Hey guys welcome to my channel Maryam here
I have just got my hands on the new Jaclyn Hill cosmetics holiday collection PR box,
it is massive, very heavy and in today’s video I am going to be reviewing this for you guys,
swatching it, applying it to my face and of course, giving it a verdict team truth style
as always. You know I am here for my unbiased reviews,
I know you are here for my unbiased reviews so that is what we are gonna do, Jaclyn Hill
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now let’s do this, team truth. This is my first time opening it up, it’s
got that PR box smell, here is a little picture of Jaclyn, “life has it’s challenges but those
are the times you learn the most and even in my darkest moments I have learnt to find
the light, here is to brighter days ahead, XO Jaclyn”. I guess before I go on perhaps if you are
not familiar with Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics or Jaclyn Hill or the first launch that she is
sort of mentioning in this card, let me give you a refresher. Jaclyn Hill is a big YouTube personality,
she is someone that I know personally, I don’t know her super well, but I know her well enough,
well last year Jaclyn Hill finally came out with her own cosmetics line, unfortunately
her very first launch did not go as planned. Her lip sticks that she came out with had
a lot of issues with them, how can I put this lightly well let’s just say a lot of them
were damaged, some of them had really weird holes, some of them had hair fibres, so it
was the big deal fiasco here on YouTube, but you know what I believe in second chances
as well, I am kind of excited for this launch, I really hope that this collection is promising
I hope it delivers, let’s get into it. I guess this is a very cool glittery topper,
Jaclyn style and here we have the products and that is the inside of the PR package,
oh my God. Now I have got the holiday collection in front
of me, there are a lot of things, I don’t exactly know what is what but together we
are going to determine it, looks like we have 2 palettes here 1 and 2. Now these here are her highlighter palettes
called the accent light highlighter palettes $49.00 each, here we have the first palette
in the shade flair. Off the bat I would say this looks like Becker
Cosmetics, this looks like Becker packaging, looks like Becker highlighters, even the giant
mirror is very reminiscent of the types of palettes that Becker produces. And if you have been following Jaclyn for
a long time you know that she had a collaboration with Becker Cosmetics Champagne pop highlighter,
it kinda actually somewhat brought Becker to the scene and made it a major player in
today’s social media film make-up market. Just thought it was noteworthy, just thought
it was something to mention. This looks really beautiful off the bat and
now here is the second palette, this one is called the flash and this one has much lighter
shades so it looks like it will compliment lighter skin tones and if you tilt it to the
side you could really see the colors a little bit better. Some white gold, some peachy, some pearly
shades whereas the flair looks like it would be more suitable, for medium to tan to deeper
skin tones with more bronzy coppery rustic sort of tones. $49.00 I think is kind of on the pricey side,
it’s kind of dipping into the luxury category for a highlighter palette, I mean this is
sizeable I would say, and the packaging is very luxe, it definitely does remind me of
Becker which is a pricier brand, let’s see this is made in Italy. So, most super high-end quality make-up, Natasha
Denona her palettes are made in Italy, this is something that’s very telling. And now for some swatches, this shade gleam,
here is iced, here is spark and here is mesmerized. Honestly it looks and feels very luxe I am
pretty impressed with this palette, cleaning my fingers and swatching the next one. From the flair palette I am going to start
with the glow up this is the lightest shade in this palette, next we have made ya look
beautiful, here we have exposure, it’s gorgeous, last but not least we have turned on, absolutely
stunning. I have both palettes side by side, didn’t
even need a swatch model for that one. In this collection we also have some brushes
and I will get to those in a second and I will actually apply some of these highlighters
onto my face and onto my collar bone, but first I really wanna talk about all the products. Alright so next we have the beaming light
loose highlighter which comes in a small jar like this, there are 5 shades each one is
$24.00 and we also have a mood light luminous powder which comes in a much larger jar like
this, $32.00 5 shades, so I am assuming that this big powder is actually a setting powder
or something that gives you an all over kind of glow so the lowest intensity type of glow,
something that you can apply all over your face, let’s say you are a dry skin type and
you need luminosity all over or perhaps if you are oily like me then you can just add
