Holiday Hot Cocoa Stand Scam | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Holiday Hot Cocoa Stand Scam | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Tis the season and we’re at the store selling hot cocoa And goodies galore, how about a peppermint stick if you were their customer? What would you do how many marshmallows two holiday if Santa’s little helpers Tried to swindle you It’s Christmas time, of course But would you make a fuss it’s probably enough to get that new Xbox if those kids in need yes Santa didn’t bring us everything we asked for last year. So we’re taking things into our own hands It’s Christmas time people are in a generous mood put on your paraphernalia. We’re all set for customers at Dearborn Market in Holmdel, New Jersey Do you like this Santa And after donut And you’re a straw with this You said you wanna count again? All these yeses are adding up the one donut one for Koko one game. Okay. So your total is fifteen dollars and fifty cents $15 Oh, that’s what Let’s break it down six. Marshmallows. $1 Kumar’s no $1 for marshmallows, they’re to me those can’t be $1 It’s pretty good All right Have they just made their first sale? This is all going to a charity just say these we need your children and I need Because you need an iPad, is that what you say, yes Oops, did they reveal a little too much? That’s really a dollar for a little We’ve got good old Saint Nick with us and he’s watching I was thinking we’d bring Santa Claus out My little helpers doing we send him in to assist. Well. They really need a little helpers Well this man ad that they want to charge me $10 for one gonna do Santa’s naughty list What should Santa do put them on the naughty list or a nice list? I would Be fine with a warning and a buck for the donut. Well, you’re gonna go on the warning list They escaped with a warning, but they don’t seem to care This is monopoly. I don’t have any competition. It’s just business. They say I think our prices are pretty fair Yep, that’s right. Isn’t it dollar for dollar for the hot chocolate but that’s the Comerica so it’s an extra And this afternoon only my sister is singing the song for you guys Her song doesn’t make the price sound any better They’re souvenirs, so they’re good cups. Can you do four five? I’ll do it from nineteen Can’t just throw away twenty dollars worth of hot chocolate. She walks away empty-handed Let’s go get them time. Do you fill them back up with Christmas? Well, they haven’t made a successful sale just yet thirty four dollars Just for this. Yes What’s this sign down here and about that sign look closely for a hint Says prices may vary if you just read the fine print one dollar includes hot cocoa and a plain cup additional items and upgrades available for an extra cost and prices may be our service and performance fees are at the discretion of providers all Products are final sale Well, they have more luck with this mother-daughter duo so to donuts and a half Thank you your total comes to 1450 14-day dollars and how much is a hot chocolate three dollars for the hot chocolate and the commemorative micro plus a dollar from your smell Is She really going to pay 1450 okay, so make it 15 even Wow. She even adds a tip Only fifty cents ah You’re lucky you got a tip You know Warren Buffett said that the price what you pay but the value is what you get just some parting words of wisdom From two kids who are richer than they were just five minutes ago We’ll make sure Santa has her on the right list These girls hand over a $20 bill for two cups of hot. Cocoa. How many marshals? And when they realize how little chains they’re getting back $18 total $2 change They laugh In fact they laughed their way out the door This woman saw our clever kids seal the deal I’m afraid I have a dollar. What can I get? But I have you can get one. Marshmallow. I’m gonna just give you the dollar. How’s that? Were you going to buy something Why give them her only dollar cute How could you deny What’s your name cute and precocious? It may have been what saved Nicolette and Anthony from Santa’s naughty list. We’ll get moving but wait a minute Santa has a warning of his own Remember Santa can see you I’ve got cameras everywhere and to that our swindlers say Merry Christmas!

100 thoughts on “Holiday Hot Cocoa Stand Scam | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. This reminds me of when the Boy Scouts sell their popcorn. I understand that much the proceeds go to the Scouts but $20 for a box of microwaveable popcorn!?! It’s outrageous!

  2. 1:38 the guy is so funny lol and the guys daughter is looking down at the marshmallows in silent lol ? 2:26 I WAS DEAD “they wanna charge me 10 dollars for a donut” ??

  3. If it was going to charity id let it slide but as soon as they said they were saving for a ipad I would have left with my money

  4. They are kids
    Who would say no to that ?
    I would say no
    The person that likes this comment would say no

  5. Kid:but our smiles are for free
    Me:ummmmm okaaa but nobody buys smiles thats just kinda weird

    I know that might be rude sorry if it was rude

  6. EA: ok bring those two kids in!

    kids: that will be 5 dollars for us to walk in

    EA: 20 dollars to speak to us

    kids: 15 dollars per word you say to us


  7. My mom would have said NO WAY to getting cocoa. And if I did convince her, we'd be gone the second they say anything above $5

  8. Woulda been funny if they had Santa had an angry Boston accent and comes out defending the kids making him money

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