scent of Sayoun do you like? The… Very well, Musong. The question was a bit too hard for him. – I shouldn’t have gone there. / – It’s like this. My favorite time with my wife comes once a day. – She’s so adorable then. / – When is that? It’s when she’s asleep. I guess all men are the same. Jaeseok, why such a huge reaction? I’m trying to make him calm down. Do you not fart around each other? – No. Not yet. / – Really? He’s too sensitive. When he’s working in his studio, sometimes I fart in my room thinking it’ll be okay, and sometimes I make a sound. Then he comes in and… I say, “Go and poop.” It’s so annoying that he hears it. Composers like me have very sensitive hearing. We have to pick out a note from all these arrangements. When I hear a sound I didn’t add… It’s a new source, or a new rhythm. One of your many songs could contain her fart. – “What is life, brrrp” / – Only experts can tell. Yoonjeong? – Not me but he… Right away. / – Men just go for it. Even when he’s going blah blah blah… It’s front and back, simultaneously. – What do you mean? / – Blah blah blah… – What about you two? / – Farts. I didn’t know this, but I fart in my sleep. That can’t be helped. You aren’t always in control. You’re in control. Even when you’re asleep, you know you went “brraap”. My wife doesn’t fart that loudly. Raymon is very aggressive today. He just dissed you, Shinyoung. I guess I should’ve been gentler. When Raymon farted in front of me for the first time, I should’ve said something like “Are you feeling okay?” – Maybe I was too harsh. / – What did you say? “Shouldn’t you check up your underwear?” Wow, that was really mean. The fact that you said “check up” in English… – “Check up your underwear.” / – “Checking up is so…” “Check up your underwear.” – His was that powerful. / – There are many kinds. Some are clear, some are cloudy. There are gloomy ones, too. People, I’m not always like that. We aren’t done eating yet. The next quiz is about Sayoun and Musong. “Sayoun left home after a week of marriage,” “and this person found her.” – Is it mother-in-law? / – No, it isn’t. Is it dog? No, it isn’t. Ju Byeongjin. Why Ju Byeongjin? – The answer is two words. / – Two words? Two words? Two words… Is it a producer? No. That’s not the right answer. Is it supermarket guy? (Correct?) No, it’s not. You’re almost there. – Is it dry cleaner? / – No, it isn’t. – Is it guy next door? / – It’s not the guy next door. – You’re nearly there. / – It’s a guy, then. Me! The security guard? (When Sayoun left home) (The guard found her?) Was it the security guard? That’s correct. Yeah. – The security guard? / – You’re so smart. How did that happen? After we got married, we argued a lot over nothing. Newlyweds’ fights are worse because we both want to gain the upper hand. We were arguing, when she said she’d leave. I said “go” and she actually walked out. I thought, “She’ll be back. She has nowhere to go.” But an hour passed, and she didn’t come back. I decided to look for her. It was late at night. He’s impatient. It was just an hour. – Pardon? / – You’re impatient. An hour is nothing. Be quiet, will you? (Variety newbie is too excited.) I was just about to leave when the guard called. “It’s about your wife.” “What about her?” What a scare. “She’s asleep in the car.” (Such a sad ending) She had nowhere to go. – It’s dangerous. / – That’s so sad. I fell asleep trying to prepare myself to drive away. (Narcolepsy?) Seeing her like that a week into our marriage made me think, “Oh dear, I shouldn’t have yelled.” I woke up because I was hungry. (Simple Sayoun) It’s sad that married women – Has no place to go. / – has no place to go at all. It’s even worse that the men know that. Have you ever left home? I did leave home once. He went to bed, and I ended up getting locked out. The security guard let me in. Security guards saved your marriages. What will you cook for us next? A dish that will improve the couples’ stamina. Stamina? What is it? It’s deep-fried eel. (Cheers everywhere) Awesome! (Jealous) Look at this. – I bet it’s good. / – The eel is so clean. – It’s lovely. / – It looks so soft. It’s nice and chewy, without any excess moisture. Chef, are eel tails really good for men? It’s just a myth. People don’t eat the tail. I gave all the tails to my husband. That’s why he looks so dragged down. What should I do with him? Myungsoo, take this. People nationwide are sending us chopsticks. (Possessed) (Old-fashioned comedy) He looks so funny with that wig. Is that flour? This is starch. – Starch… / – Starch flour? Why are you filming the starch? He’s paid extra for each cut. 35 cents per cut used. (Extra cash is welcome) For each clip we use, we