Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral & Camping in Patagonia: Camping in Coyhaique 🇨🇱

Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral & Camping in Patagonia: Camping in Coyhaique 🇨🇱

Time for a hearty breakfast before our day hitchhiking to Coyhaique – we have no idea how long it’s going to take! The plan is to get a ride all the way to Coyhaique Yen: Even if we can’t get a ride, we can catch the bus We’re all packed up and ready to go! Tom: There are no cars at all! Tom: Should I just pretend? The wind was really cold so Yenny had a little hole to spot cars through Our sign that we made in a real hurry last night Yen: It’s ten in the morning and two cars have gone past Tom: Yup Tom: And we waved like crazy! Yen: And the drivers waved back! Tom: Hahaha Tom: Hola, como estas? The driver made it clear to us that he wasn’t going all the way to Coyhaique but we were keen to at least get out of Cerro Castillo! He was super friendly. He was on the way to his work 40km down the road Yen: He took us 40km, and now we’re back to hitchhiking! Yen: Even though he couldn’t take us the whole way, we were only hitchhiking for 10 minutes and we got a ride! Yen: It was only the third car to go past! There was nowhere to get out of the wind here! Yen: It’s ten o’clock now – we’ve been here for twenty minutes Second successful hitchhike! And then unbelievably – we got a third car immediately! She was a woman from Paraguay – she was so friendly! We were able to get all the way to Coyhaique thanks to three very friendly people! Tom: That was honestly so easy! We got a ride in like three minutes! Yen: We probably waited less than 30 minutes in total! Yen: The time is now eleven am! Tom: So it took us two hours! Tom: Perfect! We’re on our way to a campsite that we’d looked into in advance! Yen: How do we get in? The owner was super nice – he told us about a whole lot of things to do around Coyhaique Finished checking in – time to sort the tent We were a bit hungry by this point so we came out to get a snack We were recommended this place by the last driver that gave us a ride 2000 Chilean pesos is about USD$2.50 We’re having a “completa” – it’s a hotdog with everything on it Including an insane amount of avocado! Yen: It looks so good! I’m curious about what it’s got inside it! Yen: What’s in there? Tom: Sausage and maybe a different type of meat on top (turned out to be steak) Yen: Is it yum? After our snack we went for a wonder around town Tom: Wow this is so pretty Tom: I think our campsite’s actually down in this valley, down here Tom: Because that’s the river..? Yen: It’s down there..? Tom: Yeah! We go up and then we go around Yen: Tom.. No! It’s in the completely opposite direction! Tom: …That way…? Yen: Yeah completely that wat Tom is both incapable of knowing which direction he’s facing or remembering streets Mate’s popular here too! We’re trying some Chilean wine today! Yen: The owner of the campsite recommended chardonnay and merlot though, not this type Yen: The peanuts that were supposed to go with our cereal.. Yen: Because we’d already finished all of the food we were supposed to have with the wine.. Yen: Before we even opened the wine… We hanged around playing cards and drinking wine! Time for wine bottle number two! Yen: You honestly suit pink Tom: Yeah I really like pink Yen: Yeah I know Yen: Wow it fits you well! You wear that one Tom: It doesn’t fit at all! Look at this! Tom: I can’t close it! Yen: Wow.. unbelievable Tom: I can’t move at all Yen: So pretty We started preparing some dinner with the groceries that we bought earlier We got a bit too much food.. How will we be able to fit it all in our bags? Today’s dinner is Indian curry with chicken and mushrooms Tom: Wow it’s heavy We had rice and the rest of our tortillas like naan bread The next morning! Cereal for breakfast! We started making our packed lunch immediately after breakfast Yen: Mushrooms are so good in Vietnamese rice rolls.. Our burrito was super packed with veggies Time to go out to check out the town Yen: Wow there’s a huge market just over there! There might be yum stuff there Yen: Markets are primarily for yummy food in my opinion Yen: Did I tell you about when I lived in Christchurch (New Zealand) when I was young? Yen: If I went to the supermarket with Mum Yen: We’d always get hot potato chips Yen: Or shaved ice Yen: Oh market! Market! There was a nice family event on at the main plaza There are so many community-orientated events here in South America – it’s such a good vibe! People care about their relationships with their neighbours and friends a lot We checked out the market right next to the main plaza Yen: Wow so cute! We got stuck into our packed lunch that we brought Tom: The avocado’s so nice On our way back to our accommodation We ran into this park on the way back! Tom: How’s the view? Yen: We won’t be able to use this footage.. Yen: Our accommodation’s down there! Back home! Yen: The weather’s not that great Yen: It’s cloudy! Tom: It’ll be warm because it’s cloudy Yen: Our tent! Yen: Time for chips and beer! Time for the chips and caramel popcorn we bought at the supermarket.. with beer! These types of moments are the best.. Yen: Perfect combination of sweet (popcorn) and salty (chips)! Tom: I feel like I’ve accomplished