HART 2 HART: Solo Picnic

HART 2 HART: Solo Picnic

– Hey guys. This week on Hart 2 Hart. ♫ Hart 2 Hart. It’s a start. ♫ When you’re talking to two hearts. ♫ Aww, man. That song is just
never gonna get better. Heads up. (inhales sharply)
(upbeat instrumental music) I wanna share with you guys the joys of what I like to call, “Solo dating.” What’s solo dating? Well, it’s the idea that you deserve to take you out for a date. For instance, you may
want to go see a show that your friends don’t wanna see. You should go see it anyway
and enjoy your own company. Or, you may want to try a restaurant that none of your friends want to try. You should go taste it anyway
and enjoy your own company. Or you want to go on a
picnic, but nobody likes going outside, cause all of your friends are internet people. You should still take
yourself out on a picnic. And I want to share with
you guys the two ways I have enjoyed picnics. Me today versus me when
this channel first started. Today, I spend so much time online, that it is important for
me to take some space from the internet and
read a book, and just sit and just kind of like, exist
in real life for a second. But that wasn’t always true. (upbeat instrumental music) You know, if you put down
your phone, you might actually realize that it’s
a beautiful day outside, and that is precious. – Well, it’s also a beautiful
day on the internet. So, there’s that. You are so preachy! Now, for some, solo time
might be that perfect moment to make a bunch of phone calls
that you’ve been putting off. For others, maybe solo
time is about making that phone call to yourself,
by writing in a journal. – Yeah, dude! Aww, man! Just having a great time at the park! You know, just like, at the park. We don’t go out enough, like, you know? Let me show you what I look
like at the park right now. I call that, “At the park,
loving life.” You know. Oh, man. It’s so good to be at the park. It’s so good to be at the park. It’s at the park. I’m at the park. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Duh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah. No, just getting some me time. Just getting some me time! You know? Another thing you can do on your solo date is meditate. Because frankly, I think that’s great. Wow, that was a rhyme. To be honest, I don’t
really meditate that often. It’s super, super hard to do. But every time I meditate,
I come out of it being like, “Whoa! I should meditate more!” What I do want to say
is that me in the past, I would always go out on a solo date but actually just be
looking to pick up chicks. (upbeat dance music) (beer can opens) And last but not least, now that you’re older and
wiser and classier and gassier, you go ahead and you take
yourself out on your fancy date with your cheeses and your snacks and your bottles of champagne. You’ll be amazed at how fast time can fly when you’re having fun, for one! (lively piano music) (music stops)
– Don’t litter. (lively piano music) (cork pops) (lively piano music) – Ahh. Thank you so much for watching! Please subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday. On Thursdays we have “My Drunk Kitchen.” On Tuesdays we have we have other content, like this, Hart 2 Hart, etc. Muah! Have a great day!

99 thoughts on “HART 2 HART: Solo Picnic

  1. I often grab my bag and just walk until I end up on one of the countless hills around my city. I sit down at the highest point, I enjoy a fruit or two and a good book and then I just watch the sun slowly going down and the city lights flickering.
    Those have been some of the most beautiful and rememberable moments of my life, and I usually start to cry a bit because in those silent moments I feel like I can understand life itself. I know it sounds cheesy, but that's how I "date" myself.

  2. I like doing some stuff by myself, like the library and shopping for clothes, because then I can take as long as I like. But mostly i'm still at red Hannah stage where I want to be interacting with people all the time!

  3. Being able to be on your own and not constantly trying to impress people around you is so important!
    Also your way of conveying the message is very unique. 😀 you're funny, I like that.

  4. I love solo dates! Last summer I realized I hadn't been on a roller coaster in several years so I drove three hours to the nearest theme park-alone. I spent the entire day doing things that made me happy. If I wanted to go on the same roller coaster four times in a row, I went on the same roller coaster four times in a row. If I wanted to have two beers with lunch. I had two beers with lunch. If I wanted to spend $10 to hold the baby kangaroo, I spent $10 to hold the baby kangaroo.
    I also love going to the movies alone. There's no debate over what to see or what time to go, no one judging you for getting the medium popcorn and eating the whole thing by yourself. It's nice to spend some alone time I think it helps you to get back in touch with yourself.

