Healthy Summer Drinks Stop Motion Compilation – 15 Refreshing Drinks!

(upbeat music) (cheerful guitar music) (boing-ing) (slurping) – [Alyssia] This 16-ounce lemonade has more sugar than this 16-ounce Coke. Lemonade is deceiving. It’s from lemons, so we think
it’s a healthier option, but unfortunately that
just isn’t always the case. Let’s make our own so we’re in control of the sugar that’s added, if any at all. Combine your sweetener and water over medium heat until dissolved. (bubbling) You can use a sugar-
and calorie-free option, such as stevia, or you can
use your favorite sweetener. Just keep in mind that
these natural sweeteners still have just as much sugar as, if not more than, regular refined sugar. Luckily you’re in control
of your homemade lemonade. Combine freshly squeezed lemon juice with your sweetened water
and additional cold water. Refrigerate and serve cold. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) On a hot summer day, refresh yourself with a delicious homemade
iced tea or sweet tea. Bring water to a simmer. If you want sweet tea, it’s a good idea to add your sweetener now to be sure it completely dissolves. I’m using stevia, but anything will work. Add lemon slices to a pitcher. Then add simmering water
that’s sweetened, if desired, to the pitcher with the lemons. Now for the tea. You’ll want your tea to be double-strength so it’s strong enough to combat the melting ice in your glass. I’m using family-sized tea bags, but regular-size will work
fine, you’ll just need more. Add tea bags. Stir to combine, and
steep five to 10 minutes. Remove tea bags and
refrigerate until cool. Serve over ice. (ice clinking) (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) A pina colada sounds so healthy and fresh, but did you know a pina colada cocktail has more calories than a Big Mac? We all know that alcohol has
its own nutritional drawbacks, but the pre-made pina colada mixes which are packed with added
sugar and preservatives are what really damage this
drink’s nutritional reputation. Today, we’re cleaning out the junk. The fresh fruit is so sweet,
we won’t even need added sugar. To a blender, add in light coconut milk, unsweetened coconut
shreds, chopped pineapple, frozen banana, vanilla, a
pinch of salt, and crushed ice. If you don’t want this virgin, you’ll wanna add your rum as well. Blend it on up. (whirring) Pour into a glass and serve chilled. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) Did you know that a kiwi has
as much potassium as a banana, and twice as much vitamin C as an orange? They’ll help you have radiant skin, sleep better, and support heart health. Fun fact: if you seal
your kiwis in a paper bag away from the light and
add an apple or a banana, ethylene gas will be released and speed up the ripening
process of your kiwi. Sweet and delicious on its own, kiwi can easily become a
refreshing summer drink. In your blender, add cubed kiwi, lime juice, water, and sweetener. Blend it on low, we don’t
wanna blend the seeds. Strain the liquid of the pulp and seeds. You can keep that pulp and
make ice treats if you’d like. Serve liquid over ice. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) If you’re someone who needs
their morning cup of Joe, you may be craving
something a little cooler on these hot days. Iced coffee is easy to make on your own. Combine ground coffee
and water in a container. Allow it to sit overnight in the fridge. You want extra coffee to make
this brew double-strength. This way, it can combat the melting ice once it’s in your glass. Stir your mixture and strain through a fine mesh strainer
lined with cheese cloth. A coffee filter will work,
but it will take a long time. Optional method: tie up the coffee in a filter and let it steep. It won’t be as strong of a flavor, but it will be less of a mess. Serve over ice with a
splash of milk or cream. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) Sangria is one of those
refreshing summer beverages that can easily be health-ified. It’s packed with fruit and
nutritious ingredients. Get creative with your favorites. I like to add apples, oranges, lemons, limes, peaches, and plums. Also, I prefer small chopped
fruit for my sangria, but you can keep full
slices if you prefer. Add your fruit to your pitcher. For the base of your drink,
you’ll add grape juice. Red for traditional, or
white for sangria blanca. Feel free to sub wine here
for an alcoholic variation. Then add in apple juice,
orange juice, and lemon juice. Stir and refrigerate
three hours to overnight. When you’re ready to enjoy,
add seltzer water and stir. Serve over ice. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) If you’ve ever tasted watermelon, it’s no surprise how this juicy and refreshing fruit got its name. (waves crashing) Approximately 92% of
a watermelon is water, making it a thirst-quenching option that’s perfect for summer. (thunder rumbling) Watermelon is also soaked with nutrients. It’s loaded with lycopene,
vitamin C, and antioxidants. For this refresher, you only need one ingredient: watermelon! This is one of my favorite
easy summer drinks. Add cubed seedless
watermelon to your blender. Blend it on up. (whirring) Pour into a glass and devour. (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) A Starbucks iced chai tea
latte is so refreshing, but did you know a grande is
loaded with 42 grams of sugar? That’s because the base of the drink is a pre-made sugary mix. Let’s make our own so you’re in control of that sugar content. Bring water to a light boil. Add sweetener and cinnamon,
and stir until dissolved. (bubbling) Add tea bags to a pitcher. Add sweetened simmering water. Steep 10 to 15 minutes. Discard tea bags and
refrigerate until cool. To serve, add ice to a glass. Fill half with chai tea, and
