Hikes & Things to do in Bariloche (Patagonia Expedition #01)

Hikes & Things to do in Bariloche (Patagonia Expedition #01)

Steve: Patagonia is a sparsely populated region at the southern end of South America, shared by argentina and chile. in this video series, Kristin from be my travel muse and i are going to take you on a journey to the most impressive landscapes in and around the southern section of the Andes featuring the lake region, the fjords of the Pacific Ocean, the most iconic mountain ranges and the Patagonian ice fields with their impressive glaciers. Join us hitchhiking to the most remote areas of the region, be our trekking companion, and most importantly, enjoy the scenery. This is the Patagonia expedition. Patagonia starts a bit further north of Bariloche in Argentina. Located inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche with its combination of mountains, lakes and green forests, is the perfect place to start this whole adventure. Hey guys we start this Patagonian adventure here in Bariloche which is also famous for its chocolate. Kristin: all the chocolates. they have chocolate covered raspberries. Steve: Bariloche is not only famous for its chocolate. Kristin: it’s also famous for the seven lakes. Steve: The best way to see the numerous lakes around Bariloche is a road trip, so we rented a car and drove along the Ruta de Siete Lagos to San Martín de los Andes. All right guys we are on the way of the most beautiful view point of Bariloche, close to Bariloche, called Cerro Campanario. It only takes about 20 minutes if you are in good shape, and as we are in good shape, it will only take us 25 minutes. Kristin: Not in good shape. Steve: Mountain Goat Kristin is making her way up. Kristin: Hola chicos, we are about to do our first hike. Steve: And for this one we chose the trek to the Tronador from Pampa Linda. Vamanos. The trek we are doing is actually also doable in one day, but then you only get to see the beginning of the glacier. We want to see more that’s why we hike up to the Refugio Otto Meiling and we will camp out there to put our outdoor gear to a proper test before we hike into more difficult terrain. And I think it’s a good start to camp out next to a glacier. Kristin: The tronador. Steve: There it is, the Tronador and here you can see where we started. Ohh! Kristin: It’s really beautiful. Steve: Over there. This is Pampa Linda, this is starting point. We’re such good hikers. It took us only four hours. We are almost there. The last part was a bit rocky and very steep, but now… Kristin: We’re next to the glacier. Steve: Here it is, the glacier and there is our refugio and we will camp next to that. Kristin: We made it to the Refugio Otto Meiling. Steve: There’s the building here and we’re camping right next to that. Good morning, it was really cold tonight, but the good thing about this part is that you get rewarded in the morning because the sun rises. Good morning, Kristin. Time to move on. Goodbye, Otto Meiling Refugio. We’re going down to see this glacier here from the bottom because there are a lot of waterfalls. Let’s do this. The glacier, to see the glacier is an hour more and then we head back, so when we head back we have three hours left to catch our bus. Kristin are you ready to do a bit more trekking? Kristin: Oh yeah. Steve: Oh yeah. And we are back in Pampa Linda. Enjoyable hike, Kristin? Kristin: Yeah, it was beautiful but it was long – about 40km. Steve: And we can still see the Tronador, where we just came from. It’s right there in the clouds, so we just made it back in time. So I would say cheers to an amazing hike. Kristin: Hola from Catedral. During the wintertime, this is the largest ski resort in South America. Steve: And we are going up with the lift today to do a hike. We’re going to Refugio Frey. All right guys, we made it to the top of Cerro Catedral. Kristin: And yesterday, we were over there at the Tronador. Steve: After rock climbing we are now at the intersection where it goes down to Frey. All right guys, we made it. Kristin: To the Refugio Frey. Steve: And we’re heading back. In the next episode, we are heading over to Chile, cross through the fjords, start our hitchhiking adventure at the Carretera Austral, and we will get to see more glaciers. So, stay tuned. Check out the related travel guide, linked below this video, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for new travel videos every Thursday. Hasta pronto. Oh my God. Oh my God! The speed! It’s crazy! Woohoo!

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  1. Amazing footage! We can't wait to get to Patagonia! Very excited to see the rest of this trip!

  2. Impresiona la calidad de tus videos, que en sí son documentales con una increíble carga de información.
    Fue extraño ver el Cerro Catedral sin nieves, pero de todas maneras se vio muy bonito.
    Saludos y que sigan disfrutando del viaje.

  3. So weird to see those places without snow, but wow, looks easier for hiking XD Thanks for visiting my country!!!!

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqeMBRXmACY

    Hi Steve!
    Beautiful video !! I want to thank that watching videos of your travels began to travel to Patagonia with my girlfriend. Look how much snow there was in December 2015 at the refuge Otto Melling. And it's summer !!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  5. Nice video:) Great idea starting in Northern Patagonia. Bariloche, Argentina's Lake District, has some stella hikes that aren't as well known.