pay him 35 cents. These ones cost more. It requires movement. There’s also a two men moving shot. (Human jib) (Lively cinematography) (Requires great sacrifice) That’s the batter. You’re adding oil? Isn’t that a secret? Water and starch alone clumps up. – So the oil… / – You add oil. Wow, that’s so pretty. The batter alone looks tasty. The batter alone looks tasty. (Have some) He offered some. We’re natural enemies. – It looks like cream. / – This looks so good. This is what you should be filming! This is the important part! I’m sick of this job. Get to work, mister. How long do you think you’ll last? I think you’ll last forever. I think you’ll be on the top for a while. Oh dear. It soaks up the oil if you cook at a low temperature. Heat it up to the very high at the very end. That keeps it crispy. The batter is so thin. Can we hire an extra video journalist? I’m supposed to be the funny guy. – “The funny guy”? / – He thinks he’s funny. (Yikes) (Old-fashioned firing squad) That was like a shooting squad. He’s stir-frying the vegetables now. (So aromatic) The sauce is very easy to make. You need sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar. There he goes again. – Go! / – This is it. (Into the sauce) Look at that. – Just look at the color. / – It smells awesome. It’s an assault on the senses. (Deep-fried eel) (You can’t help but cheer) Lee Yeonbok! Lee Yeonbok! Can we do anything in exchange for a bite? I don’t mind some arm wrestling. (So random) – Let’s have women wrestling. / – Wait until Chuseok. My friends don’t want to visit me. She challenges everyone to a bout of arm wrestling. You’re so full of energy. I just need an excuse to have a bite. Love and stamina are for you. Eat it, quickly. – Eat up. / – Let’s arm-wrestle. (Please give me a piece.) When will we get to eat something like this? It’s a reason for celebrities to come on our show. We serve good food. What’s it like? (Jumps up) That was an exaggeration. – How is it, Yoonjeong? / – Describe it. – How is it? / – Describe it. Deep-fried food can’t taste like this. Each piece of eel is a different shape. The batter is even, without any clumps at all. The eel inside the batter just melts in your mouth. – It really does. / – You don’t need teeth to eat it. The sauce is slightly wet and gooey. But the eel isn’t soggy at all. Okay, it isn’t. – I want to give Sayoun a piece. / – Go on, then. – Can you do that for me? / – What? The crow. Can you imitate a crow? – I loved that. / – Ready, go. (I want to eat) That’s the crow. Did you do that just for some eel? – Don’t crows squawk? / – No, that’s her crow. – What a strong crow. / – Isn’t it salty? It’s not salty or spicy. (Indescribable) – Wait, can we perform… / – Can we eat, too? Can I ask Raymon to do something? Go on. He’s being too manly, so I want to see his cute side. – Cue! / – It’s delicious. It’s just so you can eat. – He’s getting ready. / – Ready, go. I dreamed of a ghost. Shoot… I dreamed of a ghost. Shoot… (For his wife) It’s a work of art. The eel doesn’t smell at all. It’s like crispy rice. It’s so good. This could be our last meal of the day. It melts away so softly. He’s remarkable. – Gyeongwan. / – It’s amazing. What’s this “heart dance”? You had something to eat, so how about a dance? He dances this when he gets home from work. – Is it? / – I picked it up somewhere. You’re showing him these tiny hearts. (Cute little hearts) Ready? One, two, three, four! (Shooting hearts) (Take my heart) (Bullets of love) Pew, pew. (Ow! Ow!) This is insane. (I love you, Madam) That’s so adorable. (The seniors are happy) Did you see that? How about you do it? Do your own version of that. Oh, yeah. One, two, three, four! (Right away with the guns) They’re so cute. They’re so cute. (Shooting winks) (Madam Hippo has been hunted) That was so sweet. (I nailed it) – Go for it. / – He said, “We can’t lose.” Raymon and Jiwoo. Music, please. Solid. Five, six, seven, eight. He’s so cute! (The pretty lady) (And the reality of the beast) We’re watching all the couples dance. How about Bok and Soo? – Bok and Soo. / – You two should dance, too. Let’s give them a big round of applause! Give them a big round of applause, please. Cue the music! (The chef who wants to join the team) Can we have some music, please? Myungsoo is so funny. (Preemptive strike) – What about the hearts? / – Three, four, hearts! Hearts! (You’ll never be a regular on the show) (You can’t stop me!) (The newcomer’s attack) (Fighting to be the second-in-command) He’s getting revved up. He’s ready now. This is it. (I can dance) (20-year veteran is losing) Look at his waist. He’s so nimble. (What a performance) They’re good. Those were some