Hidden Gems London Walking Tour

Hidden Gems London Walking Tour

Hello and welcome to the first of my taailored Joolz Guides London walks over the next few weeks I’ll be suggesting a few routes that you can take and selecting some of my favourite videos that can explain some of the fun stuff to see along the way This week why not take a walk around St James’s Palace From Green Park Station make your way up Piccadilly and then turn right onto St James Street Pickering Place…This is really nice actually, I really like it in here This is apparently the smallest public open space in London Whatever that means Famously it’s supposed to be the last place that a public duel was fought Was this the last place a duel was fought in London? Oh really? These are the original gas lamps from the period . It’s about the last place in London where you can find them I think they’ve got some over there as well near St James’ Palace I can just imagine, it’s a perfect place for someone to take offence at someone’s indiscretion and challenge them to a duel out in the courtyard here This is the original wood panelling from the 18th century you can see something quite interesting on the wall Texas in America used to be a republic . and they used to have a Texas legation here which was like an embassy between the years of 1842 and 1845 they actually had their legation here in Berry Brothers and Rudd which is the famous old wine shop nextdoor interestingly one of the oldes twine shops in the world I want the finest wines known to humanity I want them here and I want them now and by lucky hap t’is just a couple of steps to Berry Brothers and Rudd one of the oldest wine shops in the world apparently we are the oldest wine merchant in the UK still a family owned and family run business in 1698 Berry Brothers was known as the coffee mill to know your weigh was a sign of well being and something very fashionable so at Berry Brothers instead of getting rid of the scale we did insert a seat and offer the service to weigh our customers from 1765 this is what we are doing for example George, from 1826 he was weighed with boots a coat, a hat We had the Agha Khan, Lord Byron, a french king on exile from France this telegram was sent on the 16th of April 1912 to let us know that the Titanic had collided with an iceberg There are no mentions of the 1000s of passengers who lost their lives The only thing : we had 69 cases on board Down we go into the depths When we have an important cutomer or charity dinner we have permision to use house reserve stock We have some 1870 Ponte Canet, 1919..1899.. It’s very kind of you but I couldn’t drink before 12 o’clock I assume the queen buys her wine here . absolutely yes, the prince of wales too Napoleon iii in 1852 was in exile from France was a very close friend of the Berrys who gave permission to host his private meetings I quite fancy a drink after all that…..Drink? Yes please… So just around the corner from St James Palace is Pall Mall and this is where all the gentlemen’s clubs are and a gentleman, as Oscar Wilde said, is someone who is never rude unintentionally Number 79 if we can just stop here it’s the only house on the whole street that doesn’t belong to the queen Nell Gynn was the mistress of King Charles ii . and she wanted a house near the palace so he gave her this one but when she discovered that she only owned a lease on it and didn’t own it outright she went mental and she said that unless he gives her the freehold she’s off She wouldn’t accept this house until it was conveyed free to her by an act of parliament from then on it just got passed down through the family This is the street weher the suffragettes came marching down when they were trying to get the votes for women and of course none of the men took any notice of them until they started smashing the windows of their clubs and they said this is disgraceful, we’ll have to do something about this It’s getting dark now so the gas lamps should be coming on near ST James Palace They’re mostly lit electronically now but there are a few people from the gas board who come around and have to maintain them if you get close to them you can smell gas if you look on them it says when they were installed this one was in the reign of George iv and on some of them you can still see the round timer mechanism these are excellent there’s loads of them all over st james park, westminster and buckingham palace it really gives you a good dickensian feeling actually the first gas lamps were invented by a German called Albert Windsor around 1807 he put coal in an air tight container and then heated it up and then gas would shoot up through hollow posts and you could light them like a big bunsen burner the pressure was often too much so the only thing he could think of to string them together was gun barrels so he strung a whole load of them along the mall and people actually got very scared when they first encountered them so they never really took off perhaps his approach was slighty wrong That is the grand old duke of york as in The grand old duke of york, he had ten thousand men and as I march you up to the top of the hill, Simon, I’mnot going to march you down again Frederick the duke of York who was the second sone of the mad King George iii He was the commander in chief of the British