it to your points of interest perhaps during the day. These highlighter palettes will give you that
specific beam of light like an accent which is why they are called the accent highlighter
palettes and now this, the smaller jar which is the beaming light loose highlighter, I
think this is supposed to give you that ultra-beaming booming zooming type of highlighting perfection
on your face, so it just depends on what your preference is or if you want a highlighter
in a loose formula vs. a pressed formula vs. a loose luminous powder formula that will
give you a different type of result. I hope that makes sense. I am going ahead and swatch all 5 of these
loose setting powder types starting with dew me, D-E-W. Well basically this comes out looking like
any regular setting powder, it has a protective cap with a waxy sort of material (knock, knock,
knock) that you could release some of the product onto. Here is dew me slightly luminous but definitely
still a setting and perfecting type of powder. Next, we have carrots, probably best for someone
who is the complexion of my arm, next we have brilliant, very similar to the previous shade
but just a little bit redder, looks like I have 2 powders named brilliant. Brilliant and brilliant so I am not going
to swatch the same color twice, I’m gonna skip that one and I am gonna go ahead and
swatch the final 5th one which is called feeling it. This one is definitely more of a bronzy type
of luminous setting powder. You can see the glow when I twist my arm right,
I hope so, I hope I’m not wasting my time with these swatches. Next, we have the 3 brushes, the J1 brush
which is a mood like powder brush $24.00, so this one is meant for the powder that I
just showed you and swatched, next we have the J02 brush this one is meant for the accent
light highlighter brush meaning for the palette. And last but not least we have the beaming
light highlighter brush which is the J03 this one just looks like a really dense fan brush,
this one is a highlighting brush that’s meant for the beaming light highlighter with the
super intense one $20, $20. And now let’s do this, I’m gonna take carrots
which was the second lightest shade, gonna release some into this cap here. Twirl, twirl tap off and let’s see here. Now I definitely see that it’s adding a very,
very subtle glow to my forehead but I gotta be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of
this type of setting powder, I am someone who is oily so I don’t really have a use for
a setting powder that is glowy, I wouldn’t use it in my pore zones, I most certainly
wouldn’t use it in the centre of my face where I am the most oily, the only way I would use
it is to highlight my forehead and highlight certain points of interest for a during the
day type of occasion if I even want to wear a soft luminous type of powder over my face
so this is not really my jam, although I can see that there is an audience for this. I kind of hated when Laura Mercier came out
with her loose setting powder in the glowy formula but then I saw that a lot of people
were using it in a different type of way and I guess there is a use for it, I am just not
the target audience. I am gonna reach for the lighter shade her
called dew me, I’m gonna try that on this side of the forehead just to see if there
is a color difference and also if perhaps I may want to use this shade under my eyes
for a subtle distraction, nope I don’t think so it’s just not my thing. So, although this is a nice product, I don’t
think it’s for someone who is into the glowy types of setting powders. If you generally don’t like glowy setting
powders then I don’t see you liking this product, moving on. I’m gonna use my J02 brush, I think this shade
from the shade from the flair palette is looking really good to me, pick some up on this brush,
wow and I am going to slay that cheekbone, this is blinding this is definitely a very
dramatic over the top type of glow and although I’m not really wearing the proper make-up
for it, I am feeling this, it’s definitely distracting from my whole breakout area over
here and it’s kind of pulling my face back and it’s bringing all the attention to this
blinding bling, I am loving it. I also really like this brush, I feel like
it’s very soft, very small, super precise, perfect for the cheek bone area when you just
want to add a little accent, I am definitely feeling this. I’m gonna try this darker shade here just
for the sake of trying it. Wow does that does not give me the most 3D
appeal to my cheekbone, I’m impressed. I’m gonna try another color here, let’s go
for ice. I think my speechless reaction is worth a
1000 words wow, I mean that is actually quite a lot I’m gonna take this brush, I’m going
to diffuse all that, because I do not need all that bling on this face right now, but
wow I do need all this bling on my face tomorrow when I actually do a bomb make-up look. Impressed, $49.00 I thought that was a lot
but actually, actually let me get back to you on that, alright last but not least beaming