old dances. They’re full of energy. That’s a really old dance. (Late Night Cafeteria Summer Special) This is the third installment of our summer special. We asked the husbands to prepare a healthy late night snack for their wives. As it’s a special, Chef Lee will pick the winner today. – Is he the judge? / – Yes, he is. These two are fine, but Raymon will be so nervous. He went from judging others to being judged. That’s right. He wouldn’t be too hard on me. He’s a chef to begin with. I’ll adjust my standards accordingly. I can’t wait to see what the husbands will cook. Let’s get going, then. Do Gyeongwan, you’re up. Come on! Do Gyeongwan, come on. (Do Gyeongwan) The dish is called “Get Stuck on Me”. – “Get Stuck on Me”. / – “Get Stuck”. It’s a skewer dish. – Skewers. / – Skewers are good. Late at night… He actually prepared a brazier. It doesn’t taste the same if it’s cooked over a stove. You want the charcoal flavor. Yes, I wanted you to taste the flavor. If you want to make this at home, you need a brazier. – Who here has a brazier? / – No one does. Does this put me at a disadvantage? He’ll consider all that. You’re at a disadvantage. He looks displeased already. Show us what to do. Okay, then. This isn’t pork and beef. It’s chicken gizzard, duck and chicken meat seasoned with salt and pepper. I’ll alternate between a piece of meat and a vegetable. It’s vegetable, meat, vegetable, meat. (Bell pepper, chicken) (Chicken, garlic) (Garlic, chicken gizzard) (Chicken gizzard, leek) – What’s that? / – Did you see that? He just poked through his glove. The skewer went through his glove. (Duck, rice cake) (Heart-shaped rice cake for his wife) It’s fine if it’s just the two of you, but we don’t really care for heart-shaped anything. It’s so corny. Jaeseok, many people live alone these days. This is hard to swallow. I live alone. I’m impressed. Nothing is in his name, but still… – Nothing. / – Everything belongs to my wife. – But for her… / – He’s almost a monk. Did you soak the skewers in water? – Oh. / – No. – It’ll burn. / – Why? If you don’t soak it first… I’m going to wrap it in foil. Thanks for the tip, but it’s a competition. That was a jab. He’s trying to keep him in check. He’s feeling uneasy. Here comes the brazier. It’s a real charcoal brazier. This is what you need to make this at home. (Firepower) Without this… Can’t you make this one purchase for your wife? You need these, too. / – Oven mitts? I didn’t know they come in this size. – He’s very meticulous. / – I can see that. I’m really grateful because when I ask him to do something, he willingly does it. I cried so much when our son was born. The reason I cried so much was I could do everything else for her but one thing. She gave birth. I could do anything else for the rest of my life, but still not make it up to her. – He’s a good man. / – I know. So I cook for her when I can, and when she was pregnant and had stretch marks and cellulite… You end up with cellulite. There’s a cellulite cream. You spread some of that and get a plate. You massage her with that. – It has to be crushed. / – With the rim. Oh my goodness. I went back to work 100 days after giving birth. He massaged me every single day. I fit into jeans I wore before I got married. He looks big and rough, but he’s so kind. He’s sweet. (Anyway) – When will this… / – Is it cooking? – We’re done. / – It’s not cooking. Shall I cook this in a corner? That’s a great idea. – Just a moment, then. / – “Just a moment”? – Which corner? / – It smells lovely. Outside? – It takes so much effort. / – It does. Keep cooking, then. Tell us when it’s done. Fan it a bit. The ash will fly. You look like a master craftsman. – A craftsman. / – He makes only two a day. (As if he’s brewing a tonic) (His wife at his side) (Heated competitiveness with the hopes of winning) You’re out! – He’s still cooking. / – It’s done. – Is it done? / – Yes, it is. Finally, it’s cooked! (The harmony of vegetables and meat) (The flavor of charcoal!) (Get Stuck on Me) I’m sorry for making you wait. Whatever happens, never open a restaurant. He didn’t scrimp on the sauce as he grilled it. – It’s chicken. / – It’s good. The chewy rice cake is lovely. The different textures of the meat and vegetables are great. – That was a compliment. / – Really? I have nothing bad to say about the taste. The charcoal and time… But it’s really good. Gyeongwan, thank you for your effort. The novice at least tried so hard. Well done. Next up… We’ll finally get to taste some real cuisine. Raymon Kim! – Raymon. / – Raymon! Raymon! (Raymon Kim) Raymon’s food is clean, light, and easy to make. (Latex gloves) Latex gloves? Gosh. He’s a chef who has trouble