  5. Dearest Hannah,
    Watching the part where the "old" Hannah says "you're SO PREACHY!" makes me feel like you still struggle with feeling "preachy" or "holier than thou".However,let me remind you,that this is not the case AT ALL.You are NOT preachy,& you definitely do not come off as one.You are a compassionate,empathetic,& a super kind human,& that's where this concern for other people of yours stems from.This in no way makes you sound preachy or anything like that.Instead,it makes us,the people you semi come in contact with,feel like somebody cares about us,even if that someone doesn't really know us.Which ofcourse is a wonderful & GOOD thing. So please don't ever feel like you're burdening someone with your care or knowledge,because you're not.You're only making us feel extremely loved & cared for.
    Yours lovingly,
    A very concerned & adore-you-to-death Hartosexual.❤️ 🙂

  6. I really enjoy being alone too, except my anxiety usually gets in the way. Instead of being present, I'm freaking out about nothing and I start to lose my senses. It is at this point that I feel like I need someone with me, and I can't sit still. It frustrates me so much; why can't I just fully enjoy being somewhere on my own!? :

  7. i feel guilty, literally the first minute or so i wasn't even listening to what you were saying, i was just admiring how attractive you are.

  8. boop boop dee dooo dee dooo doo dahhh dooo DOOO DOOO BAHHH DAHHH DAHH DAH DAH DOO DOOO DEE DOOO DOO!! dances around

  9. im sorry but, reading and being on the internet is the same thing. Both of which is taking you AWAY from the world you are in. 
    This whole video was just hating on another way of life. Sure have fun meditating, reading or whatever, but don't hate on people who hang out with others (even if that hang out is on the phone) or interacting with other people. Thats not 'classier', that's just pompous.

  10. You know, I am a big fan and I do agree with what you say. But it is a lot easier to do things like this and even do what you did before when you are attractive and interesting. Not that we all don't all have our personal demons. But some of us aren't as pretty, or charming. And the last MDK got me thinking on how praised coming out can be for those in the spot light. I don't mean to be rude or belittle anyone, because it is all important. But being not on the attractive side of life makes things like this harder, and just because we didn't come out of the closet while being internet or otherwise famous, does not make us any lesser than those that do. I don't know, and I certainly don't disregard anyone's feelings, it's just easy for is to be one of the forgotten without a place. You were right in a previous video though, we have to wake up on put our own effort in the be happy with our own loves and our own-self. I guess i just felt like it needed to be sad. Regardless, you are amazing =)

  11. Hannah!!!!! YOU REACHED 2million subscribers! Congratulations on this achievement, thank you for inspiring me. Love you.

  12. I date myself all the time and when I date someone else I'm cheating on myself but I'm actually cool with that because I ain't never gunna break up with myself.

  13. Haha, this was awesome! A really cool way to do it. I used to do the same thing. I would go out and be by myself but I was always looking for company, for someone else to help me escape my reality. Then I started to go out just for me, to a movie or restaurant or park or skate, and it made such a huge difference. Awesome idea for a Hart to Hart.

  14. I have my pad decked out with all my favorite amenities.  If I went and sat on a blanket in a park, it would be 0.3 seconds before I would get antsy to leave.

  15. I like to do all the stuff mature Hannah does, except the whole cheese and champagne thing. I'm still going with PBR.

  16. I Subscribed because ingrid reCommended you. I love your videos and your voice is Nice to listen to 🙂

  17. Omg?? you are so pretty! I literally want your hair!!! And your face. Wow that sounded creepy. Too much Internet today. Way too much. Anyways my names Maggie, and I grew a huge tomboy (still am) and I didn't make it work. But your like the perfect mixture of girly but not fake and tomboy! Wow this is a long comment. Anyways LOVE YOU!!!

  18. I think I'm in love with you Hannah omg you're perffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff lalalallalalaal love you!!!

  19. I used to be so nervous about doing things alone, for fear it would make me seem weird or lonely, but now I take myself out on dates probably once a week. I love going to concerts alone, coffee shops alone, fancy restaurants. It's so freeing and feels so nice. I think it's a really nice way to cultivate the opinion that you should be your favorite person.

  20. Oh Hannah… I envy your thoughts on this.  I became single around a year ago and I've really missed going out to dinner or a movie etc.  I hate going alone, hate hate hate it, I feel so out of place sitting alone in a restaurant, especially if it is a "nicer" place.  And … movies well just kind of feels creepy, plus I miss not only the experience but being able to share it with someone else.  Just not good at being alone… any pointers there?

  21. All I can picture now is Hannah and Hannah head bopping to What is love while mugging at chicks and it is glorious.

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