something today Tom: Because I bought chips We tried to get the beer cold by putting it in waater Tom: What are we going to do if this beer’s too bitter? Yen: It’s okay because life’s sweet Tom: lol… Tom: Oh but this one’s sweet Yen: Oh really? Tom: Oh the chips look yum! Tom: But why do they only fill half the pack?! Yen: The chips are 280 grams.. it’s huge! Tom: Mmm! Yum! Yen: Yeah they’re good! Tom: Are we drinking this one now? Beer ->chips ->beer ->chips (for unlimited cycles) Tom: How are you feeling out of ten now? Yen: I need to save 9 out of 10 for special occasions We hanged around chatting and enjoying ourselves! Tom filling up the mats with air for a (hopefully!) warm sleep And then time to make dinner Challenge! Can we make rice on top of the wood burner? Tom: It’s not working at all.. Tom: It’s super hard still The rice.. turned into some weird congee soup Frying up some onion and salami Rice + soy sauce + salami & fried onion + scrambled egg With our left-over beer It was a pretty decent meal! There was a lot of rain all the time in Coyhaique Drying our clothes in front of the wood burner I should we say burning our clothes Tom’s underwear got a hole burnt through them! Oops! The owner kept on refilling the fire for us! So nice and crispy warm We did manage to boil some water on the oven! Cute dogs and cats oblivious to the world sleeping outside Instead of going out in the rain we hanged around and had yummy sammies at the campsite There were a lot of really fresh veggies in it so it was super yum Yen: Is it good? Tom: Nod nod nod After food we both had some alone time to get onto with work! Yen: Doggo you are in desperate need of a bath! Yen: It smells like poop here! Yen: You farted aye? Tom: No I think it’s coming from the doggo.. Yen: Lies! Tom: This is so nice to be out walking around! Yen: So nice! We took advantage of the break in the rain to go for a quick walk Tom: Wow the bridge is moving! Tom: This is super weird Tom: Wow so pretty! These guys had to carry their cute scared dog across the bridge Yenny started getting motion sickness from the bridge moving! Yen: The things I do for you.. honestly.. Tom totally running his heart out For this shot.. Tom what were you thinking..? Every time a car went past the bridge went up and down Back home! Time to sort out dinner Instant meatballs and rice for dinner! Yum! Plus some onions And can’t forget to add chia seeds We made some super simple salad dressing for the cabbage just by mixing tomato sauce and mayonnaise And we put in the rest of the veggies from our sandwiches Meatballs are done! Plus a bit of cheese for good measure Plus our left-over meatball sauce The meatballs we sooo goood We ended up buying them again once more after this! And the cheese made the whole meal so much better! Yen: Oh yum this is great! We had some cake that the owner’s daughter made – how special! Owner: Do you want some more? Tom does not say no to food.. Tom: Wow this is great! Tom: He’s honestly so nice We had the milo we bought in Chile Chico with the yummy and sweet cake Today we’re leaving Coyhaique Getting out tickets to go to Queulat National Park here at the bus terminal Time for one last supermarket shopping session! This soy protein is so useful when camping! Tom: Fantastic! This soy protein is really easy to cook Yen: Do you think this is enough soup? Five? Yen: That’s enough for ten servings so it should be enough! Yen: Should I get less? Tom: No! Tom: Let’s get them here because they’re going to be cheaper here Tom: SO MANY SOUPS! We knew there were no more big supermarkets coming up, so we totally went for it and had a big shop here Tom looking for a scourer to do the dishes with Tom had to ask the staff member for directions.. Tom heading in the direction he was told to go.. But he still couldn’t find it.. So in the end he had to ask another staff member! Huh..? No I don’t think that’s what you mean Tom?! The staff member walked him to the right place this time Unbelievably..! He actually found it! We didn’t have time to cook a proper meal at home today so we got some ready-made food from the supermarket! There was an awesome variety of foods for sale! Tom: Let’s try a whole lot of different things! Back at the campsite to enjoy our meal Tom busy trying to open the wrapping AND film at the same time In the end he uses his chin to help.. But he accidentally turns of the camera with his chin haha! Shopping while hungry is always a bad idea.. We got way too much food! Tom: Lots of people travel for beautiful scenery.. Tom: I think we travel for supermarkets! Tom: Some of my funnest times have been buying stuff at supermarkets! Ham and cheese croquette Tom: It tastes very starchy! We had too much food so we put a whole lot away for dinner Egg and spinach frittata plus potato balls Tom: It tastes like it’ll be good for my health haha Overall the food was pretty nice! After eating we hurried off to the bus terminal! After shopping, we had way more stuff than we expected… 😅 Bags are ready to go! Tom: My bag looks huge! Yen: Whose, yours? Yen: Our bus! Yen: I thought we were late so we absolutely hurried to get here.. Yen: But there’s no one here waiting yet! On the bus and off to Queulat National Park to continue our adventure!

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