high school advice you NEED ft. summer mckeen

high school advice you NEED ft. summer mckeen

Good morning guys! Today, I’m here with Summer! We’re collabing today. We’re gonna give you the best high school advice and the only high school advice that you will ever need I’m a senior and she’s like a senior citizen She’s very knowledgeable and I am somewhat knowledgeable. Like I’m excited to see what advice I can get I don’t know but we’re here to help. We’re here to help. So let’s get started. Boy advice in high school Do you think it’s worth it to have a boyfriend at all? That’s you sis. I’m single. Oh my gosh I feel like a lot of high schoolers just feel like they need to Find a guy and like have a boyfriend in high school I think it’s really good to get experience with guys in high school like go on dates and stuff Like go on dates and stuff, but don’t like be like ‘I need to find a boyfriend’ I think when you’re in high school you go to a school that’s in your district so you’re kinda restricted. Yeah you are You don’t have to settle for someone just because they’re at your school. Yeah No, please don’t like when I was in high school when I was a freshman I was like, oh my gosh boys like I’m was going for boy after boy and then sophomore year We all kind of knew each other and then it’s kinda like the same old thing. No one’s interested. Have fun. Be safe What is your number one thing you wish you knew in high school? I wish I knew that you’re not going to keep all the same friends because I had this idea Yeah, like on social media You see like all these friends hanging out like oh friends since like day one But most of the people that I was friends with in freshman year, I don’t really even talk to anymore So I wouldn’t get your hopes up with like keeping your friends because you either grow together or you like grow apart Yes And that’s not a bad thing either not everyone’s gonna stay friends forever and not everyone’s gonna stay the same forever like people change people Like move on to different things in their life, and that’s okay, right People come into your life for a reason and they leave for a reason. I don’t think it has to start drama either if you like don’t stay friends with someone like it’s literally fine. We’ll be your friends if you don’t have friends. Yes, we are your friends. Is that good enough advice? How do I squeeze into friend groups that have been made years ago You don’t have to. I think its hard when like people have been friends since middle school and like they have their own group You’re gonna be friends with who you’re meant to be friends with Yeah
You’ll probably be able to tell if they’re your true friend if they like Invite you to do things right while you’re inviting them to do things as well Like as long as it’s not one sided. Freshman advice? That’s so broad! Freshman advice. On the education side your grades do matter in freshman year I thought they didn’t. I thought that too because someone told me that! Yeah, but like you have a cumulative GPA So at the end of like your senior year all your GPAs like are averaged Don’t let your freshman year ruin it. Yeah because it’s the easiest year. Just be aware that you are freshmen Like I kind of hate that Like don’t overstep your boundaries as a freshman because seniors are kind of rude and they kind of look down on freshmen oh, yeah, if you’re just chilling like you won’t get bothered but if you’re like, oh Yeah, like I’m so cool? What’s up? Yeah, no. Like love yourself know your worth and everything, but don’t be annoying (Slapping legs) Good you– wait give me your thigh (Slapping both of their legs) (Sniffing arm) I put lotion on today Can I smell? I don’t think you can actually smell. Oh wait the way you smell is so funny Merp Thumbnail (Screaming) (Making weird sounds) What are some tips on taking AP courses? Ooh Did you take it I took IB which is like the same as AP, but it’s international baccalaureate and I dropped out If there’s a specific university that you really want to get into or you’re like into that then do it into it Yeah, but it is a lot of work and you have to like dedicate your life to it like I know some people like their junior they took all AP classes and No social life, no sleep. Like that’s your whole life Oh my gosh all my friend who did that were like dying. See that’s the thing about it I think high school like your grades are really important and your studies are but it’s also good to like make memories and have fun So yeah, you have to balance the two. You really do. How do you get over a crush? You don’t. You dooon’t. Throughout high school I would like have things with guys for like just like a week at a time and I thought like oh I love them so much like Oh my gosh, and then they’d like just kind of forget about me but I think like was obsessed with them. A boy doesn’t define you. NOOOO! There’s nothing wrong with you Like yelling at the camera but like you don’t need boys. YOU DON’T NEED BOYS! Eve was made for Adam. Yeah boiiiii Does that even make sense? I don’t even know. Are high school parties a good idea for incoming freshmen? Ohhhh. You first High school parties for an incoming freshman– high school parties for anyone you know High school parties are kind of just like messy and like it can get very out of hand very quickly I feel like incoming freshmen are literally 13 right or 14 so, I feel like that’s so young Maybe like wait a little until you feel like you’re ready Like don’t make yourself go to parties because honestly peer pressure’s real like when I was Like when I was in freshman year, I definitely felt it. When you’re that young You still don’t know who you are or what you want to be about Like freshman year is like where you start finding yourself. Yeah, definitely because you like don’t know who you are so Just be careful because nothing goes away. Yeah. Wow, be careful because you can make decisions certain places as in parties That you don’t want to be known for. No. But you could be So be careful. Is junior year really the hardest year? I’m gonna be a junior this year and I’m freaking out! Yes. I had so many mental breakdowns that year. Way to make them feel better Summer First of all, that’s when you start taking like your SAT and ACT Uggghhh. I hated those There’s so much testing going on in those years it’s like the worst and like junior is normally the year You start taking like AP classes. So I feel like depending on what classes you take It can be easy or hard and because that’s when you start looking at colleges yeah, that’s what like stuff starts to get real and you’re like Ha! I gotta figure out my life how to make new friends and not be shy Joining clubs or like doing sports or getting involved is the best way to find people who have the same interests as you yeah And being shy like being shy is a part of your personality, there’s other shy people Yeah there are. Yeah, that’s like who you become friends with you know what I mean? Yeah, kind of find your people in your group I was really shy like believe it or not Like I hate talking to people for the first time and I’m like, I am never the one to be like hi What’s your name? But like, if you do it, like if you just do it, like don’t even think about it. Just be like Hi I’m Summer like I like your shirt, how are you? Yes, outfits! You know what I mean? Then you don’t regret it at all My mom all throughout high school, I would be like, I’m not happy with who I am like I’m not confident I’m shy and everything I wasn’t super shy but I was kind of shy and my mom would be like just pretend that you are and then you will be What’s your GPA