with a lot of foods. What? He’s allergic to crustaceans. – Prawns or lobsters give him a rash. / – Oh dear. His airways close if he eats strawberries or cherries. – Whose? / – It’s Raymon’s. He’s lactose intolerant and can’t drink milk. – He can’t digest it. / – You’re big but sickly. Leo Gang and Raymon, those two chefs came on… (Incredible talent) They cooked some legendary foods. What will you cook for us today? Jiwoo is currently on a serious diet. She eats chicken breast all the time. It’s firm and dry, and she doesn’t like it much, so I’m going to cook something soft, like a donut. What’s it called? It’s “Moistly Jiwoo.” – It’s “Moistly Jiwoo.” / – “Moistly Jiwoo”? – He’s so shy. / – He is. You can’t stand this, can you? (His heart tickles) – First… / – Are you embarrassed? Good luck, honey. Good luck, honey. I can’t stand this. I can’t stand it anymore. – What’s that? / – Mix some breadcrumbs and milk. You don’t usually mix breadcrumbs and milk when making burgers. Adding milk improves the texture. (Master craftsman is in awe) This is the chicken breast. It’s strangely hard to find minced chicken breast. I wish I had a heavier knife. – Like this one? / – Chef Lee’s knife is heavy. I don’t dare use another chef’s knife. (Knives are precious) – Double blades? / – Isn’t this a first? This will save time. Double blades. (Double the speed) (Double the appeal) (My husband is the best) You’re making my husband look bad. (While skewering the food) (He skewered his own gloves) I’ve never seen this before. I love watching my husband chop things up. That’s just chicken. My husband is sexiest when he chops onions. – Chop us some onions. / – He has one. I fell head over heels. It’s so amazing. – Is it? / – I shouldn’t say this, but you’re sexy. Your own husband is right here. It’s okay because I’m like an older sister. – Do you mind? / – Not at all. (Of course I don’t mind) Chop up an onion. Oh, this bit… (Excited for the sex appeal) (Wary of the sex appeal) This is it. (Sex appeal starts) This is quite… (Breathtaking onion show) (Raymon, onion, sexy, success) The knife is invisible. (Addicted to the onion show) (Even he acknowledges it) (Onion chopping that shakes women’s hearts) – I’m impressed. / – I wonder how. I took a video of that with my eyes. Men are at their best when they work hard. Musong, don’t you work? (Jobless since his sixth album in 1999…) He hasn’t released anything. His name is Musong. He has no songs. – That was funny. / – That’s what it means? He’s working on a new song. He released “What Is Love”. – This one… / – Oh, this one’s called “What Is Love”. I’m adding two different oils. I added cooking oil and olive oil. I usually use olive oil and then butter because that combination improves the taste. Chopped chili peppers if you like it spicy. Sprinkle black pepper. Should I film this? I forgot to sprinkle black pepper. Just add the yolk. Just add the yolk. Since she eats only the egg whites everyday. How do you do this? It’s impossible to make this shape. This? Anyone can do this at home. This keeps the chicken moist. – Does it? / – We add a lot of chopped onions. You could grill it on a brazier. It’d be delicious, but we have a time constraint. I can’t spend two hours a night cooking for my wife. There he goes. The dissing begins. – Does he cook for you at night? / – Yes, he does. – Where do you live? / – In Suji. Suji. Honey, let’s move to their neighborhood. Add the onions to the pan. They will be slowly caramelized. – What? / – They are caramelized. – They become sweet. / – Do they? Add a little sugar. Most people want to flip the burgers when it sticks to the pan, and it ruins the burgers. Leave it, and it’ll come off. It smells American. I smell something American. – It’s lovely. / – Doesn’t it smell American? It smells American. It really does. – What’s that? / – Excuse me. (Raymon is the best!) (The pinnacle of flashy cooking) – That’s so cool. / – They have such different styles. We’re seeing a lot of flames today. (Same flames, different feel) (He’s glad he went first) (Adding chicken stock) – Broth? / – We can’t cook this. I gave up the second I saw him make the patties. I gave up when he did this. The sauce is a mix of starch syrup, soy sauce, chili paste, chili pepper powder and crushed garlic. If you reduce it, it tastes like braised spicy chicken. We always have some sweet potatoes lying around. That looks so good. It tastes best when crumbled in like that. It looks so sweet. (Mashed potatoes) Are those cooked? – One serving is 719 kcal. / – That’s it? Doesn’t it look delicious? It might taste better than Yeonbok’s food. I could never beat Chef Lee. He loves to start fights. My