HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK 2018 | New Years & Christmas Party Outfits

HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK 2018 | New Years & Christmas Party Outfits

100 thoughts on “HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK 2018 | New Years & Christmas Party Outfits

  1. waaaaaaaauuuuuu! You are the Queen!! I love this video. You are very pretty Valeria. Thank you. Hello from Slovakia. 😉

  2. Wow, GREAT editing of this video! Well, of course great and beautiful posing and photo/video also, but the editing together with the music this time was top notch!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Okay what!?!? I am obsessed with the style and editing of this video. It’s completely different from your last lookbook which was beyond amazing as well. I’m amazed V

  4. All the outfits are amazing but the last three really stole my heart ♥️ you’re so unbelievably beautiful and talented! I wish you the best!sophia from Greece 🇬🇷!!!

  5. Yesss I love your lookbooks! The editing on this one is bomb and your outfits look great! I hope you'll do more lookbooks in the future 😀

  6. women are honestly the most amazing creatures. Have a baby, get back to business, rock the bod you got. Valeria you are inspirational.

  7. Probably the best lookbook I have seen so far! Your content just gets awesome-errr by the day Valeria! Can't express how much this video inspired me! Watched it twice-back2back! xxx Love & Light,

  8. Que bárbara tu deberías de estar en las pasarelas Chanel, me a encantado tu estilismo, besos hermosa.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous I loved every single outfits and can we talk about the last one wow amazing !!!!
    Happy holidays ❤️

  10. Love it love it love it!!! 😍😍😍 I would wear the 1,2 and 4th look! Well I’m from a tropical country so just because of that, I won’t go for the chunky sweater.

  11. Oh wow, this lookbook is so so so much fun! Thank you Valeria and the whole team for putting so much effort into your videos! I really enjoyed all the outfits, one prettier than the other, really, you're rocking it, Valeria! But also the choice of music was great, it was so uplifting to watch you dance and smile and move and it just fit so well, the shots are all so amazing and the pictures in the end also are amazing! Ah I just love this so much! Happy Holidays (even if I'm late lol) and good luck for 2019, girls!
    <3 Sky

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