currently? Well Summer’s not In school and my GPA was a 3 point– So I’m not gonna put in what we said because it’s the internet and people are really freaking sensitive So yeah, your GPA doesn’t define you so just, do the best that you can. Exactly As long as you’re trying like if you’re actually trying that’s really all that matters Yeah, this is a good question how you cut off toxic friendships without hurting their feelings or them getting butthurt? Oooh. Hmmmm Well this girl that was my best friend from sixth grade till my junior year We were like so close but we also had like a little bit of like toxicity in our relationship like she was kind of weird Oh I hope she doesn’t watch this Here’s what she did she like texted me this huge paragraph like just going off She was just really rude to me and that’s how our relationship ended over text for like going off. That’s crazy Don’t do that, please it could end nicely. No it can. It totally can But like how though I think like what you could do is just hang out with them less like pull back a Little bit. Yeah, um because you can be friendly without being friends, but then what if they’re like, how come we never hang out anymore? Just I guess how you handle it make sure that you’re being the bigger person. Is high school like High School Musical? NOOOOO! I was so upset! Me too I thought I was like gonna go to my locker every day and like talk to cute boys and be like hiiii Or like dance on the tables. Yeah, no it’s terrible I know like some high schools have like really good school spirit and stuff like that in like my school like hated their cheerleaders There was a football game where people were literally throwing trash at the cheerleaders like my school sucked Do people actually dress up nice or do they just wear a hoodie? It doesn’t matter. No. Okay wait, the thing is I think it depends where you go to school because yeah Like where I go people wear whatever like they’ll were board shorts and like slippers like beach clothes Slippers! Okay first of all it’s flip-flops! No! Oh my god! Let me get my slippers. What are slippers? Let me show you These are slippers. Those are not slippers those are moccasins! These are not moccasins! What?! What was the question? Do people dress up nice. Oh, it doesn’t matter do what you want Everyone’s different because some people will show up like they just rolled out of bed and some people put on a full face of makeup like every day Cuz like the thing is everyone’s so focused on themselves And what they look like because people care a lot about their appearance and stuff that no one’s gonna care what you’re doing or really notice What do you do to motivate yourself to do homework after getting home? You don’t. I have never done homework as soon as I get home. Give yourself even if it’s like 15 minutes if you like have a lot to do (phone rings) If you have a lot to do then like just set aside like 15 minutes And then get it all done because you will feel really really good You’ll feel soo good! My man is your man– that’s not even the lyrics it’s my man is– Is it worth it to get a job during school? If you like want your own money to spend and stuff I think getting a job is great. Just don’t like over-schedule yourself You can send toe pictures for money. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT Do people hate underclassmen especially freshmen as much as they say they do? It depends It’s like a stereotype that all freshmen suck but you don’t suck. If you’re a freshman, you don’t. How do you become more social? That’s a good question because sometimes I think everyone struggles with that like there’s certain situations where you’re awkward And like what am I doing? The thing that just keeps coming to mind that like honestly just worked for me It’s like just just do it. Like just go do it just go out of your comfort zone force yourself You won’t regret it, like in five years. It won’t matter in like five months It won’t matter and then you might meet some of the best people of your life But you’ll never know if you don’t go for it. Yes Do you– ooohhh Do you think freshmen should date seniors? In general, Most of the time like a 14 year old and an 18 year old like you guys are completely Different like parts of your life like that doesn’t really work. Unless it does. Especially if the boy is older. Yeah Be careful. The realest thing is most high school relationships don’t make it out of high school. No Yeah, so like you don’t have to find your soul mate in high school. No, like you’re not. I mean you probably won’t which is totally fine. No one knows what they’re doing in high school. You don’t need a boyfriend No, you don’t. I’m really just justifying why I’m single Ooh dress code, ooh, I’m sure someone asked about it. Oh, yeah. I had a dress code I didn’t have any. Really? Wear what you want but like then again, it’s high school. Like it’s not the club. How to maintain 4.0? How to make sitting in class less boring. Okay, get a pop socket on your phone. Do a dance. Ha! You’re like, do a little dance Um, fly notes across the classroom. Yes! This is so fun like pop sockets are the best. (Playing with pop sockets) Ha! Bring a bottle of water What How to make a boy like me? If it’s meant to be it will be Mm-hmm Like never force anything cuz that’s just never good. No it is not. Like if you have to pretend you are Something then you’re just putting on a facade like your whole relationship and that is like setting yourself up for failure. Yes I just said facade that’s a really big word. Oh good job. How do you not get lost in the hallways? I did. I did. Everyone does. Yeah, especially for a freshman. Don’t be scared of getting lost. Carry a map? Haha carry a map! Hahaha! Wear some binoculars. Ask people. They’re not gonna be mean. No, yeah, I hope not, I don’t know How not to be awkward on the first day of school? I feel like everyone’s so concerned with themselves and You feel awkward everyone feels awkward on the first of school. Everyone’s nervous Everyone is yeah, like even if they’re acting like they’re not, everyone low-key is like nervous Yeah, so be aware of that and then you’re like you’re fine you’re chilling. Your honest opinion about high school? Nothing is as deep as you think it is. Aah! I think high school is a time of Growth. Yes discovering yourself. Yes. I’m really gonna leave it like that because I can’t come up with a better response. Like that’s really true Nothing’s really that deep Aaaah! Alrighty folks, I don’t know any of that helped you but that is it for this video I’m gonna have her channel linked down below. We’re gonna have a really fun video I don’t know if we’re doing yet, but it’s gonna be good time. I’m gonna have everything linked down below. Do you have a tinder? No. If you stay to this point in the video. First of all, you’re amazing cuz I wouldn’t have and We’re kind of we don’t know. We’re kind of crazy! Second of all comment down below: strawberry. Here’s today’s babe of the week. You guys are amazing And I love you and you’re– love you! And if you’re not subscribed make sure you do so. it’s free and you might even burn some calories clicking it and subscribe to Summer! Let’s get her to 10 million! Let’s get me to 10 million at the end of the week! I’m giving away three iPhone X’s! Noo! They’re gonna attack you! No! Have a great day. Love you guys Ahaha! Ha! Do you want to say my good morning with me? Yes! You put an ad in front of your video? Are you kidding me? Girl I gotta make that money! That’s disgusting But please don’t like, don’t. Oh, I thought your cat was gonna fall off. Is he okay? Thumbnail! Aaah!

