Hitchhiking and Camping in Patagonia: 🇨🇱 Futaleufu & 🇦🇷 Trevelin

Hitchhiking and Camping in Patagonia: 🇨🇱  Futaleufu & 🇦🇷 Trevelin

Tom: Well, Mr Miguel has said that this is our camping area! Tom: So this is literally where we’re putting the tent Yen: Great! Tom: We almost don’t even need to use a tent. We can just sleep here Yen: Good, good. Tom: He’s even got a mattress for us Tom: So after all that hard work, we found an awesome place. Tom: It’s even got internet! Yen: And hot showers
(It was a lukewarm shower…) Tom: Food time
Yen: Let’s eat now! Tom: Our lentils are our source of protein tonight! Tom: And some rice. Tom: And the entree is a Chinese cup noodle Yen: Smells spicy. Good good Tom: Life’s good Tom: We. Need. These. Noodles Yen: There is not enough water! Yen: How much have you boiled? Tom: I just filled it up! Tom: Should we do some more Tom: It’s an emergency. There is not enough water !! Ramen complete! Tom: (Suddenly) If I live in China, I could make a lot of money. Yen: You want to live in China suddenly? Because you had some noodles? Tom: It’s a pretty exciting place to live, right? Yen: Yeah
Tom: You’d be keen, aye?
Yen: Yeah Yen: The rice is done! Yen: We always make way too much rice Tom: Yay it’s boiling! Yen: Yum! Today’s main meal is indian curry
Yen: Wow, there’s so much! Yen: How do we eat all of this? We enjoyed the meal then had a great sleep ☀️ The next morning It’s raining But our tent didn’t get wet at all! It was so warm and nice to sleep inside. The empanadas that Tom went out to buy peckish Yen Not bad! Tom: (Spanish) New Zealand doesn’t have this kind of stove. Tom: Wow so good. Thank you He was really nice but his Spanish was so fast and hard to understand It was so warm thanks to the fire. Tom: Wow so good! Tom: Wow ~~ Awesome! Tom: And there’s no smoke coming out of this one! Remember the other one had smoke coming out the top! We were so impressed with the wood over that we kept opening it The water boiled so fast on the oven Tom: It’s so hot, aye! The water just evaporates immediately if it falls on the oven Yen: I reckon food will burn less with this (because our burner directs the heat only to one specific spot in the middle of the pot) Yen: I’m so happy to be able to finally do laundry! Yen: I’m so happy to be able to do washing! Tom: It’s such a rare opportunity, aye! Reading a book in front of the fire It’s raining outside. We’re inside. How awesome. Tom is painting on the iPad Yen: Making rice from.. uncooked rice (lol) Yen: Can you see steam coming out of the laundry? Tom is busy editing videos. It’s raining a lot outside Our tent ~ And finally… fire 🔥 Rice is done!! Tom: The rice’s cooked really well Yen: I think it’s the best we’ve cooked while travelling. Tom: If we leave it to sit for a sec, all that liquid will go and it’ll get really yummy. Yen: The rice always looks a bit like congee (super overcooked rice soup) Tom: But that’s better than undercooked, hard rice Today’s lunch is meatballs and rice Instant meatballs. Time to warm them up once! Hand-drying our clothes! Yen: How do you get that much water out of them??? I tried for ages! Tom: We’ve got one egg left, so we’re doing to have it mixed with rice We put the meatballs directly onto the rice – yum! Tom: Let’s add plenty of cheese! Tom: It looks delicious ~ Tom: Enjoy! Tom: This meal is such a win! These meatballs, that is Tom: So easy and yum Tom: They’re not that salty Yen: Do you want to put on some more parmesan? Delicious lunch while listening to the rain! Vitamin C packs from New Zealand Tom: Did you put it on the tongue or under the tongue? If you put it under your tongue when eating, it’s way more sour Vitamin Recharge Complete! We take advantage of the hot oven and get some more laundry done! The weather is getting better, time to go for a walk! Tom: Doggo’s so pretty! Yen: It’s so pretty here We wonder around the lake once Tom’s favorite puddle shot Cute and quaint village 🏠 Buying snacks and going home Today’s snack! Yen’s pick: Potato chips Tom’s pick: Chocolate snack Yen: Yum let’s have some Sudden Potato Chips ASMR Delicious looking chips (they taste great too) Tom: Delicious Snacks followed by dinner immediately afterwards? Tom: These are the lentils we made for dinner yesterday. There were quite a few left so I’m cooking them for a minute to soften them up Tom: And now i’m going to add some pasta sauce Tom: White sauce with brown lentils Tom: It looks delicious ~ Tom: This oven is so awesome. It’s so hot. I can feel it on my fingers. Everything’s so hot here! Tom: That sauce doesn’t taste like much, I just tried it. It might need some salt. Yen: You can put in a whole lot of parmesan. Tom: The sauce is a bit bland, so I’m going to put in a whole lot of parmesan cheese. Tom: This should help a lot Tom: Wow I can smell it already Tom: We’re crossing the border to Argentina tomorrow, so we have to get rid of all of our seeds Tom: So I’m just going to smash a whole lot into here Tom: And use the rest of them for my breakfast Tom: It smells great. It smells really cheesy. After dinner, Tom gets onto fixing our bag with a needle and threat It came back out as soon as he got it in Time to try again about 100 times Yen: Come on! Tom: Got it!
Yen: Oh you got it? Yay! Yen: Congratulations! Yen: Look at that serious look We fixed our bag!!! The next morning. Time to organise our luggage and get ready to leave! But first! Time to eat breakfast! We’re finishing off the remaining bread and the instant soup Futaleufu! Thanks and see you again! We’re taking this shuttle bus to the Chile-Argentina border Great! We’re at the border. Such a cool experience to walk across the border Argentina again! 🇦🇷 We’re grabbing another bus from the border to Trevelin Having a quick read on the bus The lovely drive on the way to Trevelin We’re here! We were both so excited to come here Walking to our campsite Tom: I think it’s just up here Yen: Wow it’s so much warmer here! Campsite for today! The doggo of the campsite

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  1. Se ganaron mi corazón! Tienen una relacion muy bonita, me encanta como Tom siempre cuida y es atento con Jen, muy tiernos los dos . Por mas aventuras ❤ love you guys❤

  2. Que corto se hacen los 19min de video cuando es muy entretenido, tienen que visitar bariloche por los menos dos noches. Tiene muchas actividades para hacer saludos..

  3. Hace unas semanas encontré un vídeo suyo en Buenos Aires y me enganche, tuve que verlos todos. De ahí espero cada vídeo nuevo que suben. Son geniales chicos, sigan así. Espero algún día hagan un vídeo tipo 50 cosas sobre ustedes así los conocemos más. Un abrazo grande.

  4. Hola, chicos… Que rico el CHOCLO (mazorca) lo pueden comer con manteca derretida, estuvierón bien ahiii…. me inspiran, ustedes saludoss… *Yenny Tom *

  5. Hola chicos!!! Soy de Argentina. Tienen que venir al norte de argentina. Soy de salta. Me re divierto con su videos! Me encanta q hablen en coreano. Sigan mostrando lugares y comida! Gracias a ustedes quiero visitar los mismos lugares de mi país.

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