wife loves cheese and mozzarella has the fewest calories. This is a creamy mozzarella. This is the topping. (Her heart is pounding) It tastes foreign. – Wow. Oh wow. / – What’s he doing? (Getting rid of the stem) What… What are you doing? He’s so powerful. (Powerful) (Oh wow) (Too much energy for his own good) (I love you) He’s using two spoons. It’s so that nothing taints the food. – It’s basic cooking manners. / – Is it good? – It tastes like instant tteokbokki. / – What else? But it has a hint of curry. It tastes of the Caribbean. – It does a bit. / – I’ve never been there. – It’s Mediterranean. / – Though I’ve never been there. – Top that with cheese… / – It’s game over. I noticed that Musong is a very picky eater. – He is. / – He doesn’t eat much. – How is it? / – If that was clean, this tastes… This is lovely. – It’ll be insane with the cheese. / – Game over. This is just… – I’d eat this with rice. / – Me too. It’s worth 50 dollars. I want the sauce. I’d take the sauce home. – It’d be lovely with rice. / – The sauce… – It’s great. / – The cheese tears like chicken. He’s adding mozzarella. The chunks are more appetizing. (Excited Madam Skewer) The cheese will start to melt now. Really good mozzarella doesn’t melt too easily. The cheese that goes on your average pizza. It’d be fantastic with noodles. You’re right. You can add ramen noodles. – It could be ramen or pasta. / – Is it done? (Moistly Jiwoo is complete) That took 14 minutes. Gyeongwan took 40 minutes? (For his wife who is on a diet) (Moist chicken breast) (Moistly Jiwoo) It’s so hard to lose weight. – It’s so good. / – He’s always cooking for you. Wow, look at the cheese. If a chef’s wife is very thin… (Let’s try “Moistly Jiwoo”) Have a taste. Use chopsticks. How does it taste? – She’s smiling. / – He never made this before. – How is it? / – It must be good. It’s so good. – It’s so moist. / – Jiwoo, talk to us. – It’s not like chicken. / – It’s like tofu. If this was low in calories, I’d eat it every day. A patty is 300 calories. A little over a bowl of rice. Isn’t it so moist? – It’s so soft. / – It’s only 719 calories. I see why cooking shows are so popular. Eat up. Yoonjeong, did you prefer the skewers, – or this chicken dish? / – Don’t ask her that. I can’t lie. (All that effort for nothing) She got out of that one. Now I’m thinking about ramen or spaghetti. With this sauce? – What do you think? / – It’s delicious. I expected the meat to be dry, but it’s so moist. It’s so good. Jaeseok, isn’t it moist? (He wishes to be reborn as a chef’s wife) (What do the wives think?) – Isn’t it moist? / – It’s not just moist. It’s full of flavor. It’s so good. We rarely scoop up and finish even the sauce. What did you think, Sayoun? I can’t speak when I eat something so good. I’m so focused. Myungsoo rarely eats this much. He finished the soup. It’s not too strong, either. Not only was it good, but it was made by a famous chef. It’s a plus. I would say that’s the best-tasting dish we ever had. – Really? / – Yes. – If it’s based on the taste alone. / – And I had some? He’s the best. Even if it’s the great Raymon, I expected something basic. – But with this sauce… / – It’s different. (It’s beyond chicken) I’m Raymond’s fan now. – “Raymon”? / – There is no “d”. – “Raymon.” / – I was thinking of a diamond. (Let her just call him by his real name) Last but not least is the doe keeper Lee Musong! (The hidden food expert) – Thank you. / – What’s that? (Rice cakes, oil) And charm. I’ll make you the very popular tteokbokki. If I must name it, I’d call it “Kotgiyu”. “Kotgiyu”, like my wife’s crow. You’re so funny. It means “lure the doe with oily tteokbokki”. It’s the famous oily tteokbokki. I went to Cheongun Elementary School, and I had to walk through Tongin Market to get there. It’s a famous dish. – It is. / – Oily tteokbokki. The original is Tongin Market’s 50-year-old oily tteokbokki. It’s fame has even reached abroad. If you try to get the color right, it gets too salty. You sound like an expert. – So I… / – He sounds like a chef. To get the right color and level of seasoning, I’ll pour some soy sauce onto the rice cakes. – He knows the recipe. / – Look at him. He’s made this a lot. – Add some cooking oil. / – Cooking oil? Take some cooking oil, and mix it all in nicely. – Is that the seasoning? / – If you do this, you get the color without using too much chili paste. If you only use chili paste, it gets too red and salty. – You have the look of a lecturer. / – I know I do. Now… – He’s so calm. / – Be careful. Then you go… He wipes the knife like an expert. Just a little chili paste will do. Not too much. It’s like EBS. He’s a great teacher. You can make