Hiking in Tokyo: Mount Takao Summer Day Trip Walking Tour | Japan Outdoors Guide

Hiking in Tokyo: Mount Takao Summer Day Trip Walking Tour | Japan Outdoors Guide

39 thoughts on “Hiking in Tokyo: Mount Takao Summer Day Trip Walking Tour | Japan Outdoors Guide

  1. Nice and atmospheric video my friend?️??
    Thanks for your adventures & atb✊???
    Ꭿℓℯℵ ⋮П↑⟨⋮

  2. Brilliant video, as always Rockie. We see the real Japan through your lens, buddy. Well done, and a very BIG thumbs up!

  3. Morning buddy ?. So lovely but as you said, to many people. It was great to see mont fungi, sorry if that the right spelling. But great video. ATVB Andy ?? ?

  4. Good morning Rocky a fantastic video enjoyed the hike very much Thanks for sharing ATB and God bless you man..

  5. Beautiful video Rockie. Your video techniques have really improved and those detailed pics of the flowers, streams and foliage made my day. I can understand you wanting to get away from all the people and enjoy nature the way it should be. I'm looking forward to more of your mountains of Japan series and thanks for sharing your time mate. Cheers Rockie!!

  6. Great episode of the series! What is that rotating stone @3:14? I pass on the rice ball… Despite the crowds, it looked like an enjoyable day.

  7. Loved it. Mt. Fuji always waiting patently in there distance, great inspiration to put up with the crowds. The intro was great. Showing us the map helped me grasp what options were there. Just listening to the water sounds alone building as you descended was relaxing. Great series. Keep 'em coming. Looked Eiko was using an Osprey?

  8. Dang I thought our trails were busy? Looked impossible to get people free footage. View of Mt. Fuji looked nice!!!

  9. You were right about the people there wer lots of people. That still didn’t stop it from being an excellent video. Love the way you capture the nature like the flowers, the frog and all the water. What was the revolving stone in the first part of the video. Your friend Suzy.

  10. The temple scenes and music really set the scene Rocky, shame about the crowds. Would love to do Mt Fuji, it looked awesome in the distance there, great to see you out hiking again, take care my friend ???

  11. your right where it's so close to Tokyo and the cable car can take you to the summit way to many people, the #6 trail looked to be a nice trail to hike on and see nature, looking forward to your next mountain hike, take care

  12. Hey Rockie! Very cool trail on the way down especially. You really did a great job filming this because I felt like I was there immersed in the green and water! Looking forward to seeing more Japanese peaks all the way up to Mount Fuji! Awesome video brother!

  13. ❤️?Rocky I really liked the music and temples with all scenery at beginning great way to start off explore or hike. Love that you showed beautiful captures of of everything around. The last trail did seem to be more enjoyable for sure. Thanks for showing all the lil critters too.
    Excellent video as always your filming is excellent quality. Flowers were nice.
    Nice seeing you my friend.
    I think I lost 5lbs just watching you lol ?
    Maybe during colder season there might not be as many people.
    Until your next video my friend take care be safe. Your Florida friend ?

  14. All in all, decent trip, something cool to see, minus everyone going to top. But yeah, waterfal trail better for sure no doubt

  15. What an awesome opening. Goggle Earth? I'm so stealing that Rockie 🙂
    I hate pickles 🙁
    Arigatōgozaimashita. Pikurusu to gunshū igai no subarashī bideo

  16. Too bad about the tourist trap mountain, but the trail down was very nice. The water and rocks give you a little technical fun at least. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great Views, It Is What It Is. Some like all the people hiking along, I myself, Lone Hiker ! Thanks Rockie, Hay-Hay To Mrs. Rockie & Scratch for Lil Rock – Rock ! ATB T God Bless

  18. Once you got into the woods, it was amazing how similar it is to my area. Different plants, some the same. I hate crowds, they make me buggy. But at the same time, it's hard to get mad about people getting out and enjoying nature. Looking forward to the next climb.

  19. Super rad! One thing I always find interesting is cultural drum beats and how many of them sound somewhat similar despite being totally removed from one another. I still need to find the one holy mountain I want to climb when I can finally visit, it's not super popular but has a small stone monument at the top. I swear it was involving Tsukuyomi worship but the main Tsukuyomi shrine isn't anywhere near it. Probably Mount Gassan? But it looks a bit different than I remember seeing in a photo.

  20. even thought the trail 1 was bad, in your opinion it seemed you got a nice trip, and captured some nice footage as usual, was a bit late on watching this one, had allot of stuff to do in my life lately not giving me as much time to watching vidoes, but yours are ussally good so use to check them out if i notice them, hope your doing well my friend

  21. Pretty cool hike, my friend. The Temple was very interesting. The first trail and the summit area did look a little touristy as you pointed out, well A LOT touristy lol. Nice view of Mt. Fiji though. The trail coming down with all the water features was real nice though. I could tell that route lifted your spirits. May not be the best mountain but overall looked like a fun time.

  22. BRR back for some REO Dee!
    What a world over there though!
    Thanks for another awesome vid! ?????

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