100 thoughts on “Holiday Brisket Recipe

  1. Wow – I think I have a lot to learn- I usually pull my briskets off at 140-145. Looks like I need to just let it keep going until the meat just falls apart and don't worry about the high temp.

  2. Where do I get one of your ratcheting injectors and what is it called the one that you squeeze and retracts with a pistol grip

  3. no cooking videos ever have prices… I understand it varies area to area but I'm always curious what a hunk of beautiful meat like that set you back. I'm guessing that's about $100+ piece.

  4. Hey Tom got a question on smokers I was going between the loaded Wichita and the YS 640 will I get the same smoke flavor or close to the loaded Wichita on the pellet smoker love the videos keep up the great BBQ

  5. wow, looks amazing. You've inspired me to tackle a big brisket on the Kamado Joe.
    Is this the brisket we got to taste when we were there?

  6. I’ve been buying my briskets at Costco, USDA Prime. I hardly have to do ANY trimming and I guarantee I paid a heck-of-a lot less then you paid, ($80) YIKES!!!

  7. Incredible recipe, Chef! How do you feel about moving the brisket and veggies to an oven set to 325 to finish off? My kettle grill set up may not have enough clearance to fit the veggies and brisket all wrapped up.

  8. My only question is if I have to pay that much for the meat and I have to cut that much off why am I paying for trash is there something I can do with it

  9. Another amazing creation for Chef Tom! I'm wanted to make this recipe for Christmas Dinner but because of the timing of our holiday schedule I won't be able to use this cooking technique. I still would like to use this flavor profile but with a Texas style brisket technique.

    My question for Chef Tom (or anyone else who would like to share an opinion) is whether you can add a braising liquid to the butcher paper wrap for the last part of the cook? Want to make sure I don't ruin an expensive piece of meat.

    Thanks for all of your great work and looking forward to seeing you in Miami Beach this February.

  10. 80$ for that huge amount of Beef?? If I would look for something like this in Germany I'd be down at least 200€, at least. 80$ is what you pay for a reasonable sized goose or turkey 🙂

  11. This looks good! I have 16 lb round tip roast to cook, I think I'm gonna try using pecan and cherry for it as well.

  12. How do you source your meats? Could you do an episode on where you source all your ingredients from? Meat, spices etc that would be really helpful as I’m looking to do this in the new year.

  13. Tried this brisket recipe for Christmas this year and it was delicious! My family really enjoyed it, no leftovers today! Thanks again!

  14. Chef, You mind if I crash your Christmas party this coming year??? I'll bring a libation of your choice from the commonwealth of Kentucky to sweeten the deal… Looks amazing….

  15. Alright, you have officially become my second favorite food YouTube Channel. Love your foods and presentations 🙂

  16. It not hard, but there are a lot of parts and as I stated earlier, I dont have experience doing this type of thing. I have a more expensive grill for home use >>>t.co/LFIp6yMX2V   and this one is really comparable.

  17. Chef, In many of your videos you put whatever you are smoking on the top rack. Do you have a video that talks through where to put what, when, while using the YS640? Perhaps also cover how to use the variable displacement dampner?

  18. Didn't you kind of steam the brisket the way it was wrapped? Im sure it was still delicious I just know steaming is something you guys usually try to stay away from.

  19. I remember when butchers could barely give brisket away. Now it's cool to cook brisket and everyone wants to try so prices have gone way up.

  20. This recipe looks great Chef Tom, but now I'm confused. I wish I could make this recipe and the spatchcock turkey recipe for Thanksgiving (first time I'm hosting at my house), but there is no way I can make them both on my small little Traeger pellet grill. I guess the solution is to pick up a YS640 too… but, my wife would kill me if I bought another grill.

  21. Looks great i have also have the same bbq set up i looked into the prime dust chef tom but its got a lot of MSG in it i think i will stick with my own injection

  22. it's 2am in the morning and I'm starving now!!! Thanks! Seriously, this video is amazing. The tips are awesome and with the coming holidays, you know I've got to try this!!!

  23. Brisket + Bacon = 🌎 Creekstone, Nationals, and Greater Omaha are my dogs in the brisket game.

  24. Great video man. Great dish. Before smoking briskets, I would braise them in a heavy Dutch pot with TONS of onions and carrots. This video shows the perfect combination of smoke and sophistication!

  25. Good explanation as to why the US BBQ guys are always using pre-made dry rubs. Im still unsure why you don’t make your own sauces though.

  26. Hey Chef Tom, you never mention where you position the heat baffle… I'm having a hard time finding the right place to put it to not create hot spots in the pit… I'm up in Canada and the temps here are way below freezing in the winter months…. I tried 6 inches in…all the way open and I always get hot spots? ant tips?

  27. yo man, where are you based from that you can get creekstone beef, i actually worked at a creekstone factory once and now since have moved pnw

  28. I sure like your style Tom. Maybe you’re not as entertaining as others but I get a ton more useful information. I need to understand why so I can know when to branch out and how not to. You fill in the details everyone else glosses over.

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