Helsinki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Helsinki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Finland’s thriving waterfront capital, Helsinki, is situated at the northeastern edge of the
Baltic Sea. Nestled snugly between Sweden and Russia, the city overlooks more than 300 islands in
the waters of the archipelago. Known as The White City of the North for its
traditional use of light granite, the city is a seamless blend of traditional
and modern design. There is no better way to start delving into
the culture of this city, than by starting at a landmark which epitomizes
the style and sophistication of Finnish design. Kamppi Chapel, or The Chapel of Silence, is a multi-faith sanctuary in one of the busiest
parts of town. Settle into one of the ash-wood pews and meditate
before you explore the rest of this delightful city. In Helsinki, creative minds and innovators
are revered. Their statues, monuments and sculptures stand alongside architectural masterpieces, old and new. Start voyaging through history by taking the
ferry from Market Square to the city’s guardian, Suomenlinna Fortress. These battlements were built upon six islands
in the archipelago and have protected the Gulf of Finland for
almost 300 years. The fortress and Helsinki itself endured a
long and bloody tug of war between neighbouring Sweden and Russia, until
the nation won its independence in 1917. Today, sunbathers have replaced the soldiers of old, indulging in naps on the warm rocks while
listening to the lapping waters of the Baltic Sea. Back on the mainland, visit St. John’s Church
in the Ullanlinna district. In the past, Helsinki’s citizens would make
bonfires here on midsummer’s eve, otherwise known as Saint John’s day. Helsinki has a passion for creative invention
and isn’t shy about showcasing it. There is an abundance of museums and galleries
across the city, including the unmissable Helsinki Design Museum. Explore the permanent exhibition devoted to
the great moments of Finnish design from 1870 to the present. Knowledge is the DNA of creativity, and Helsinki’s unmatched education system
has nurtured some of the finest creative minds in the world. The renowned University of Helsinki runs the
Natural History Museum, which is dedicated to the study and celebration
of the greatest designer of all; Mother Nature. Continue your design journey to a sublime
marriage between mankind and nature. Temppeliaukio Church,
otherwise known as the Rock Church, is quarried into the city’s natural bedrock. Its copper dome ceiling is surrounded by glass
skylights and appears to float above the subterranean hall. The cavernous basin has otherworldly acoustics, and is a favourite for touring musicians. Helsinki is home to many structures dedicated
to theatrical and musical productions. One of the most iconic, is Finlandia Hall. Designed by one of Finland’s finest, Alvar Aalto, the building harmonizes wonderfully with the
city’s landscape and is another fantastic display of Helsinki’s
phenomenal design stature. Across the street from the towering pillars
of the Parliament building, and looking very much like a magnificent glass
house is the Helsinki Music Centre. This is the home of the Sibelius Music Academy, which celebrates Finland’s most beloved
composer, Jean Sibelius. During the long march for independence, his epic orchestral works provided a rousing
chorus of national pride. An enchanting celebration of this esteemed composer is the Sibelius Monument in the Töölö district. Look up at the bright Finnish sky through the organ-like steel pipes and consider
Sibelius’ thoughtful frown. Discover art of a more modern nature at the
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, a unique gallery, designed to illuminate the
treasures within by Finland’s natural light. Wander through Esplanadi, often referred to as the living room of the city. From here, walk north to Senate Square, which fans out from the fatherly gaze of Emperor
Alexander the second. Climb the stairs to the foot of Helsinki Cathedral, a breathtaking whitewashed structure which
towers above the rest of the city. Stare up at the twelve apostles, whose ten-foot-tall, zinc statues stand like wise custodians. Inside, the cathedral is just as bright, with a central dome that lets Finland’s
ethereal light flood in. In stark contrast to Helsinki Cathedral, is its brooding younger brother, Uspenski
Cathedral. Built with dark bricks, the cathedral is powerfully
conspicuous as it rises from the surrounding white granite
of the Katajanokka district. Roam through the area’s streets and along the shore, and watch the church light up with a golden
Helsinki sunset. Celebrations of education and creativity mean
Helsinki is a city, designed for life. Its long-held reputation as one of the world’s
happiest places lures people from all over the world. And now, it is calling to you.

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