army during the Napoleonic wars and his brother, George, wanted a monument made to him but unfortunately nobody liked him he was quite famous for lounging around and getting into debt no one wanted to pay for the monument so without consulting Parliament the decided to dock the wages of every soldier in the british army in order to finance the building of this monument which, as you can imagine, didn’t go down very well so they put him all the way up there so far up there so that he could escape his debtors and also so that nobody would have to put up with the smell of the stinky duke Just a stone’s throw from here there’s quite an interesting thing One of the many clubs around here is the Athenaeum the Duke of Wellington was a member here and you see this funny block here on the ground he didn’t want to have to jump to the ground off his horse every time he attended his club so he had this block installed so he could dismount in a rather graceful manner actually I’ve heard it told that the duke of wellington was the first person credited with having worn trousers He was actually ejected from this club for doing so are you going in? No I’m goingt o the RAC Oh, ok….. oohhhh, Athenaeum not good enough for him!! He in Waterloo PLace is a rather interesting little spot . Just over here at the bottome of this tree next to number 9 Carlton House Terrace which used to be the German Embassy there’s a little really cute grave stone it’s the dog, he’s called Giro he belonged to the German ambassador Back in 1934 when the German embassy was next door he had this dog and it unfortunately chewed through some electrical cables in the garden and was electrocuted SO he was buried here so that’s a Nazi dog you don’t have to say it in such a way ! It’s not the dog’s fault! It’s actually a bit unfair that it’s known as the Nazi dog memorial because the ambassador Leopold Von Hoesch wasn’t really a NAzi I mean he was already the ambassador when the nazis came to power and he actually strongly objected to their activities In fact he was so outspoken against the Nazis that they couldn’t wait to get rid of him Leopold von hoesch was actually very popular among the British and when he died one of the oddest sights was his funeral in which his coffin was draped in a swastika flag and taken down these very steps past Buckingham palace on a gun carriage with a proper miltary escort all the way to Dover and then taken over to Dresden where none of the Nazi party attended his funeral, which is rather sad inside,Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect was responsible for quite a lot of the design of the inside and Mussolini donated some marble actually they tried to get rid of most of the swastikas but I believe there is still a border of swastikas around one of the floors inside there ein treuer begleiter I think it means a trusty companion or something like that. So because this admiralty arch you’ve got all these beautiful little boats on top of the lampposts that’s why captain Cook’s over there of course In 1905 they decided to build admiralty arch and they ran into a few problems because there were a couple of old ladies who used to bring their cow along here and you could buy a glass of milk off these two old ladies anyway, the council send down a couple of burly fellows to boot them out and there was a big uproar. Everyone said “Wait a minute we like those ladies there selling milk from the cow’s udder and eventually King Edward vii stepped in and said Wait a minute , Iike those two old ladies. I remember using them when I was a boy and then they carried on until their dying day which probably wasn’t very long afterwards I should think This building over here used to be part of the ministry of defence During the war they had to discguide it so they grew a lawn on top of the roof The lawn’s still on the roof If you look around the other side there’s all this ivy that used to go all the way around it so that the bombers couldn’t see it from the air Thanks for watching, I hope you’ve enjoyed your guided walk around st James palace If you have there’ll be loads more guded walks coming up over the next few weeks and if you like my videos Please hit the subscribe button I’ve got loads more videos about London on my channel and if you fancy a drink after your walk why not check out one of my play lists about London’s most interesting bars and pubs

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  11. This guy is truly a genius! We were in London a few weeks ago with my wife and daughter, and Joolz guided us around beautiful places telling us stories and details of every single corner we've visited. It was a delightful tour! Thanks Joolz!

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  21. we were in London last April and made a point of visiting Berry Bros and Rudd. The old part of the shop has become something of a museum with one employee to show you the Titanic letter, the scale etc. The cheapest wine you can get there is known as G.O.C. ( Good Ordinary Claret) It actually quiet good.

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  24. Ein Treuer Begleiter actually stands for a true companion, or a faithful companion. Basically something quite normal to see on a dog's tombstone.

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