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  1. High school seems so much scarier than it really is, don’t worry about it so much y’all. You will all be fine.:) Just try your best to stay on top of your work, be open to meet new people, and know that it really is what you make of it! Hope everybody has a great year!?

  2. One thing I did for freshman year first day of school is get a bit early to school look for ur first classes first second and advisory…. when break comes look for third and fourth lunch comes and look for fifth and sixth period I felt so relieved knowing where my classes where

  3. At my school mostly all the seniors and juniors were super nice to the freshmen and it was the sophomores that were more mean idk that was just my school

  4. Advice from a senior:
    Join a LOT OF SHIT. sign up for clubs and join sports teams or rally teams if you want. You dont wanna be a kid who's life is just consumed by grades. I'm on my school's dance team and it's really broken me out of my shell. I never thought that i would try out because everyone on dance was so popular and cool, but I got introduced to the team through the intermed dance class, so I was inclined to tryout. Through your classes each year, you get introduced to a lot of activities, clubs and groups, and I encourage you to go after them if you are interested. It will make your high school experience so much more memorable.

  5. At my school, you have to give a chapel talk in front of the whole freaking school. I don’t have to do it for another year and a half and I am already so so nervous.

  6. Hi! I’m a new YouTuber! my first video is https://youtu.be/y8zyDOtvAh0 & it would be so cool if you guys watched it! like & subscribe!!