this at home. What I found in the fridge, did you make that? I’d made that before you came home. If I make this and leave it in the fridge, she eats it. A few pieces of this and that’s a full meal. I see. Tteokbokki isn’t really good for you, right? Our standard of health is a little different. We eat a lot of anything. The more the better. The more the better. The more the better. Anything that fills you up is good for you. – We eat five portions. / – Between you two? – That way… / – We eat in a hurry, too. – Why? / – In case, people see us and point. We eat a lot of fruits. – Kiwi? / – I love kiwi. I empty a box in one sitting. How many is that? There’s at least 30 per box. – In one go? / – You eat a whole tray of kiwis. They’re tiny. They’re like chestnuts. (Kiwis=Chestnuts?) I’ve never met someone who said that. Kiwis are this big. Is that a huge chestnut? Shortly after I got married I found out that my mother-in-law cooks pork belly for breakfast with the whole family. – Really? / – Yes. The family eats breakfast at around 10. While they eat that, they wonder what to eat for lunch. That’s when I realized how important food is to them. That’s how we get rid of our stress. Stir-fry it. I’ve never seen this kind of tteokbokki. It looks a little different. I could make this. It smells good already. This isn’t really a great dish to eat late at night. It can be too salty or spicy, so I add something else. – What’s that? / – Eggs? I make some scrambled eggs. He’s from America, so it has to be scrambled. It’s great if you’re eating something salty or spicy. It’s a great way to neutralize the strong flavors. Chef Lee is nodding a lot in his corner. You look very pleased. He speaks so fluently. What if it tastes terrible after all that talk? You worry too much. I cooked this a lot, but Sayoun thinks it just appears. She cared about eating food, but not how it’s prepared. – Because it’s good. / – But that doesn’t bother me. – Now for the final touch. / – Oligosaccharide. – A touch of that… / – It looks so good. Now it shines as if it’s really oily. It looks so good. It looks nice and oily, and it doesn’t stick together. It looks soft and moist. (“Kotgiyu” is complete) (The doe’s late night snack) (You can’t have enough) (Kotgiyu) This is one serving for us. – That’s one portion. / – What? That’s all hers. – The tteokbokki I’m used to… / – It’s different. It’s different. I think… this is more chewy. Is it? What do you think, Sayoun? You did very well, dear. You’re the best. (Thank you) If you cook it for longer, the outside hardens. It’s not too salty. That’s why it’s so good. – It would taste nice slightly burned. / – It’s good. You look so sexy with oil on your lips. (He lured the doe) (Look at me) (This is how it got its name) Try it with some egg. I’m very satisfied, so this is how it feels. It’s really good. It tastes even better with the scrambled egg. – It’s great. / – I’d buy this if it were available. – No way. / – He’d buy this if it were available. Mr. Do can’t stop eating. Remember what you cooked? The cook is the most pleased when people really enjoy whatever food he prepared. I’m very happy right now. That’s a great comment. It’s time for Chef Lee to make the final call. Which husband will he pick? One, two, three! Lee Yeonbok! (Late night snacks for the wives) It’s a skewer dish. The different textures… “Moistly Jiwoo.” It’s so moist. It’s so good. “Lure the doe with oily tteokbokki”. – This is more chewy. / – You’re the best. Which one will go on the wall? – One, two, three! / – Lee Yeonbok! Raymon Kim! Musong’s was so good I thought he might turn the table. You lost, remember? Know your place. I was concerned that if I chose Raymon, people would think that chefs look out for each other. we chefs are looking after each other’s backs. But his dish was just so good. All three dishes were spectacular. – They were. / – Especially with all that love. (Thank you) I’m so envious. Bongwon doesn’t cook for me. Now that I saw him actually cook for me. I realized I should appreciate whatever he prepares. Home-cooked food is good because you cook for someone in mind. Moms cook for husbands or their children. Maybe that is what makes you healthy and happy. – Cook for me from now on. / – What? Oh gosh. You might end up kissing. You’re adorable. You’ll be having fun tonight. We always have fun. Let’s try not to go too far. If you want, we can dim the lights for you. He always does his best for me, but today he looked extra pitiful. I think I’ll give him a massage tonight. You do that. Oh dear. Do Gyeongwan. Poor Mr. Pitiful. We’ll see you again next week. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