light loose highlighter powder, 5 shades $24.00 each let’s do this swatches starting with
extra boom, next we have bomb this is definitely very, very pigmented even after I swatch there
is so much product left on my fingertips, next we have high volt, here comes amped and
the final shade is megawatt, oh yeah these are definitely beaming, cool thing about these
highlighters is that they are definitely evenly spread out across the skin tone spectrum,
you can see this one being really flattering on deeper skin tones, I can see these highlighters
being very friendly to the tan and medium and caramel complexions with the lightest
one being perfect for the fairer skin tones. That I will give them, that said again I just
don’t see the point of a $24.00 loose highlighter, I don’t care how beaming it is, I would much
rather spend more money and get a palette with a compact package and a few more shades
but that’s just me. Gonna go for this shade here which is bomb
gonna use the J03 brush, I have a feeling about this one, I have a strong feeling about
this brush oh yeah, that most certainly delivered the most precise bang. I like the fact that this brush is very dense
so you can use the edge as a very specific highlighter for example under your brow arch
or down the centre of your nose or you can use the side of the fan brush, and add a slightly
more diffused glow, this is a cool brush, I really love Jaclyn’s brushes collab with
Morphe I feel like that was one of her greatest hits and I feel like she is also a highlighter
queen so she really does know what she is talking about when it comes to highlighters
and also the degree of highlight of her highlighters, I guess with that said we have come to the
end of the video and the verdict is in my humble opinion the star product of this Jaclyn
Hill cosmetics holiday collection 2nd launch would be the highlighter palette. I think the quality is actually outstanding,
I think the packaging is on the luxe side, I love the fact that there are 4 highlighters,
there is 2 highlighters palettes for different skin tones for the light and the mediums as
well as for the tan and the deep, I appreciate that, I feel like she has thought about everybody,
she wants it to be inclusive and she has succeeded. I appreciate these palettes, the quality is
clearly there, I am obsessed with the blinding bling of these highlighters and I am going
to continue using them, I’m gonna give this a high rating of an 8.5 out of 10, only reason
why it’s not a 9 out of 10 is because this packaging does seem very familiar it reminds
me of Becker’s packaging and it’s also a pinch on the heavy side, just pinch bulky. That’s the only reason why I took away the
.5 and as you know on my channel I am yet to give a 10 out of 10 score so a 9 is the
highest score that anyone has ever got from me so I think an 8.5 is pretty damn awesome,
that said my second favorite product from this collection, well it’s actually 3 products
and it’s the 3 brushes, the brushes are really good quality, I appreciate the thought that
went into these brushes, I like the fact that all of them are pretty firm so it’s not like
a flimsy brush, its actually something that gets the job done and it feels very luxe,
I really like the handles, I like the fact that the numbers are there so you know exactly
what they are for, I appreciate it, the price isn’t bad and you can also get a palette and
a brush that corresponds with the palette, the J02 in a bundle deal. So, if you were to buy it separately $20.00
+ the $49.00 you do the math as a package this is $59.00 so go ahead and save yourself
$10.00 bucks if you are into it. Similarly, each of these brushes go with their
corresponding powder in a package deal, this for $39.00, this for $49.00 saving you a few
bucks here and there but I actually wouldn’t recommend that purchase only because I am
not a huge fan of loose highlighters and I am not a fan of loose glowy setting powders. It’s just not my thing, I have never really
liked them from the beginning, I don’t think it’s compact, I don’t think it’s travel friendly,
I think it’s kind of bulky also I have oily skin so this does nothing for me, I can’t
set with it and I definitely don’t want a below average type of glow. Those are my 2 cents, my final thoughts I
think this is an outstanding 2nd launch for Jaclyn Hill, congratulations girl you did
it, super proud of this line and I can’t wait to see more, I want some palettes, you guys
want some palettes, raise your hands and leave me some comments down below if you are here
for some Jaclyn Hill palettes because I wanna review them and we know the kind of palettes
that she can come up with, morphe therefore I am waiting. Alright you guys I love you so much, I will
see you in my next video, it is like now 1:00 a.m. so I am out but do me a favor and click
on my next video so I can have good dreams tonight, bye guys muah!

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