Holiday Rush | Official Trailer | Netflix

Holiday Rush | Official Trailer | Netflix

Good morning, my people. It’s your morning shot
of Adrenaline Rush. We have taken this show
to number one. -Do you see it?
-I can see it. You spoil those kids. Aunt Jo, I’ve been
trying to be both parents. You’re fortunate children
to have all this. If I was Santa,
I’d fly right over this house. It’s too early
for teachable moments. We appreciate everything
you’ve done at WMLE, but we are heading
in a different direction. That’s it? We’re off air? It’s hard on everybody. I mean, not me, ’cause I’m cashing in,
big time. What am I gonna tell
the kids? Christmas is
around the corner. We’ve been
knocked down before. Just gotta have faith. Ever since their mom died, I’ve tried to be
a strong father for my kids.
Thought I made it. Thought I’d built ’em a life. Rush, you gotta rise above
this nonsense. What if I told you
that Krush BQL is for sale? You got your break
at that station. We should buy it. With what?
My megawatt smile? All right, I want you to think
big picture. This is our way
out of this mess. You ready? We’re moving
back into our old house. -What?
-There are five of us. That is a whole mess
of people -in that tiny house.
-Let’s face it. -We’ve gotten a little…
-Bougie. Finish your pizza, please! I am always gonna
provide for you kids. What up, y’all? This is Rush
on the new WBQL. Hey, that’s my Rush! Dance with me. It’s not what you got, it’s what you got
around you. We know you’re trying
your best. Oh, my God, my heart can’t take how much
I love you right now. -Is your pops in?
-He’s right here. Hey! That’s gon’ get their
chestnuts roasting, ain’t it?

34 thoughts on “Holiday Rush | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I will be watching, good to see the brother in a positive leading role, can't go wrong with Deon Cole in the team!

  2. Romany I’m so excited for you !!!! You know how much I lovvvvve you and will support everything you do ❤️

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