83 thoughts on “Happy Together – [Summer Special] Jang Yoonjeong, Do Gyeongwan, Kim Jiwoo & more! (2015.08.06)

  1. This is what we want! The food. U can talk n cook u know… I enjoy Happy together but this one is so good since they axe the late night snacks. Hope they continue!!!

  2. Chef Lee Yeonbook is the best, i like best this late night cafeteria with him on the show, so much entertaining ?

  3. The ingredient for Raymond Kim's food is mince chicken breast, breadcrumbs, milk, onions, cooking oil, olive oil, chopped chilli peppers (optional), black pepper, egg yolk, sugar, chicken broth, starch syrup, soy sauce, chilli paste, chilli pepper powder, garlic, sweet potato, mashed potato, mozarella cheese and cabbage.

    I am from UK so not every ingredient can be found. I can probably substitute starch syrup with corn syrup. And can I substitute chilli paste with korean hot pepper paste? Isn't it what they meant in korea, gochuchang? And what is chilli pepper powder?

  4. Great and super hilarious episode! I enjoyed it very much and like this format. Keep going!! Big thumbs up and thank you very much!

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  6. Been a while that the episode is this good. The guests are entertaining, charming in their own way and have good chemistry together. The food looks good. I am going to try Raymon'd dish for sure xD

  7. Funniest episode in a while, Love it! :))
    Love how all the guests kept laughing and smiled to every stories.
    And yes, it definitely makes you want to find a good cook for a husband ?

  8. This was one of the best episodes I've watched in a long time.  It was so entertaining and I couldn't stop laughing.  I was already a fan of all three couples but this episode just made me love them even more. I also think Chef Lee Yeonbook is so adorable.

  9. All the couples were so adorable. I haven't seen Noh Sayoun on TV in so long.I missed her! Raymon's dish is exactly what I make, save the sweet potatoes (YUCK!). I serve mine over a bed of spinach or glass noodles. My kids are like, "Did he steal your recipe?" They always balk when I make it, but now they want me to make some this weekend.

  10. Yay! Another raymon kim episode><♡ out of all the celeb chefs in korea, he's my most-fave chef because he explains everything when he cooks — it looks like he doesn't just cook, but he adds some knowledge too♡♡ fighting for all of them! Hope to see more of raymon in the future!!

  11. lol for those that watch infinite challenge the trot singer jang yunjung was noh hong chul ex girlfriend. they always teased him about it even after they had broken up by singing her songs. i just realised now

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  15. this episode is so much fun <3 I don't get why they always invite Raymon Kim when they have cooking segments though, like yeah, his cooking looks great and all, but I want to see different faces. I guess it's because every time there are cooking competition/segments in variety shows, its's always him that is invited. Plus, I feel like he always look cold, except when he's on TROS.

    Anyway, is great to see yoonjeong's son because we only get to see him for awhile on tros 🙂

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    'without make up on she looks like a hippo' i fucking died

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    북한 인민 굶어죽어 뚱돼지 ,죽거나말거나 독재정권 채재 보장 만 해달라 막가파 양심 화인
    맞아 ,원시인 수준 김정은 독불 양심까기

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