half with your favorite milk. (ice clinking) (slurping) (boing-ing) (slurping) A Bellini cocktail is only made with two ingredients:
peaches and Prosecco. We’re upping the nutritional content by eliminating the alcohol, and sticking with juice and natural fruit. I’ll be using a no-sugar-added
sparkling apple juice, but any sparkling juice
you prefer is fine. Just be sure to read the label to make sure there’s no added sugar. Peaches are high in fiber,
potassium, and vitamin C, and help reduce LDL cholesterol, all of which can help
prevent heart disease. To make your virgin Bellini, add your chopped and peeled
peaches to a blender. Puree. Add the puree to the bottom of a glass. Fill the rest half-way
with your sparkling juice, and half with seltzer water. Stir and enjoy. (slurping) (boing-ing) (up-tempo guitar music) (slurping) Horchata! It’s a delicious
traditional Mexican beverage made with rice, and it’s so refreshing on those hot summer days. Today, we’re upping the nutrition by using brown rice as a base. Soak rice in water with cinnamon sticks for four hours to overnight. Discard the cinnamon sticks, and blend the rice and water mixture along with sweetener and
ground cinnamon on high for about three to five minutes
until super-finely ground. Add additional water,
and pulse to combine. Pour the mixture through a nut milk bag, or a strainer lined with cheese cloth, to get rid of any grainy bits or pulp. Chill the horchata before enjoying. It will separate, so stir
before serving over ice. (ice clinking) (slurping) (smooth electronic music) (slurping) Aahh, a green tea frappuccino
is just what I need… If I want a sugar rush! There are 48 grams of
sugar and 320 calories in a tall Starbucks green tea frappuccino. It’s easy to think this
sugary drink is healthy when it’s made with
matcha green tea powder. Matcha powder is loaded with antioxidants. In fact, matcha green tea powder has ten times the antioxidant
and nutritional benefit of a traditional cup of green tea. While it can be a little pricey, matcha powder is well worth
the nutritional benefits, and a little goes a long way. It’s said to burn fat, increase concentration, and boost energy. Combine ice, coconut milk,
matcha green tea powder, sweetener of choice, and
vanilla extract in a blender. (whirring) Top with coconut whipped cream and devour. (slurping) (upbeat music) (boing-ing) (slurping) A healthy and vegan chocolate milkshake sounds like an oxymoron, but
this recipe is totally real. We’re using cacao powder today, which is a great source of antioxidants and contains an abundance
of magnesium and iron. Cacao powder is the
purest form of chocolate you can consume, so
it’s much less processed than cocoa powder or chocolate from bars. If you prefer to use cocoa
powder, that will work just fine. Just be sure to buy plain powder that doesn’t contain added sugar. Instead of ice cream in this milkshake, we’re using “nice” cream,
which is made from bananas. In your blender, combine bananas that have been frozen when very ripe. This makes them sweeter. Add cacao or cocoa powder, almond butter, and a pinch of salt. Begin to blend, and slowly
add your milk of choice as you go until you get a
creamy milkshake texture. Serve with coconut
whipped cream and devour. (slurping) (upbeat music) (slurping) We’re always looking for smoothie recipes, but the truth is, once you
know how to make a base recipe, you can get as creative as
you’d like, no recipe required. The five components of a smoothie are: produce, start with your favorite fruits, and feel free to make it green. The liquid base, add one to two cups of your favorite liquid. The more juice the fruits have,
the less liquid you’ll need. Thicken it up! Get your preferred consistency with creamy ingredients like
these, and add nutrition. Flavor, optional. Help to bring the flavor and sweetness beyond the fruity base
without extra calories by adding natural sweeteners,
herbs, and spices. Boost, also optional. Add even more nutrition
with superfoods like these. Simply add your ingredients
to a blender, and let ‘er rip. (whirring) Serve and devour. (slurping) (funky upbeat music) (boing-ing) (slurping) Tropical fruits are not only delicious, they’re also extremely nutritious. Tropical fruits are those that are grown in the tropics, or warm climates. They are loaded with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, they
help prevent dehydration, and studies have shown
that many of these fruits can help your mood and
make us feel better too. This vegan smoothie needs no added sugar. They call this nature’s
candy for a reason. Add coconut milk, coconut water, frozen banana, mango, and pineapple, and a little shredded
coconut into your blender. Blend it on up. (whirring) If you wanna make this
green, you could add spinach, and if you aren’t a banana fan, try out avocado for delicious creaminess. Serve and devour. (slurping) (smooth electronic music) (boing-ing) (slurping) A Starbucks shaken iced
peach green tea is delicious, but most nutritional
benefits are countered by the shocking 20 grams
of sugar found in a grande. Make that 32 grams if you get
the peach green tea lemonade. We’re making our own so we’re in control of that sugar content, making this nothing but natural, nutritious deliciousness. Add sliced peaches to a pot with water. Bring to a boil, and use a
wooden spoon to mash the peaches. Add sweetener, and allow to dissolve. Simmer for about five minutes. Remove from the heat
and steep green tea bags for an additional five minutes. Strain the liquid, and feel free to keep the mashed peaches
for smoothies or oats. Stir in lemon juice and allow
to cool before refrigerating. Once chilled, serve over ice. Or for a shaken iced peach tea
lemonade, add half lemonade. (slurping) (upbeat music)

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