Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 6 – Snowman Shaker Card

Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 6 – Snowman Shaker Card

100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 6 – Snowman Shaker Card

  1. Love this shaker. I make shaker cards often. They are so fun to play with. The snowmen are so cute and your tips for coloring were great.

  2. So cute! I love Sunny Studios stamps. They are always so cute! Those sequins are so shiny and bright. Reminds me of the glitter of fresh snow!

  3. Feels strange trying to give you a tip but when I line up my pieces in an intricate manner, I use glad press n deal to hold them in place so that I can transfer them. I’ve even placed the press n seal face up and strategically place my pieces. The tack is very slight as to not ruin my cardstock but enough to transfer.

  4. My attempts with shaker cards did not look any where near as nice as yours do. I will continue trying. Love this card.

  5. Love a shaker card and a Christmas shaker is just more to love.
    I've used your double up tape trick many a time and it's brilliant.

  6. You make this card look so easy. It’s a lovely fun card anyone would be delighted to receive. I have a question for you Kristina, though not “shaker” related. When I try to white heat emboss on black cardstock, the embossing doesn’t turn out good, even if I’ve stamped twice with a reinked Versamark pad & heated the embossing powder from underneath. I never seem to get a nice crisp image, it always looks like some embossing powder has blown away. Have you any advice please?

  7. I had always colored white snowmen with gray markers, but I really like the blue. Last Christmas I made several shaker cards. I really like your tip for folding the foam tape back on itself. I will give this card a try.

  8. I adore how this turned out. Great tip on the shaker card and I must say, watching you color these was about the equivalent to having someone play with my hair–It's so relaxing!

    Love how you layered the pink over the top of your background too to lighten it up. I wouldn't have thought of it, but it looks amazing!

  9. Cute card, love the snow people and the shaker card….I think I've made two shaker cards in my card making years…..tfs

  10. Love this card Kristina!! I've tried to make a shaker card once or twice…. haven't quite got the hang of it as often I find the sequins seem to stick to the sides on the glue from the foam tape. The shaker card was pretty detailed and had stripes across it … so maybe it wasn't the best one to try first time. Ha Ha. You make yours look easy to make so I'll have to give it another try!

  11. Beautiful card as always Kristina thank you for such a closeup of the coloring,you probably have great closeups of earlier cards, but this one to me was so clear, great job, thank you!

  12. Awesome card and so joyful!!! ❤❤❤❤ I love shaker cards and yes I have tried them, i love making them too!??????☃️☃️☃️

  13. I am pretty sure I need this snowman stamp & die set! Very cute card. You made making a shaker card look very easy. Thank you!

  14. this is going to sound so off and weird but i feel at peace when i watch your videos…. i just like watching how it all comes together and it all looks nice at the end

  15. AAADORRAAABLE Shaker card, Kristina!!! Absolutely love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing your time and creativity, hugs!!!

  16. Have made a couple shaker but I'll be using your inspiration & tips now! Thanks for this 25 days of cards. I look forward to all of your videos!

  17. I have made a few shaker cards but lately have had a lot of static on the acetate. How do you get rid of that? How do you clean up the acetate before using?

  18. Hi Kristina, you make some of the prettiest and cutest cards! Your videos are so inspiring, so a big THANK YOU for sharing your talent! This snowman card is adorable and love how you placed them around in a circle. I have made lots of shaker cards, both with foam tape and without. They are so much fun to make and what an added surprise, I think, for the card recipient! Happy Holidays, in advance…can't wait for Friday's video!!!

  19. ADORABLE! Snowmen & snowflakes are so stinkin' festive. These guys really are sweet. Great foam adhesive tip for shakers, because any shape that isn't a square can be a challenge.

  20. So, so cute! I have tried shaker cards before but I always seem to have an issue with the sequins getting stuck and not shaking! Maybe your idea of doubling the foam will make a difference. Thanks for the tip.

  21. Super cute card! I make shaker cards, but sometimes have trouble with the sequins sticking around sides. I use my powder tool but that makes a mess! Lol!

  22. This is one of the cutest shaker cards ever!. I have made shaker cards in the past and used your double tape tip. Thanks for coloring in real time… as always your videos are a joy to watch.

  23. I am excited to try shakers cards but I am a little intimidated by them. You made it look easy so I am going to try it. Thank you for sharing such beautiful work.

  24. Super cute card, love watching you color…thank you for the real time session! I have made a couple of shakers and you have definitely inspired me to make some Christmas themed cards!

  25. I have tried a Shaker Card but it was so disastrous I actually laugh when I look at it. I'm going to give it another go though. Think I was being too ambitious.

  26. Love this shaker card! I have only ever made one and that was years ago but your video is so good and explains everything so well that I might try again! Thank you. xxx

  27. When I make shaker cards, the sequins get stuck to the side of the tape, or you can see glue on the acetate. They often look really unprofessional. Could be I an too messy!!

  28. XLove it!! And the background music just had me picturing one loan ice skater on a frozen pond in New England. How fun!

  29. Thank you, Kristina for this wonderful tutorial! Love the card, it's adorable…and I love shaker cards. Thank you so much for the tip.

  30. Oh my goodness this is sweet. I love making shaker cards and I find the recipients love them as well. They are just fun and unexpected.
    Can't wait for the punch board video….Love that 'thing' too!

  31. Yes I have made shaker cards. They are a lot of work but I love them.

    Love the assorted moonshine from Simon! I have some too

  32. Super cute card. Love that stamp and die cut. I have made shaker cards and will remember that tip for positioning the tap when working with a round cut.

  33. ❄️ I've made quite a few shaker cards and I LOVE them!!! TY for sharing this ⛄️ADORABLE⛄️ shaker card!!! ❄️.
    ❄️ Oh, and I LOVE ⛄️snowmen⛄️ too!!! ❄️

  34. I love doing shaker cards, even thought they're not exactly my card-making bread-&-butter technique. My most recent was a rain shaker maze card, following an old tutorial by Sandy Allnock. I made it for my counselor, and it came out pretty well in the end. Though it did take me about 3 tries before success–turns out, it does pay to follow instructions exactly! LOL Anyway, I love how your card came together, Kristina! Great coloring on the snowmen, & I really like that background behind the shaker. Neat idea to cluster the images along the bottom of the window, too. Thanks for sharing, & have a fabulous day! 🙂

  35. This is just the cutest shaker card with those darling snowmen! I've made very few shaker cards but I have used your method in the past to successfully create them (or at least after the first couple fails LOL!). Thanks for continuing this wonderful series, I always look forward to it! ❤❤❤

  36. What an adorable card.  I enjoyed watching you color with the Copic markers and your blending always amazes me. Thank you!

  37. I have made shaker cards a couple of times! One year I made shaker ornaments for family and friends. That was a lot of fun! 😉

  38. ADORABLE! And I love the colors you used for the background. I have made shaker cards before and I LOVE them!! One of my favorite types of cards to make. TFS, Heather

  39. absolutely adorable! And I agree with the comment below…I just told my husband how soothing I find your videos. I love relaxing, not hurrying, and coloring w/ music. Thanks!!

  40. Hi Kristina, I love this card and all of the snowmen…I love shaker cards. Out of everyone, I like the way you do yours and how it looks so easy. I don't make them as often as I would like because acetate and double sided tape is soooooo expensive…! Thanks for sharing ?

  41. Such a cute card – but I gotta say: I LOVE your kitty washi tape you used to hold the dies in place! Well done, Kristina!

  42. Hi Kristina, I've done a couple shaker cards but I have manage to get spots or scratches on the acetate.? do you have any tips?
    Thank you,

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