  7. So, it's that time of year again and here's some freshman advice from a high school junior:

    ☆ DON'T be scared! just remember that everyone in your grade will be going through the exact same thing, and everything will be new to them too. it won't be that bad, and in a couple of months you will know the school like the back of your hand.

    ☆ DON'T freak out if you can't find your classes. there will be plenty of administrators and staff located throughout the school to help you. if you want to feel less worried you can take advantage of going to orientation and finding all of your classes early and meeting teachers.

    ☆ DO stay on top of your schoolwork & homework. freshman year is the EASIEST year so you don't want to waste this year goofing off and slacking. you also don't want to take the most advanced classes, and then flake in the middle of the year. it's best to take a few advanced classes in the subjects you are good at, and take intermediate classes for the ones you struggle with. your future self and GPA will thank you.

    ☆ DO try to make a friend in each class. I know this might seem intimidating at first, but it's really useful in the long run. say you missed a day and need to copy notes. text that friend and get a picture of them. stuck on a tough question or a really confusing part of a math problem? text that friend for help. this has saved lives and grades. trust me.

    ☆ DO take advantage of opportunities. thinking about joining that club may be intimidating, or going to that first football game or homecoming, but it's better to try it and not like it than to never experience it.

    ☆ DO join clubs, sports teams and organizations. (please please please, if you don't take anything else from this, please join clubs, sports teams and organizations.) this has really helped me connect with people that share a common interest. these people you will become super close with and share a special bond. it will make these 4 years a whole lot more enjoyable. you might even find your passion and make friends that last for years past high school. you never know.

    ☆ DON'T start fights or gossip about people. yes, this even includes teachers. it's flat out rude to talk about people, and it will get you a bad rap if you decide to fight. it's not worth it in the end. you will suffer greater consequences than the satisfaction you get when you're actually doing it.

    ☆ please, for the love of God, DON'T be so loud. upperclassmen have to deal with a group of freshman every. single. year. that feels the need to be loud all the time. yes, we know that it's exciting to see your friends during lunch, or you want to have fun with them during class but you don't have to yell at them all the way across the cafeteria, or disrupt the people who are actually trying to do their work in that class. have some decency and manners please.

    ☆ DON'T get involved with the "bad crowd."
    what I mean is, don't get involved with those people who pressure you into smoking, vaping, juuling, doing drugs or having sex etc. you will have a long road of consequences ahead of you if you decide to partake in these things, especially when you're only a freshman.

    ☆ DO have fun. you only get to go through your freshman year once, so make the most of it and experience all that you can.

  8. my school actually gave us maps ? bc the school is getting redone and it’s not finished yet so they couldn’t give a tour at orientation lol

  9. First of all i love you you both so much!! I’m going to be a freshman and kinda panicking ! But this answered so many of my questions thank you so much !???

  10. Hey class of 23’ freshman: nothing happens nobody cares ur a freshman. Just don’t act like upperclassmen n ur good

  11. At my school the freshmen are in a separate building so all the highschoolers aren’t in the same building

  12. I get it, it’s normal for upperclassmen to hate on freshman but people are hating on class of 2023 more than the other classes.

  13. I am going to be a freshman and so stressed about high school. AP classes sound like torture and staying up until 3am I just can’t do that. You already have to worry about GPA, SAT, extra curriculars, projects, tests, etc. Can I not do AP classes but do everything else since I don’t want that stress and don’t want to be miserable. I am thinking of taking Honors, which are advanced but not an intense as AP.

  14. Advice from a current Junior (2021)
    TIP 1: Don’t listen to their tips. These were the annoying girls in high school that everyone thought were too much.

  15. When they said you’re 13 when your freshman My eyes wide it is so big LOL when I was 13 I was in seventh grade LOL

  16. I am going to highschool in less than 3 weeks? I am scared but exited. I am also taking 1 AP class which is English.

  17. What I don't get is why no one includes people with late birthdays when saying an age range. I'm sorry but I always feel a bit left out because of it. ?

  18. The worst thing about teenage girls is that they r SO unpredictable and 1 minute they r your bestie and then the next they treat u like a stranger
    Lol im literally a teenage girl

  19. High school is not that bad, I assure you my little freshmen beanie babies. I used this video last year and I’m a sophomore. High school is just annoying. If you want to be super social and have the most friends, what I have found that works is that you HAVE to be involved. Popularity is a little different than middle school. It doesn’t even matter how weird you are, if you are involved in sports and clubs, you end up being one of the most known people in the entire school. It makes sense, you are more likely to know the most people in all your classes. Therefore, In every class you have people to goof off with because they are your teammates and/or club members.

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