  6. This video is wonderful, I want to travel to Bariloche to do hiking so I'll be there soon. What is the name of the music? Greetings Steve.

  7. enrealidad la ruta de los 7 lagos se la cosidera desde villa la angostura hasta San Martin de los Andes, provincia de Neuquén, pero si Bariloche es demasiado hermoso.

  8. May I ask what drone you use. Must be small and light to carry with you pack packing. Some stunning shots, really adds to the video

  9. Una cosa es la inmensa Patagonia Argentina, bella, salvaje, estremecedora, cautivante, misteriosa, trasmitan que no solo es Bariloche y su entorno, hacia el mar y más al sur hasta llegar a Ushuaia, por la ruta 40 o la costa atlántica fascina, todo hermoso e inigualable, y hacia el norte encontrás pampas sin limite, serranías verdes, bosques, y cataratas desopilantes, y muchas , muchas ciudades llenas de cultura e historia, Argentina no es solo el sur, es sur, centro y norte, toda para conocer y disfrutar, comidas, vinos, noches y días que recordarás toda la vida, veníte aquí se encuentra lo que busques..

  10. Hi! When/which month did visit Patagonia? The view looks amazing but we are only heading there in Late May/early June

  11. Hello Would you mind telling me the name of the background song for this video? I have looked for it on the website but it is very difficult to find it.

  12. En esa Chocolateria que aparece en el vídeo de seguro hacen el chocolate con Cacao 100% Venezolano, el mejor Cacao del mundo!! A los Argentinos les encanta y exhiben orgullosos que sus chocolates lo hacen con Cacao Venezolano. Dios bendiga a la hermosa tierra patagónica compartida por Argentina y Chile, en especial al hermoso Bariloche.

  13. May i know the title of the track from 0:53 onwards? Thank you for this very illustrative video. Patagonia is an amazing place.

  14. Ah, Agentina – so lovely and the lakes and mountains of Bariloche are stunning. One of our all time fav hikes was a 3 day through hike in Northern Patagonia, in Argentina's Nahuel Huapi National Park. The spectacular traverse from Refugio Lopez to Refugio Laguna Negra (Italia) was a highlight – the views across to the Chilean Andes were superb. Without snow the scree slopes of these magnificently decaying mountains were very challenging!! A must on anybody's hiking bucket list. Happy & safe hiking.

  15. Hey dude, im from argentina. Dope video ! Awesome, next time you come let me know and I can recommend some dopes places some (local knowledge)

  16. Great video! I'm heading to Argentina in 2 weeks and plan to spend 5-6 days in Patagonia. Your series will be helpful in planning my limited time their. What are you 5 favorite day hikes in Patagonia?

  17. Hi we just returned from an Argentina adventure. Your footage of the Refugio Frey trek was excellent. What a trek down. Hope to do Tronador next time. Great restaurant called Punto Panaramico on the driving circuit around Llao Llao peninsula that has good food fresh salads and an incredible view. Already miss the breath taking scenery.

  18. Hi Steve, Great footage! I work at Newsflare, we are currently working on a new TV show with SparkTV who are interested in using this clip. I would love to chat with you about the details. Please email me at sophie(dot)Shuttleworth(at)newsflare(dot)com ASAP. Thanks, Sophie

  19. Hey Steve, I was wondering if you could please provide some advice on getting to Bariloche from Pucon 🙂 Thank you

  20. Me encanta el sur Argentino en verano, bañarse en esas aguas cristalinas rodeadas de tanta belleza es un sueño, mis dos lugares favoritos son San Martín de los Andes y Lago Puelo, saludos desde Buenos Aires!!!!!

  21. Bariloche is the crown jewel of Argentina. It is, IMHO, one of the best places on earth. We visited Bariloche for four weeks in Feb of 2019 and we wanted to come back in 2020. During my visit, we stayed at the history Llao Llao hotel which is the most beautiful hotel that we've ever stayed in my life. My beautiful wife and I took the exclusive trip from Bariloche to Chile via boat and bus through the seven lakes and jungle of the Andes mountain. It is one of the trips that not many people know about. The tour ended at Puerto Varas Chile. We stayed in Puerto Varas for a few nights and then traveled to Puerto Monte. It was an experience of a life time for me. Bariloche is famous for steak, lamb, wine and ofcourse chocolate. My wife would like to move to Bariloche permanently. We're looking to buy a home in Bariloche at a place call Arelauquen, a very high development where my wife can have a full view of the mountains and lakes.

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